10 WWE Female Tag Teams We Never Got To See

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The women’s tag team division in WWE is allowing the female talents to branch out into different genres. Prior years in WWE would see the ladies all competing for one Women’s Championship. Now, there are a few world titles along with the tag team titles that will be defended on all brands. Duos like The Iconics, Fire and Desire, The Kabuki Warriors, and others are getting a chance to shine.

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Unfortunately, past eras would see potential fun duos never get a real run together. They may have been paired together on a few occasions, but there was no need for long-term teams since there were no tag titles to compete over. Find out which ladies could have been outstanding pairs if they had a real run together. These are ten potential great female tag teams we never got to see have a legitimate stint in WWE.

10 Luna Vachon and Sherri Martel

The old school wrestlers like Luna Vachon and Sherri Martel played a huge role in the women’s division in various promotions even existing. Vachon and Madusa were two of the few ladies that could both thrive as personalities, managing others, and shining in the ring.

The potential of them teaming up would have been great if a tag division existed for women at the time. Both ladies had outstanding heel personas with the ability to mix it up as vicious as the men. Longtime fans are the only ones that can understand how cool this team would have been.

9 Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong

The pairing of Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong are now a huge part of the AEW women’s division. However, many people have no idea this was originally a pitched idea in WWE. Brandi shared a story during the Rhodes Starrcast show that Dusty Rhodes wanted them to work together.

Brandi jumped at the idea to try it out in AEW. Time will tell if they tag much or if Brandi will just be the manager of the act. Kong became one of the top female performers in wrestling history on her own, but it would have been cool to see this act in WWE in the early 2010s.

8 Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn

There was not much done between Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn during their time in WWE together. Both ladies were among the strongest in the entire division. Phoenix was known for her time as the Glamazon using her strength as an advantage for matches.

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Kaitlyn however had a similar strength due to her background in fitness and weightlifting. The pairing of Beth and Kaitlyn could have seen them use their strength advantages together as the most powerful duo in the women’s division.

7 Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler

The duo of Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler worked quite often together in both feuds against each other and tag team action as a unit. Fans would see Torrie and Stacy debut together in the Invasion storyline going after Trish Stratus and Lita.

Unfortunately for them, the tag team division didn’t exist at the time for women, or they may have found success working together moving forward. They split up for their singles careers, but the two ladies remained best friends as Stacy even returned to WWE to induct Torrie into the Hall of Fame.

6 Gail Kim and Trish Stratus

WWE never used Gail Kim to her full potential and both of her runs in the company were quite disappointing. The pairing of Trish Stratus and Kim could have been outstanding due to their background training together in Canada.

Gail did work against Trish on a few occasions, but there was never a legitimate storyline or anything in the long run. Both ladies were able to play the heel and face roles each in their careers for great versatility. A tag run might have been highly successful if they received the chance to run with it.

5 Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss

One duo that fell just short of making it to the era of the women’s tag team division was Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. The two ladies developed a bond in NXT and became best friends traveling and working together on the Raw brand.

There were a few instances of them teaming together, but a real tag division for the women never existed to run with it. Bliss eventually turned on Jax as they embarked on a singles feud into WrestleMania 33. The unexpected tag partner of Alexa once the division started was Nikki Cross.

4 Stephanie McMahon and Tori

The pairing of Stephanie McMahon and Tori is a forgotten combination, but they worked well together in 2000. Both ladies joined the D-Generation X faction during the start of Stephanie’s relationship with Triple H and Tori turning heel on Kane to date X-Pac.

Tori often did the hard work for Stephanie that helped Stephanie win the Women’s Championship. The two were portrayed as best friends and had solid chemistry. A comedic tag team run with Tori doing all the work could have been entertaining television.

3 Molly Holly and Ivory

Molly Holly and Ivory were two of the best female heels in WWE history. They each had similar characters during different points of the Attitude Era. Ivory was part of the Right to Censor, trying to prevent other women in the division from showing skin.

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The heel character of Molly a few years later saw her start a vendetta against Trish Stratus for taking part in scantily clad matches or photo shoots as Women’s Champion. Given their similar characters and in-ring skills, Molly and Ivory would have been a top tier team in their prime.

2 Paige and AJ Lee

The feud between Paige and AJ Lee allowed the women’s division to start getting more attention due to both breakout stars. There was clearly chemistry between them as the characters allowed them to show more depth than fans were used to in the women’s division.

Paige and AJ have said nothing but kind and loving words about working together. The two would have been an ideal tag team in any women’s tag division. Unfortunately, both careers would end due to injury before WWE even had real thoughts about letting the women tag.

1 Mickie James and Trish Stratus

Mickie James became a star for WWE in 2005-2006 thanks to her feud with Trish Stratus. The storyline saw James playing a superfan that becomes friends with and eventually stalks Trish to cause tension between the two. It culminated in a great match at WrestleMania 22, with Mickie winning the Women’s Championship.

The few occasions of them teaming together when on the same side would show great chemistry on that side before the great matches against each other as well. James and Stratus would have been an outstanding team if they had a real run together in a women’s tag division.

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