10 Female Wrestlers Of WWE Mom Wouldn't Approve Of (And 10 She Would)

Whether you wish to admit to it or not, most of our moms still take on the responsibility of approving and disapproving everything we do. Things like the food we eat, the shows we watch, the people we choose to surround ourselves with and any other topic under the sun. Growing up in the mid-late 90s, moms all over the world were likely very concerned over the television their kids consumed each day. The Attitude Era may have been the most exciting time in Sports Entertainment history, but for some of us this proved to be a time when our mothers looked at us with a disapproving facial expression (especially because of the language and sparingly dressed women).

However, the times in professional wrestling have since changed, and the WWE's product has vastly become more family friendly or 'PG' - a word overprotective parents love. That being said, wrestling is far from being totally PG, as there are still plenty of attractive or controversial wrestling women our mothers certainly wouldn't approve of. Whether you're 15 or 150 years old (or somewhere in between), expect your moms to disapprove of some of Sports Entertainments current female wrestlers. On the flip side of the same coin, there's definitely a select group of female wrestlers mom would give a round of applause to and encourage you to cheer and root for. Today, we'll be looking at 10 female wrestlers mom wouldn't approve of, and 10 she would.

20 Wouldn't: Mandy Rose

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Mandy Rose has just been called up to the WWE's main roster as one third of the Absolution stable, and considering she's one of the most attractive women in the WWE right now, don't expect mom to approve of 'The Golden Goddess' - no matter how hard you try to sell you mom on Mandy. If your mothers' similar to mine, you certainly wouldn't have been able to openly show your appreciation for someone like Mandy Rose when she's around.

Mandy's one of those female wrestlers whose more of a 'looker' than an in-ring technician (though she's still pretty solid in the ring). I don't care how hard you try, your mom simply won't buy the sorry excuse that you're rooting for Mandy because she's 'talented'. Mandy's definitely a throwback to the WWE Divas of old, and she certainly shows a little too much skin for most mothers.

19 Would: Charlotte Flair

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Although some fans believe Charlotte Flair's one of the most attractive women in professional wrestling today, don't worry, our moms would still approve of 'The Genetically Superior Athlete'. Charlotte may show some skin, but her primary focus is on being a great in-ring performer over looking pretty, and mom would probably have no problem if you rooted for her.

Charlotte is one of the company's top talents and  a key performer in the WWE's 'Women's Revolution'. Charlotte's not in WWE to pose for Playboy magazine, she's there because she's one of the very best wrestlers with a great personality - a fact that's sure to garner approval from mom. That said, some of Charlotte Flair's off-screen photos are far from being PG, and If mom catches you staring at them, she'll still have no problem giving you a smack across the back of your head - even if you're 50.

18 Wouldn't: Paige

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Paige is definitely a fan favourite among the WWE Universe. She has been wrestling since she was old enough to walk and has accomplished more at age 25 than most wrestlers do by age 35. When you consider how much time she has missed, that is truly incredible. All of these traits should make her a huge hit with mom. But that unfortunately may not be the case.

She had a very tumultuous relationship with Alberto Del Rio, and recently aggravated a serious neck injury that could spell the end of her career. Her well-documented escapades behind the scenes coupled with some bad decision making probably make her one of the women of WWE to avoid taking home to meet mom.

17 Would: Sonya Deville

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Absolution may go down in history as the best-looking faction of all time, and they are definitely the best in WWE right now. If not for Paige being injured, they would surely be the hottest thing in the ring. Mandy Rose and Paige are both stunners, but third member Sonya Deville just completes the package so nicely.

If you're mom is open minded, she would definitely accept you bringing Sonya Deville home. The only issue is you would have to be a woman. Sonya has made it clear she only swings one way, and it's not towards men. She is proud of her orientation, and shows that WWE is committed to hiring the best talent without discriminating against them.

16 Wouldn't: Lana

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The Instagram photograph of Lana above proves exactly why mom wouldn't approve of 'The Ravishing Russian'. Lana definitely loves rocking some more revealing outfits, and this is a 'no no' for mom without question. It's not arguable that Lana is in the WWE due to her looks, because as an in-ring performer she's far from being great.

Similar to Mandy Rose, there's no way mom would believe that you're rooting for Lana because she's talented, as it's too obvious her attractiveness is the only reason any fan would like Lana. She doesn't really have a lot of substance as wrestler, and Lana's certainly better suited as Rusev's manager. Regardless, whether she's an in-ring Superstar or Rusev's valet, expect your mom to give you that same disapproving look when you're looking a little too intensely at Lana.

15 Would: Asuka

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Asuka may be attractive in her own right, but her looks will likely slide under your mom's radar for the most part hence why she'd approve of 'The Empress Of Tomorrow'. Asuka was brought over to the WWE because she's one of the most technically sound wrestlers and because she has a great (and intriguing) persona, and Asuka is definitely poised to become one of the company's top female wrestlers.

With her understated looks and incredible presence in the ring, it would be a no brainer for mom to approve of Asuka. The only real issue might be a language barrier, but Asuka knows more than she lets on, so that shouldn't be a big issue.

14 Wouldn't: Ruby Riott

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If you're a fan (or becoming a fan) of SmackDown Live's Ruby Riott, you may want to sit down for this news. Mom would not likely approve of Ruby Riott. It has nothing to do with her in-ring ability or talent. Instead it all comes down to image.

Typical moms usually tend to want a particular type of woman for their kids. This usually means someone who looks like a typical good girl. Someone who is safe, reserved, and all the rest of the things society sees as part of the perfect package. Ruby is very unique, bold and sometimes brash. This means mom might be a little more than uncomfortable around Ruby. Oh, and part of her name is literally Riott, which is always going to be alarming.

13 Would: Carmella

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I'm sorry to say it guys, but the "fabulous" Carmella may not be so fabulous to good old mom. Her relationship with Big Cass appears to have hit a roadblock, which means she may be available. But her in ring attitude have shown some character traits that mom might not like.

That's a real shame, since on paper Carmella is the whole package. She is beautiful, she has talent on the mic, she can wrestle, and she may be the future of the company. After all, they trusted her enough to give her the Money In The Bank briefcase. You'd think that with that package mom would be the first to sign off. Instead, she might just run the other way.

12 Wouldn't: Dana Brooke

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For the simple fact Dana Brooke likes showing off her 'features' whenever she's on WWE television, Dana's a female wrestler most of our mom wouldn't approve of. Brooke's not a particularly talented in-ring worker, and I'd argue her looks are the main reason she's stuck around in the company despite being used sparingly. Now apart of the Titus Worldwide brand, at least Dana's doing something on television, and this gives her an opportunity to find her character.

However, considering Dana Brooke is basically all about looks and not substance at this point, our moms would probably get bored of Dana pretty quickly. Dana seems like she's overly concerned about her looks, as it seems as though Brooke's gotten cosmetic surgery done to enhance her exterior appearance - a definite 'no no' for moms.

11 Would: Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch is one of the few wrestlers on this list mom would approve of that are extremely attractive (ranking within the top 5 most attractive female wrestlers in WWE right now). Becky's a rare example of a wrestling women whose the 'total package' - she's attractive, is fantastic in the ring, decent on the mic and carries herself like a star.

Becky doesn't prance around in the ring showing off her 'assets' like many of the other female wrestlers in WWE, and this is something that's sure to get moms approval. However, most fans know damn well Becky Lynch's super attractive, but her good looks would probably be tolerated by most mothers considering she has a lot of other redeeming qualities about her as a wrestler. Lynch's definitely a role model, and her positive energy inside and outside the ring is sure to impress our moms (lucky us right?)

10 Wouldn't: Stephanie McMahon

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I'm sorry Stephanie McMahon, you may be one of the main contributors in the WWE's 'Women's Revolution' which is something all moms can proudly stand behind, but you unfortunately wouldn't be approved by mom. As an on-screen character, Stephanie easily ranks among the most despised by fans, and if your mom caught a segment of Steph berating in the ring like she owns the joint all while lowering another wrestlers self esteem with a slap across the face, mom would probably feel some 'type of way' about McMahon.

Not to mention the fact that Stephanie loves to wear extraordinarily skimpy outfits whenever she's on television with her 'assets' showcased loud and clear which would probably make our moms want to pull up Steph's dress a bit. All I can say is my mom absolutely despises Stephanie McMahon as an on-screen character, and I've got to admit, besides her 'assets', Steph is pretty darn irritating!

9 Would: Ember Moon

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Ember Moon may be very attractive, but she'll still get that stamp of approval from our moms. If your mom has ever watched one of Ember's many fantastic matches in NXT, I'm sure she's since become a fan of 'The War Goddess'. Similar to SmackDown's Becky Lynch, Ember Moon has more substance to her than just looking good, as her character/persona plus her insane aerial move set makes her stand out from the rest of the pack.

I think if there's one thing for certain about our moms, it's the fact that they appreciate a female wrestler who has more to offer than just being something pretty to stare at, because from the few clips my moms seen of Moon in NXT, she quite likes her and believes she'll be a big star in WWE - I've got to agree with mom on that one. I'm sure your guys' moms feel the same way about Ember.

8 Wouldn't: The Iconic Duo

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Unlike Ember Moon, NXT's Peyton Royce and Billie Kay aka The Iconic Duo are two female wrestlers mom wouldn't approve of no matter how much you try to sell that they're great wrestlers. I think it comes down to the simple fact that both Peyton and Billie are slightly too attractive to get the nod from our moms, and they're far too keen on showing off their 'assets' on and off-screen.

Believe me, your mom is no fool, and she'll quickly catch on as to why you're rooting for Royce and Kay, and while I believe both members of The Iconic Duo are fairly talented in the ring (Especially Peyton), I do think their looks are the biggest aspects both women have going for them. However, our moms will just have to accept Peyton and Billie eventually, as I'm certain they'll both be successful on the WWE's main roster once they finally get the call up.

7 Would: Natalya

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It's not arguable that SD Live's Natalya is quite attractive, but she definitely has a certain 'motherly' quality about her that our moms would like - she'd certainly get approved by most wrestling fan mothers. Natalya has some of the largest 'assets' in WWE today, but she's not one to show them off on-screen very much, as they're pretty well hidden underneath her ring attire which is a plus for most moms.

If your mother's ever watched an episode of Total Divas or one of the WWE Network's many shows featuring Natalya (she seems like one of the company's go-to representatives), she'd get an inside look on the kind of woman Natalya is off camera - down to earth, friendly and relatable. On camera, Natalya may portray a heel right now, but she's quite entertaining hence why your mom would probably approve of Natalya.

6 Wouldn't: Liv Morgan

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A picture is truly worth a thousand words, and the recent Instagram photograph of the Riott Squad's Liv Morgan above proves exactly why our moms would not approve of Liv - she's just too damn attractive and shows off her 'assets' too much. Up to this point, Morgan's just another pretty face in the WWE's Women's Division, as she doesn't really have much of a character besides being the smiling Jersey girl in the Riott Squad.

Since this is the case, our moms simply wouldn't tolerate us supporting Liv considering she could easily pick up on the fact that Liv's just another generic 'hot blonde' right now. However with time, Liv Morgan will start to develop her character and grow as a performer (she's still pretty green in the ring and on the mic), and then we'll have a valid argument against our moms to prove that there's a legitimate reason to root for Liv Morgan.

5 Would: Nikki Cross

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SAnitY's Nikki Cross is undoubtedly a female wrestler our moms would approve of. Talented in the ring, great character/persona and not overly attractive, Nikki's the ideal wrestling woman moms would have no problem letting their kids (young or old) root for. That's not to say that Nikki Cross isn't good looking, but her character leans towards a Bray Wyatt type of appearance over someone like Lana who prances around the ring in skimpy outfits.

Nikki Cross is further developing into a solid women's wrestler with each passing week, and she'll definitely find success when she gets the call up to the main roster (whether as a singles star or a member of the SAnitY stable). Many fans hope Nikki will be called up to the main roster sooner rather than later, as there's not much left for Cross to do in NXT - she's already established herself as a 'star in the making'.

4 Wouldn't: Ronda Rousey

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To all those who believe they can trick their moms into approving of Ronda Rousey because she's a former UFC fighter have a long uphill battle ahead of you. Yes, Ronda may be known for being a destroyer in the octagon, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that one of the main reasons as to why Rousey was such a huge draw for UFC was because she was (and still is) incredibly attractive.

Sure, dominating her opponents helped, but most of Rousey's fans were mesmerized that such an attractive woman could fight so well. Once Ronda begins to appear on WWE television regularly, she's going to quickly establish an even larger fanbase, but don't expect your moms to get on board so easily. Ronda Rousey's one of the most attractive female athletes in the world today, and most moms would know full well why their boys (again, young or old) are so intrigued by Rousey.

3 Would: Bayley

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One of the more obvious entries on this list of a female wrestler our moms would have no problem approving is none other than 'Everyone's Favourite Hugger' Bayley. Whether she's in the ring or off-camera with her fans, Bayley carries herself like a role model, and she's definitely not most young adults first choice of an attractive wrestling woman - further proving why our moms would say 'isn't Bayley great?'

Some fans have referred to Bayley as being the female version of John Cena, and the similarities are pretty uncanny when you compare the two - the only difference is Cena's booked like a star where as Bayley's been booked like a complete geek. Regardless, from her cheerful on-screen persona to her fantastic in-ring performances, Bayley's one of the WWE's female wrestlers your mom is bound to approve of and remember.

2 Wouldn't: Alexa Bliss

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Unfortunately for many of you guys who have ranked Alexa Bliss as being the most attractive woman in professional wrestling today, your moms certainly wouldn't agree, and they're definitely disapproving of the self-proclaimed 'Goddess Of WWE'. Alexa Bliss certainly portrays a rather bratty character on television, and compound that along with Bliss' ring attire than accentuates her beyond attractive 'booty', you have yourself a female wrestler moms undoubtedly not going to approve of.

However, unlike some of the other attractive or controversial female wrestlers on this list our moms wouldn't approve of that we could potentially agree with to please her, Alexa Bliss is one of them I'm sure many of you would try your best to sell to your mom. However, as talented as Alexa is in the ring, her attractiveness far outweighs anything else, and most moms would catch on very quickly as to why you are such a big 'fan' of Bliss.

1 Would: Nia Jax

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Nia Jax certainly isn't like 'most girls', hence why she's a female wrestler mom would definitely approve of. Now don't get me wrong, Nia's definitely attractive in her own special monstrous kind of way, but Jax isn't one to show off too much skin making her family-friendly and PG. Nia's uniqueness is certainly what would make your mom a fan of Jax - my mom became a fan after seeing Nia perform just a handful of times.

Nia's not focused on looking pretty in the ring unlike her bestie Alexa Bliss, as she's only concerned about demolishing her opponents as well as the stereotypes that surround women's wrestling. Nia Jax doesn't look like your average WWE female wrestler, and her confidence with her shape and body is sure to inspire many mothers, as most moms can agree that everyone has something to offer and deserves a chance to succeed.

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