15 Female WWE Stars You Didn't Know Had Issues With Each Other

The world of professional wrestling is infamous for egos, attitudes and tempers backstage. The talent on both the male and female rosters have historically had a knack for stepping on toes and getting on each other's nerves. There are a lot of spoken and unspoken rules to "getting along" with the talent backstage and if you aren't careful it's easy to ruffle feathers.

We're putting the spotlight today on fifteen pairs of women, from legends to beauty queens and divas to warriors. They have all found themselves a good amount of heat with other wrestlers. The article is labeled cat fights, which could seem condescending, but we assure you that we take female wrestling talent very seriously. In fact, the male roster is well known for having as much, if not even more heat with each other in the locker room.

The history of a woman's place in professional wrestling is still being written as we all watch. It's an exciting time to be a fan of female athletes, because while some of them may be attractive, it is their fighting spirit that brings them to the squared circle in today's WWE. This change can be seen clearly in the evolution of the E! Network Total Divas reality series. The show started in season one as an outlet to promote their often overlooked "Divas" division, consisting primarily of eye candy performers over athletic talent. Now, we have a spotlight on talent like Hart family legend Natalya, former bodybuilder Alexa Bliss and plus sized beauty (and former model) Nia Jax.


15 Lana And Natalya

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If you watch the E! reality series Total Divas you know that Lana and Natalya have a long-standing scripted feud going on the show. The word is that this was born of a real life distaste that Nattie has for Lana. No stranger to controversy, both of the girls have feuded with other talent backstage at one time or another. Nattie was engaged in an ongoing dispute with Eva Marie for quite awhile and Lana has had heat with just about everyone. It could certainly just be a work for the series, but the two are so good at being at each others throats that it's hard to believe it is all fake. Recently, Lana has told Nattie that she needs acting lessons to cut a better promo, an insult that really seemed to get under her skin.

14 Becky Lynch And Liv Morgan

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It wasn’t long ago that the Riott Squad debuted on Smackdown Live as a poor man’s version of the RAW women’s team of Absolution, which was headed by Paige. The Riott Squad features Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. It was the squad that took Becky kayfabe off television for a time, so that she could go and film the Marine 4 for WWE. The lines quickly began to blur after that, as a Twitter war broke out between Becky and Liv. Becky began hurling insults and Liv made it personal by insulting the “Straight Fire” set-up for Becky’s finisher. Becky replied with a video of Liv botching a move and telling her that we all cringe when she “wrestles”. The whole exchange escalated very quickly and helps to bring some real heat to an otherwise stale on-screen battle.

13 Paige And Lana

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There are a few names on this list that show-up over and over again. There are those amongst the locker room that keep to themselves and others just can't help but find heat in all the wrong places. Paige comes from a prolific wrestling family. Her mother, who goes by Sweet Saraya, still works the indie scene in companies like Shimmer and WAWW. Lana, by contrast, started her career as an actress, seen in television shows like the Cinemax hit Banshee and films like Pitch Perfect 2. The two could not be cut from a more opposite cloth and their relationship backstage is a reflection of this unfortunate reality. Lana accused Paige of some serious crossing of the line in the bullying department while the two were NXT performers.

12 Alexa Bliss And Sasha Banks

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They are two of the hottest names in women's wrestling today and there is no love lost between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. Although the duo got to share the distinction of being the first female wrestling performers in Abu Dhabi late last year, they also had legitimate heat between them. Sasha Banks took to an episode of Raw Talk after a match at Great Balls of Fire that the two had last year and proceeded to talk smack about Alexa and how she is a fake fan, not the hardcore Hardy Boyz loving fangirl that she claimed to be. Sasha was apparently shooting on Alexa, who has since confirmed that she keeps her professional and personal feelings aside, all but confirming their mutual distaste for each other.

11 Paige And Charlotte

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They’re two of the biggest names to hit the WWE Women’s Division, but there is no love lost between Paige and Charlotte Flair. They have a few layers to their heat. The natural element that puts them at odds is both being second generation talent. A scripted promo that Paige delivered about Charlotte’s deceased brother certainly stirred rumors of real backstage heat, with the word being that Charlotte wasn’t pleased with Paige for delivering the lines. The two continued to feud when Paige hooked-up with Alberto Del Rio. The now former WWE Superstar had previously dated Charlotte, but the word on the street is that he dumped her for Paige. The feud between the two, although good on screen and off, is likely dead now, since Paige can no longer be cleared to perform and she broke-up with Del Rio.

10 Stephanie McMahon And Chyna

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Stephanie McMahon grew-up backstage in the WWE with her famous father and brother. She spent a lifetime learning the business and to a greater extent getting to know the talent and how to get along with them. It isn’t surprising that she would end up marrying one in real life, so when Steph and Triple H announced that their feelings for each other weren’t just a kayfabe work it made a lot of sense. The two have become a powerhouse couple that dominates the WWE and is the beacon of hope for the future of the company and the industry as a whole. There was a time, however, when Stephanie was the “other woman” on the scene. Trips was dating powerhouse DX talent Chyna back in the day and there is rumors of heat between the women due to an unfortunate “overlap” in the relationships.

9 Moolah And Wendi Richter

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There aren't a lot of vintage wrestlers on this list, although it is likely that many of them had serious backstage feuds. Today we're discussing the controvertial Fabulous Moolah and the beef many of the younger generation of talent had with her business practices. The world of professional wrestling used to be an extremely shady environment that was devoid of the current WWE corporate tone. It wasn't uncommon for the female talent to be taken advantage of. It is said that Moolah ran a very greasy wrestling school that involved financial exploitation of their female talent. This included Richter, who soon began to gain major ground in the WWE. She demanded more money for her services and as a result the original "screwjob" was done to Wendi, with Vinnie Mac bringing Moolah in to strip her of the title without her knowledge. Richter left the WWE never to return.


8 Sunny And Sable

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There was a time when the female talent was at a minimum in the WWE. The Attitude Era saw a lot of stars born, but the women's division was mostly built based on looks over talent. This time saw the rise of two women to the top of the herd, Sunny and Sable. There was a time in the 1990s when Sunny was the most downloaded woman on the internet (yes, that used to be a thing!) and Sable (now Mrs. Brock Lesnar) was gracing the cover of Playboy magazine. A natural rivalry for the top position in the WWE developed between the two and bad blood still exists to this day...at least for Sunny. If you look up trainwreck in the dictionary you may find Sunny's picture and next to that a tidbit where she claims that Playboy approached her first and Sable was the afterthought.

7 Lana And Dana Brooke

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Lana is known on television as "The Ravishing Russian", but the woman that married WWE Superstar Rusev isn't just some valet to her husband. No, Lana is an outspoken woman that is quick to stand-up for herself, especially when it comes to aspects of her career. During the sixth season of Total Divas Lana witnessed NXT call-up Dana Brooke using the finisher that Lana had been working on for some time. Dana was privy to Lana's practices and knew that was a move that she was looking to coin. This represents a major level of disrespect in the locker room...you just don't do another talent's finisher without permission. If you do, expect a major amount of heat when you get to the back. That is just what Dana got from Lana.

6 AJ Lee And The Bellas

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The on-screen beef between AJ Lee and the Bella Twins wasn't completely a work. AJ really did have distaste for Nikki and Brie. AJ was far from the "Diva" persona that the WWE was interested in pushing at the time. She would have fit in much better in today's division, which is all about female empowerment and in-ring talent over beauty queen drama. Unfortunately for the Bella Twins, back then they were really all about the reality television show and weren't the best in-ring workers. Their gimmick had grown tired and didn't make any sense after Nikki got her enhancements. AJ wasn't shy about talking out on WWE television about the girls and their lack of ability outside of the "Divas" stereotype. AJ has gone on to retire (at least for now) and the twins were left behind struggling to prove themselves in the ring.

5 Maryse And The Bella Twins

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Maryse married WWE Superstar The Miz years ago and the two are happily expecting their first child. The lovely superstar couple was enhanced in recent years when Maryse was welcomed back to WWE television as a valet for the Miz, involving her in a number of on-screen storylines. There was a time, before Total Divas, when the girls of the Divas division were all friends and were planning to negotiate their contracts together. According to Maryse, the Bella Twins ended up going behind everyone else's back and negotiating for themselves to advance their placement in the company, leaving the other women behind in the dust. The girls only recently made nice about the past, with Maryse airing her feelings about the subject on Total Divas.

4 Stephanie McMahon And AJ Lee

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The Divas Revolution was the best thing to ever happen to the WWE Women's division, but it didn't come without speed bumps. There was a time not that long ago that the girls were pigeonholed as Divas and paraded around for their looks. During that era AJ Lee was a part of the roster and she didn't really fit in. This became painfully clear when she began speaking out against Stephanie McMahon on Twitter for her hypocrisy when tweeting about women speaking out. A mere three years ago AJ began tweeting to Stephanie to call her out for the lack of screen time and equal pay that the women were getting on WWE television. Normally if you speak out against the powers that be at WWE things don't go well. Lee is no longer with the WWE.

3 Summer Rae And Lana

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Lana and Rusev had a fantastic gimmick when they moved from NXT to the main roster of the WWE. The duo kept growing in popularity, with Lana especially getting a lot of attention from the audiences. Thought they were over in a major way, at one point the WWE did what they always feel the need to do and split the pair up on television. The two had become a couple in real life and weren't thrilled with the idea of not working together anyone, but they were professionals and went along with the new storyline. Dolph Ziggler was paired with Lana and Rusev was kayfabe in love with Summer Rae, which culminated in a terrible on-screen arc with no chemistry between either couple. Then, Rusev and Lana announced their real life engagement on Instagram, destroying the on-screen arc and sending a bitter Summer Rae back into obscurity.

2 Chyna And Trish Stratus

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There was a time when one female talent in the WWE stood above the rest and her name was Chyna. She was an imposingly large woman, able to take on men in the ring. That is where a lot of the heat that she got backstage came from and it is rumored that she had a lot of it. The former girlfriend of Triple H was a vital part of D-Generation X and represented a truly unique character. Trish Stratus, by contrast, was far more feminine and the polar opposite of Chyna. The two didn't get along on or off screen. Chyna would take to wrestling the men in the ring and preferred this over working with and elevating the female talent, a fact that the women in the locker room resented.

1 Sasha Banks And Lana

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Sasha Banks fancies herself the gift to women’s wrestling and Lana fancies herself the gift to pretty much everything, so it was only a matter of time before the two would clash. Lana found herself liking some Tweets that got under Sasha’s skin and the usual Twitter feuding began. Sasha lashed out passive aggressively at Lana telling her that she should be confident in her own ability and not tear others down. It got so bad that one of Lana’s other real life rivals, Summer Rae, started up a hastage #BL2017 (Block Lana 2017). Sasha Banks also tweeted out the hashtag, firmly drawing a line in the sand between the two women. The world of social media that we live in seems to fuel more feuds that otherwise might not exist than it doesn’t.


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