WWE Possibly Spoils Final Elimination Chamber Entrant

WWE may have accidentally revealed the final competitor in the Elimination Chamber after they jumped the gun with a graphic on WWE.com.

The Elimination Chamber returns to WWE in a couple of weeks time and the event will have massive implications heading into WrestleMania 34. For the first time ever six of WWE's women will step inside the demonic structure with Alexa Bliss's Raw Women's Championship on the line. On the men's side of things, a match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania is up for grabs.

While the women competing in their match were hand selected by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, the men have had to earn their way into the high stakes match. The night after the Royal Rumble Braun Strowman, Elias, and John Cena qualified for the bout, then last Monday The Miz and Roman Reigns also booked their spots.

The final spot will be decided this coming Monday in a fatal four-way match between Finn Balor, Matt Hardy, Bray Wyatt, and Apollo Crews. It seems that WWE jumped the gun a little, however, and may have shown their hand when it comes to who will be filling that sixth and final slot. Over the weekend, a promotional picture for the match was posted on WWE.com that included Finn Balor. It was taken down a few minutes later and replaced with one that had a silhouette where the Irishman was standing.

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No offense to Crews and Hardy, but not many fans will be expecting them to earn their way into the match on Monday night. The Eater Of Worlds, however, may have been a safe bet, well before the leaked graphic anyway. Last year, Wyatt won the Elimination Chamber match to become WWE Champion so it makes sense for him to enter the structure again this year. Perhaps that could still be the case.

When all is said and done the man that most of the WWE Universe would like to see join the five confirmed participants inside the chamber is Finn Balor. Plus, even though it seems set in stone that Reigns will win the match and go on to face Lesnar at WrestleMania, plans are always subject to change. Maybe we will get that Beast vs Demon match that was rumored a few months ago after all.


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