WWE Subtly Flip-Flops On Iconic Championship Design

The more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that the WWE Championship design on SmackDown Live was different to the one on Sunday night.

WWE's currently has more active championships than it has ever had before. From the Universal Championship to the three Women's Championships to the new United Kingdom Title, there are thirteen belts across all of the company's shows. Sometimes it can feel like overkill, but in all fairness to WWE, they also have more Superstars under their employ than ever before.

One championship that was recently the center of controversy - at least according to Total Divas - was the SmackDown Women's Title. Naomi held the belt earlier this year and felt that it needed tweaking in order to compliment her character. The former champ took it upon herself to make the coveted championship glow in the dark.


Naomi's changes to the title were plain for all to see, however, another title on SmackDown Live's was tweaked this week just a lot more subtly. It likely went unnoticed by most, but on Tuesday night AJ Styles' WWE Championship was slightly different. The red line that makes up a part of the WWE logo on the iconic title had been changed to black as you can see in the photo below. It was neither addressed nor explained elsewhere.

via wwe.com

The change was not permanent though. Styles was interviewed during the Clash Of Champions kick-off show on Sunday night with SmackDown Live's top prize draped over his shoulder. In this altered WWE Championship design, the line under the Ws on the belt has now been changed back to red. So that means either WWE have altered the WWE Championship twice in less than a week, or there are in fact two titles with slightly different designs.

Whichever of those two explanations it is for this WWE Championship Design, it's pretty strange. Normally when WWE changes a championships design, they make a big deal out of it. A legend returns to unveil it or a McMahon presents it to someone. Perhaps there really is a "back up" WWE Championship and Styles had to use it this past Tuesday, although if that is the case then you'd think WWE would make sure it was identical to the real thing.


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