Becky Lynch 'Fined' $10,000 For Her Actions At Clash Of Champions

Becky Lynch has been "fined" $10,000 by WWE for hitting a referee with a steel chair on Sunday night.

As we pick apart Sunday night's Clash of Champions, we have to admit we thoroughly enjoyed most of the show. There might not have been a wealth of title changes, but there didn't need to be. Above all else, the match order and the pacing of the show was spot on. Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt's appearances were the biggest angles of the night, and they were quite rightly saved for the final two matches.

One match finish we weren't crazy about was Becky Lynch versus Sasha Banks. It descended into chaos and we needed to rely on commentary to inform us that The Man had been disqualified. As for the fans in-house, well they might think the match is still going on. The descension into madness began when Lynch accidentally hit the referee with a chair.

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Despite it being completely inadvertent, WWE has decided to fine Lynch for her actions. All in the name of the angle between her and Banks, of course. As revealed on Twitter, the champ will need to cough up $10,000 for her misplaced steel chair shot. Someone who is clearly not happy with that figure is Kevin Owens.

Owens currently has a $100,000 figure hanging over his head. A fine he was issued for attacking Elias while he was a special guest referee, and has since been "fired" for. After Lynch's mistake, KO tweeted "I guess Becky's fired." Upon seeing the tweet regarding Lynch's $10,000 fine, Owens seems to have lost his mind. As you can see above, he quoted the tweet and replied with a multitude of different emojis.

We understand why Owens would be upset, and we enjoy him reacting in this way. However, even though KO attacked a Superstar in a ref shirt, his actions were definitely not inadvertent. He also has the disadvantage of Shane McMahon thoroughly disliking him. Chin up though Kevin, and we look forward to hopefully seeing you show up on NXT this Wednesday. Gotta earn back that $100,000 somewhere.

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