10 Female Wrestlers WWE Will Never Work With Again (And 10 Male)

The WWE has a very long list of former Superstars who have been perennially blackballed or banned from the company. This list includes female and male wrestlers. As much as the WWE likes to portray their brand as being professional and diplomatic, backstage politics are still very much a real thing in WWE, and the top executives Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Kevin Dunn among many others certainly play favourites when it comes to their talent, and they've all been responsible for wrestlers being released, flat-out fired, and banned from ever returning to the company.

You definitely have to 'play your cards right' in WWE, as Vince and Hunter are especially known to be rather petty, and the last thing a wrestler would ever want to do is anger one of them. However, nothing is ever certain in Sports Entertainment, as a presumably banned ex-WWE star and rival promotion owner Jeff Jarrett is being inducted into this year's Hall Of Fame much to the absolute shock of fans, so Vince is always known to throw fans a curve-ball - who knows, maybe McMahon's purchasing Impact Wrestling. That being said, there are unquestionably some wrestlers that can almost be guaranteed to never appear in WWE ever again, and a return would be absolutely shocking. Today, we're looking at 10 female wrestlers and 10 male wrestlers WWE will never work with again.

20 Female Wrestler: Zahra Schreiber

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Unfortunately, Zahra Schreiber's WWE career was cut short partly due to her affiliation with Seth Rollins a few years back during the whole scandal that involved Seth, revealing photos of Schreiber and Rollins' fiancée. However, as controversial as Zahra was during the scandal, this wasn't the main reason as to why the WWE cut ties with her indefinitely.

Just a few months following the nude photo scandal, Zahra Schreiber had been exposed for posting pictures to her social media prior to signing with WWE promoting deplorable images and controversial discriminatory comments. Considering Vince McMahon is anti-controversy, it's safe to say that the WWE will never work with Zahra ever again, regardless of how much time goes by. It's truly unfortunate the way things turned out for Schreiber in WWE, as she had loads of potential.

19 Male Wrestler: Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio may have aspirations of finishing off his career in WWE next year, but the likelihood of this ever coming to pass is extremely slim. Not only did Del Rio have serious backstage issues with Triple H, but his controversial behaviour since departing the WWE a few years back pretty well seals the deal that Alberto will never again work with the company in any capacity.

Aside from his run-ins with the law and media, one of Alberto Del Rio's many passions is shooting hard on the WWE, its talent, and of course Triple H. Considering Vince McMahon wasn't all too fond of Del Rio the last time around, Alberto's definitely on McMahon's list of blackballed talent - especially with Triple H's influence. Sure Del Rio, time does heal some wounds, but in the case of Alberto and WWE, no amount of time will heal things.

18 Female Wrestler: Cameron

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Cameron has arguably been completely forgotten about by most wrestling fans, as her stint in WWE was entirely forgettable to say the least. Cameron was apart of WWE's Tough Enough in 2011, and she was also the first contestant eliminated after she was asked by Steve Austin what her favourite match was, with Cameron responding by stating 'Alicia Fox and Melina'.

That being said, Cameron proved to be an absolutely horrendous wrestler in every aspect. Even though the WWE was still amidst the 'Divas Era', Cameron was too awful in the ring even back then hence why her career ended as quickly as it started. The 'icing on the cake' as to why WWE will never work with Cameron again is because she had been arrested while still employed by the company, and Cameron attempted to bribe her way out of it by offering the officer $10,000.

17 Male Wrestler: Scott Steiner

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Without question, Scott Steiner definitely ranks among the top 5 former Superstars the WWE will never work with again. When you think of a wrestler whose made trashing the company a hobby, names such as Ryback and Alberto Del Rio may come to mind, but Scott Steiner would probably be the first pick, and this is something that Vince McMahon absolutely despises.

Aside from his trash talking, Scott Steiner also has a deep hatred for Triple H, and as much as Vince loves 'big sweaty men', he's undoubtedly willing to forget Steiner ever existed. It is even doubtful Scott will ever be inducted into their Hall Of Fame. Besides being controversial, Scott wouldn't really offer much to the WWE at this point of his career, and it's highly likely that Steiner will spend the remaining years of his career in small Indie gymnasiums.

16 Female Wrestler: Maxine

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For those of you who have since forgotten who Maxine is, she was a female wrestler in WWE's old developmental territory, FCW, as well as in NXT for a brief period of time before requesting her release from the company. Maxine, now going under the ring name Catrina in Lucha Underground, has found quite a bit of success outside the WWE, and her departure from the company was probably the smartest move in hindsight seeing her future seemed pretty bleak in WWE back then.

However, regardless of whether Maxine's successful outside the WWE, it can almost be guaranteed that the attractive women's wrestler will never work with the WWE ever again, and this simply stems from the fact that Maxine's criticized the company in the past regarding 'Divas', NXT, as well as the political backstage environment behind the scenes - something Vince McMahon absolutely despises.

15 Male Wrestler: Carlito

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At this point, it can almost be guaranteed that the former US and Intercontinental Champion Carlito will never work with the WWE again. There was a bit of hope two years ago when dirt sheets were reporting the WWE was willing to 'let bygones by bygones' and work with Carlito again, but it never ended up materializing - partly due to Vince McMahon.

When Carlito was in WWE, he had the reputation of being extremely lazy, and compound this with his past Wellness Policy violation, and you have yourself a talent McMahon would never allow back or work with. Carlito definitely could've offered a lot to the WWE roster back when the company was amidst the brand split, as he's since gotten himself into great shape plus he's a fantastic in-ring and mic worker already. However, the WWE certainly hold grudges towards certain wrestlers, and Carlito's one of them.

14 Female Wrestler: Sunny

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Sunny's undoubtedly a former women's wrestling personality the WWE will never work with again. In today's day and age, the WWE likes to keep things 'PG' and controversy-free, and considering Sunny's the polar opposite of anything PG and controversy-free, you can be sure that you've seen the last of Sunny in the ring or backstage in WWE. From her past issues with addiction to her new career in the 'other industry', Sunny is a talent Vince McMahon has blacklisted.

Sunny's hit some pretty bad lows recently, and she's been nothing but controversial - arrested and thrown in jail, rehab, called out for being racist, recently becoming a "performer" among many other things. The final straw as to why the WWE will never work with Sunny again stems from the fact that she attempted to sell her Hall Of Fame ring which is absolutely disrespectful to herself and the WWE.

13 Male Wrestler: Alex Riley

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Alex Riley could've been so much more in the WWE had the company gotten behind him a bit more. Backstage politics (insert: John Cena) derailed Riley's career in WWE, and after a brief stint down in NXT, Alex was released from the company never to be seen again. The WWE's been known to hold certain talents back in favour of their 'golden boys' despite trying to portray their company as being professional. Alex Riley just so happens to have gotten himself on the bad side of John Cena - the 'kiss of death' in WWE.

Alex Riley wasn't the best wrestler in the world, but he did have some redeeming qualities and he certainly would've become a much bigger star had he stayed on the good side of Cena. At this point, the chances of Alex Riley ever working with the WWE again are slim to none, as Riley's already 36, hasn't been wrestling since his release, and Vince doesn't appreciate guys who shoot on his top prospects.

12 Female Wrestler: Awesome Kong AKA Kharma

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Before there was Nia Jax, Awesome Kong (aka Kharma) dominated women's wrestling. When Kong had signed with WWE, it looked as if she was going to take the 'Divas Division' by storm and go onto capture the title. However, things never turned out very well for Kharma in WWE, and her stint in the company was short-lived, uneventful, and will probably go down as being one of the biggest flops of all time.

Kharma ended up needing to take off time from WWE due to a pregnancy, and following her one and only match (the 2012 Royal Rumble), she was released from the company due to the fact that she apparently wasn't ready to return in the time-frame WWE gave her. Although the WWE may have been willing to work with Kharma again a few years ago, the ship has since sailed considering Kharma's 40 years old and well past her prime.

11 Male Wrestler: Ken Shamrock

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The former Intercontinental Champion, Ken Shamrock is unquestionably an ex-WWE star the company will never work with again, under any circumstances. For whatever reason, Ken seems to think that he's a much bigger star than he ever was, and this is something sure to rub Vince McMahon the wrong way. Compound this with the fact that Shamrock hates Triple H (and Triple H hates Shamrock), you have yourself a 'washed up' WWE and UFC star who will never return.

However, to top things off, the WWE wants absolutely nothing to do with a guy whose been busted for using performance enhancers within the past couple of years, as Shamrock has been caught 'on the juice' twice in recent times. The last thing Vince McMahon or WWE needs is a guy who may fail their own Wellness Policy - you simply cannot attain a physique like Shamrock's at his age naturally.

10 Female Wrestler: Eva Marie

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Eva Marie may have possessed the looks Vince McMahon appreciates in his top women's wrestlers, but in every other aspect? Marie was god awful. While in WWE, Eva was given every chance to succeed on the main roster and in NXT, and she unfortunately failed to improve in any way hence why she ended up being released with little hesitation last summer.

In today's day and age, a wrestler like Eva Marie simply doesn't cut it, as the WWE are focused on finding female wrestlers who not only look pretty, but also possess in-ring talent. It's not arguable that Eva's time in WWE is long over, and I doubt the company will ever work with her again - she's a liability to the roster. However, Eva Marie's had little trouble finding bountiful work outside WWE, and she's currently succeeding as a model and is starting to get into Hollywood, a much better fit for Eva I'd say.

9 Male Wrestler: Hulk Hogan

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As much as fans and fellow wrestlers beg for a Hulk Hogan return to WWE, it's recently been confirmed by the company that they intend to 'stick to their guns' when it comes to their view on Hulk Hogan - WWE stated last month that they remain committed to their decision (keeping Hogan out of the company).

Hogan had been fired from the WWE back in 2015 following his controversial and racist comments, and considering Vince McMahon doesn't want any negative PR towards his company, he's unlikely to ever work with Hulk again. The WWE's all about pleasing their sponsors and keeping their product away from controversy, and it's not arguable that Hulk Hogan returning following his scandal would displease many of those said sponsors. It's pretty sad that McMahon's unwilling to give Hogan, a guy who put WWE on the map, a second chance.

8 Female Wrestler: Kaitlyn

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One of the female wrestlers WWE will never work with again happens to be an ex-WWE star Stephanie McMahon hates, enough of a reason for Vince to perennially blacklist Kaitlyn from ever returning to the company. I'm sure many of you know the story, but for those of you who don't, Kaitlyn basically got on the bad side of Stephanie after she had interrupted McMahon's conversation with someone backstage, thus resulting in Steph yelling at Kaitlyn not to interrupt her.

An angle would later air on television which summarized Stephanie's feelings towards Kaitlyn. The former Divas Champion was gone soon after, and she hasn't been seen since in WWE. However, Kaitlyn's recently returned to the ring this month on the Indies, and while she may have aspirations to return sometime down the line, as long as Stephanie's involved with WWE, don't expect her to welcome Kaitlyn back.

7 Male Wrestler: Rich Swann

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We've definitely seen the last of the former Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann in WWE. Back in December, Swann was charged and arrested for false kidnapping and misdemeanour battery after an incident with his wife and fellow wrestler Vannarah Riggs, and the WWE immediately suspended Rich as a result. However, the charges against Swann were dropped towards the end of last month, but the WWE decided to get rid of him anyways.

Rich Swann was released just under a week ago (apparently 'mutually', but we all know how the WWE operates). Swann was a talented wrestler, but his reputation has been severely damaged with the December charges, and the WWE will never work with him again for obvious reasons. Considering Rich was nothing more than a Cruiserweight, I suppose it's not a huge loss for WWE.

6 Female Wrestler: Melina

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Melina was by far one of the most attractive Divas of the WWE's Ruthless Aggression Era, hence why she was featured heavily in the division and captured both the Women's and Divas Championship multiple times each. However, that was then and this is now, and Melina's a female wrestler the WWE will never work with again.

One of the main reasons why this is the case simply stems from the fact that Melina has the reputation of being very difficult to deal with. She also was known to act very hot headed and 'Diva-like' backstage with officials and her co-workers. That aside, Melina wouldn't offer very much to the Women's Division at this point, as she's well past her peak at 38 years old. Vince, Triple H and Stephanie are all about revolutionizing their women's roster and making it the best it can possibly be, and throwing Melina into the mix would be a setback.

5 Male Wrestler: Ryback

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Sometimes one needs to know when to close their mouth, and in Ryback's case, he's failed to realize this principle and has done nothing but shoot hard on the WWE, some of its top stars and of course, Triple H and Vince McMahon since his release. Ryback is definitely a wrestler the WWE will never work with again unless something drastic changes in 'The Big Guy's' attitude and outlook towards the company.

It's clear Ryback's bitter about the way he was treated during his last few years in WWE, but as we've all come to realize, venting your frustration to fans and the media's no way to go about expressing yourself in Vince's eyes. Had Ryback kept his mouth shut and continued along with the company during the WWE's brand split in 2016, there's no doubt The Big Guy would be one of SmackDown or Raw's top stars.

4 Female Wrestler: Emma

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One of the most underutilized and mistreated female wrestlers in WWE history is none other than the recently released Emma. The beautiful Australian had everything going for her, the look, talent and presence yet she was treated so poorly by Vince McMahon. I suppose Vince was very upset that Emma couldn't pull off his ridiculous 'Emmalina' shtick that he and Creative came up with, and felt as though she needed to be punished.

It truly was a shock when news broke out that Emma had been released along with Summer Rae and Darren Young, because compared to those two, she's worlds more talented - quite shocking when women such as Lana, Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox are able to hold onto their jobs over a true talent like Emma. It's clear Emma's release summarizes how the WWE views her, and I doubt the company will ever work with her again.

3 Male Wrestler: Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore is exactly the kind of wrestler the WWE will never work with again - arrogant, hated by his co-workers and controversial to boot. Whether or not Enzo's guilty of assault is irrelevant, as the WWE wants no affiliation to a guy with severe allegations on his resume. Even prior to the assault allegations, Enzo Amore was well-despised by his co-workers, and Vince only tolerated Amore because of the beatings he took in the ring for ratings.

Now gone from the WWE as if he never existed, Enzo Amore will never return to the company under any circumstances. Vince McMahon now detests him, and so does Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The rumours will follow Amore for the rest of his life.

2 Female Wrestler: AJ Lee

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AJ Lee's one of the most popular WWE Divas of all time, and she definitely brought a certain level of intrigue to the otherwise stagnant division (this was well before the 'Women's Revolution'). However, similar to her husband CM Punk, AJ was a bit too vocal  in the WWE's eyes, and calling out Stephanie McMahon for promoting Women's Rights hypocritically on Twitter was the nail in her coffin.

Just two months following AJ's response to Steph, she left the WWE on her own terms and has never looked back since. That's the main reason Stephanie McMahon has gripes with AJ Lee and would never wish to work with her again, but for Vince? The main reason why he'd never welcome AJ back to WWE with open arms is because she's married to CM Punk, and shares many of Punk's views on the company and the way things are run.

1 Male Wrestler: CM Punk

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Whether fans want to accept it or not, the reality is WWE will never work with CM Punk ever again, unfortunately. CM Punk cost the WWE a heck of a lot of grief when he suddenly departed the company, and some believe Punk's the reason the WWE doesn't want to create stars who are arguably 'bigger than the WWE' anymore - they will cost the company headache's if they're dissatisfied over their position.

Aside from the way CM Punk left the WWE, all three key executives Vince, Stephanie and Triple H despise Punk equally, and they all have their own individual gripes with the self-proclaimed 'Best In The World'. I'd say the WWE hates CM Punk almost as much as Punk hates the WWE, and a return is definitely out of the question for the immediate future. However, at least CM Punk's making good money without the WWE in UFC.

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