15 Female Wrestlers Who Need Extra Support

Despite the fact that the women of professional wrestling aren't quite as "full" as some of the Divas of the past including the likes of Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson among others, there are still plenty of wrestling women (especially in WWE) who possess huge "assets". Today, we're going to be delving into 15 female wrestlers who need the extra "support", and we'll mainly be focusing on WWE's Women's Division stars with an Indie/Impact wrestler thrown in there to spice things up a bit. Regardless of whether you already recognize them or not, you will definitely remember them after reading this article.

I'm sure most of you can imagine some of the performers that will be included on the list, but there will also be a few you may have forgotten had a little bit more "flair", or they had slipped under your radar. Wrestling has always been a looks-based industry, and the bigger and bolder your assets are, the better your odds of making it to the big show (the WWE) and becoming a top Superstar. Just look at an incredibly "gifted" legend like Trish who used her stunning looks to her advantage and became one of the greatest of all time. Whether or not the assets of these female wrestlers are real, they surely make these performers stand out from the rest of the pack. With that said, let's get started!


15 Charlotte Flair

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Perhaps Charlotte Flair isn't everyone's first pick as an attractive WWE women's wrestler, but the fact remains The Genetically Superior Athlete has great "sets of twins" which she shows off in many of her dazzling selfies, and who could possibly blame her for doing so? Charlotte has a fantastic shredded physique, and though she's clearly not likely considered the most attractive woman in the company, she's still stunningly gorgeous and she has plenty of fans who admire her good looks. Without a doubt, Charlotte is the WWE's best overall women's wrestler (one of the top in the entire world), as she's fantastic in the ring, convincing on the mic and has a great look - she's truly The Nature boy's daughter through and through.

14 Mandy Rose

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Whether or not you're a fan of the recent Raw call up Mandy Rose, how could you possibly deny that she's incredibly attractive? The photo above showcases Mandy posing extraordinarily skimpily, and as you can clearly see, Rose's assets are much larger than normal hence why she needs the extra "support".

I believe "blonde bombshell" is the only word that accurately describes Mandy Rose, and without question she's going to make a big impact in WWE once she separates from the Absolution faction and goes solo. Some fans have compared Rose to former Women's Division star Eva Marie, but in my honest opinion, she's far better than Marie in every possible way - especially in the ring. Mandy Rose is this generations version of Trish Stratus, but will she be as successful? That remains to be seen.

13 Maryse

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Maryse is an absolute bombshell of a woman, and there's no arguing that! Not only does Maryse sport an extremely attractive physique, but her larger than average "puppies" are just as mesmerizing for most male fans. Any picture is sure to accentuate her flawless physique, and she's definitely the type of wrestling woman your girlfriend is jealous you like.

The Miz and Maryse are expecting a baby girl in the near future, so it looks like Maryse will have her hands full for the next while, hence why we probably won't be graced with her presence too often for the time being. The Miz on the other hand has become one of the WWE's most valuable assets, and his role on Monday Night Raw is critically important despite what his haters seem to think. If he took an extended leave away from WWE, the program would unquestionably suffer.

12 Lana


Lana may not be the greatest in-ring wrestler, but she's certainly one of the most attractive. This blonde bombshell has the body every man dreams about, and her full phsyique was on full display in the vibrant photo above.  I'd say a bulk majority of fans consider Lana to be terrible in the ring, but as a manager, she's as good as they get - attractive, has presence and is great on the mic.

With Rusev slowly but surely getting his career back on track over on SmackDown Live (while also getting extremely over), the next step is for Lana to return to Rusev's side somewhere down the line as she undoubtedly compliments him and also makes Rusev feel like a much bigger deal at the same time (that's what managers are for aside from doing most of the talking).

11 Cathy Kelley

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Cathy Kelley is slowly but surely weaving her way into fans affections much like Renee Young did before her, and though Kelley's only a "correspondent" at this point, expect her role within the company to grow just like Renee's did a couple years back. Cathy's pleasant, talks and delivers her messages well, is confident and best of all, she's incredibly attractive - the recipe for success in Vince McMahon's WWE.

If one thing's apparent when it comes to Cathy Kelley, it's the fact that her stunning "features" are larger than normal (even compared to many of the company's cosmetically enhanced women's wrestlers). If Kelley ever wanted to become an in-ring Superstar, she'd have no problem garnering a large fanbase just off her looks alone. However, I think a backstage role suits Cathy better, as she's proven to be fantastic at her job.

10 Dana Brooke


If there's one thing Dana Brooke has going for herself, it's her abnormally large (and stunning) "sets of twins". The picture above showcases Dana's huge "puppies" in all their glory, and her ring attire certainly accentuates them. Brooke may have just been Charlotte Flair's sidekick for a period of time, but the two definitely share some similar qualities. Both stars are incredibly jacked compared to much of the current Women's Division, and they both have larger than normal "assets".

Dana Brooke has struggled to make a mark in WWE up to this point, and I was actually surprised she wasn't released from the company during the last round of Superstar releases. I suppose Vince McMahon still sees value in Brooke, and perhaps being apart of the Titus Worldwide faction is a step in the right direction.

9 Nia Jax

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Considering Nia Jax is quite larger than the average women's wrestler, it only makes sense that her "assets" match her size - she may be plus sized, but she's still gorgeous! Showcased above is a photo of Nia posing pretty skimpily, and the reasoning behind the revealing pic is because Nia was expressing body positivity. Nia Jax certainly isn't like most girls, but she's attractive in her own special way (with huge assets to boot).

Although women's wrestlers such as Asuka and the soon-to-debut Ronda Rousey are favorites to pull off the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match later this month, I believe Jax's an underrated choice to win the whole thing. If she doesn't win it this year, expect Nia to at the very least be apart of the final four competitors in the match.


8 Natalya

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Because of Natalya's ring attire, you may have forgotten that "The Queen Of Harts" has some enormous "assets" as her gear hides them pretty well (she's using that extra "support" to keep her "puppies" from moving around too much). 2017 was an absolutely phenomenal year for Natalya, as she captured her first championship in over 6 years - the SmackDown's Women's Championship. Natty has always been a reliable women's wrestler for WWE, as she can be trusted to put forth solid bouts with any opponent.

I believe her 2017 title run was a "thank you" gift from the WWE for Natalya's years of service to the company, and though she's denied the retirement rumours, at 35 years old, she's slowly nearing the tail end of her career. However, Natty will be in the Women's Royal Rumble match later this month, and I'm sure she hopes to win the whole thing.

7 Nikki Bella

Although the gorgeous Nikki Bella isn't an active competitor at this point in WWE, she's still signed to the company and Nikki's expected to return alongside Brie Bella for the 25th Anniversary of Raw airing January 22nd. Nikki definitely ranks among the most attractive women's wrestlers of all time, and though her "sets of twins" were cosmetically enhanced, they're still stunning none the less.

I'm sure Nikki Bella's looks played a big factor in why she sat atop the Divas Division for such a long period of time, and her augmentation definitely set her apart from her sister Brie who remained natural throughout her career. As I've mentioned before, looks are everything in professional wrestling, and many of the WWE's top women's Superstars have all had their "puppies" enhanced.

6 Sarah Logan

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Sarah Logan aka one third of SmackDown Live's Riott Squad faction possesses some abnormally large "assets" as seen in the photograph above (most likely natural too which isn't very common). Now I know some of you are already hating on Sarah Logan for her promo ability (or total lack there of), but she's a solid performer none the less, and she has lots of potential.

Over time, I'm sure she'll improve her promo work and with a bit of character tweaking, she could be a huge success in WWE. When I look at Sarah Logan, I see a faint resemblance to Stephanie McMahon as they both definitely share a similar look and build (and huge "assets" to boot). The only difference is Logan's assets are most likely real unlike Steph's "puppies" which were cosmetically enhanced.

5 Naomi

Naomi arguably has one of the largest "sets of twins" in the WWE today, and she's far too underrated in the looks department as she's really quite gorgeous. Not only does Naomi have some seriously attractive "puppies", but she also has by far one of the most robust booty's in wrestling too.

When Naomi had originally made her WWE debut back in 2012, I never really expected her to become a top women's wrestler, as it seemed more likely she'd end up like her fellow "Funkadactyl", Cameron (who was released). It just goes to show you that anything can happen in the WWE and no ones future's set in stone. The former 2-time SmackDown Women's Champion had a great 2017, and let's hope 2018 treats Naomi just as well (though she probably won't be quite as much of a focal point this year).

4 Ember Moon

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"The War Goddess" Ember Moon is one of NXT's brightest prospects, and besides being an extraordinarily gifted in-ring technician, she's also highly underrated in the looks department. If you hadn't noticed prior, Ember sports some pretty large "sets of twins", and she definitely needs that extra "support" if you know what we mean.

The current NXT Women's Champion is great in every way imaginable, and she has that certain star quality about her which is something so many of WWE's newer talent lack. I'd say Ember's the total package as she's beyond talented, has an intriguing character, is good looking and most importantly, has one of the coolest finishers I've seen in a good long while. Ember Moon has a bright future ahead of her in WWE without question.

3 Asuka

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Although I personally wouldn't classify Asuka as ranking among the most attractive women's wrestlers in WWE, there's no denying that she possesses some abnormally large "sets of twins" or "puppies" as seen in the photograph above. Asuka is far from being a stereotypical WWE Diva, and her look is very original - though some believe she acts slightly too goofy to be taken seriously (a matter of opinion I suppose).

Whether Asuka wins the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble or not is irrelevant, as she's set to become a focal point of Monday Night Raw's Women's Division for the next few years regardless. In my opinion, I believe the RR win would be a perfect opportunity to establish Asuka as the next big thing, but with Ronda Rousey debuting soon, I think we all know what the WWE is preparing to do instead.

2 Rosemary

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TNA's Rosemary won't likely be one of the first names to pop into your mind when you think of attractive female wrestlers, but she is none the less (in her own peculiar way). Though her gimmick is that of a crazy demonic person and not so much of a woman concerned over her looks, Rosemary is still quite attractive despite the face paint, and if you focused a bit more, you'd notice that Rosemary's "assets" are larger than normal.

If you aren't much of an Impact Wrestling fan, I'm sure you can still recognize the name "Rosemary" from the incident which occurred last year involving her and Sexy Star - an incident that saw Star legitimately injure Rosemary much to the shock of the wrestling community (outrage followed).

1 Stephanie McMahon

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Some of you may have expected this entry, but the fact remains Stephanie McMahon has the largest "sets of twins" or assets I've seen in a while (the biggest in the WWE right now). Now to all those wondering, yes, Stephanie McMahon did have cosmetic surgery done to enhance her "puppies" so that they'd be way more eye popping (and they certainly are just that).

The photo above showcases Steph rocking a vibrant blue dress that truly accentuated her assets - probably the best photo you can find of McMahon's sets of twins. Stephanie McMahon may be a despised on-screen character, but if there's one thing for certain about Steph, it's the fact that most fans can still appreciate McMahon's stunning looks whenever she's on television. Perhaps the actual segments are dead boring, but Stephanie makes it somewhat interesting by rocking revealing outfits.


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