10 Former WWE Wrestlers We Won’t See In A WWE Video Game

While fans are still mildly enjoying WWE 2K20 in all its glitch-filled glory, our minds wandered to performers we could no longer select in the game—more specifically, wrestlers who we won't see in a WWE video game for a long, long time, if ever. There are plenty of reasons as to why some people are not included, but it all boils down to politics. You're not gonna include someone who's in a rival promotion, right?

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For the longest time, wrestlers such as Chyna and CM Punk would headline these kind of lists. Well, Chyna was officially re-introduced to WWE's video game world in WWE 2K20, and CM Punk made his unofficial return as part of WWE Backstage. Whether he ever wrestles again for them remains to be seen, but we can totally see him being included in a future 2K game. At the end of the day, never say never in the WWE—well, except to seeing these wrestlers in a video game anytime soon. Better brush up on your CAW skills!

10 Alberto Del Rio

Was Alberto Del Rio ever really that good? He had an entertaining gimmick - the classic "rich man who belittles everyone else" - and was fine in the ring overall, but there was always something off about him. He didn't connect with the audience, and it mostly had to do with his attitude.

WWE was high on Del Rio because they wanted a new Hispanic star, but he spoke negatively towards the company on multiple occasions. Making his chances worse of ever seeing the video game light of day is his ugly breakup with Paige, who WWE is firmly behind. She just signed a new contract with them, so we don't see a Del Rio return as long as she's firmly entrenched in the WWE.

9 Jon Moxley

Well, he certainly started a paradigm shift with his departure from the WWE, leaving behind Dean Ambrose and embracing the Mox. While we wouldn't put his name in the "never" column when it comes to being included in a WWE video game in the future (he was an integral part of the 'E after all), it's not going to happen for quite some time.

Jon Moxley quietly left the WWE when his contract was up, and he immediately joined rival promotion AEW. We're pretty sure Vince isn't too fond of him at the moment, so if you want to recreate an in-game Shield reunion, you're going to have to create Moxley. Or, you can always just use Kurt Angle.

8 Sunny

Alright, so Sunny was never really a wrestler, but that hasn't stopped WWE from including important managers and non-wrestlers in its games before. It definitely won't be happening with Sunny, though.

Sunny has always been a controversial wrestling figure, but when she returned for the Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal in 2009, it looked like the relationship between herself and the WWE had improved, especially since she was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2011. Alas, it wouldn't last, as Sunny got herself in some trouble outside the ring, engaging in certain activities that the WWE would frown upon. Not helping her chances is the fact she sold her HoF ring, something we're sure didn't please many people in the WWE.

7 Owen Hart

We understand where Owen Hart's widow, Martha, is coming from with her stance towards the WWE using her late husband's name (she owns the rights), but we just want to honor the man's legacy.

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Just imagine the elation that would follow an Owen Hart Hall of Fame induction. However, given how the WWE has treated her family in the past, as well as the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Owen's accident, Martha will not allow that to happen. Which, in turn, means we won't be getting Owen Hart in a video game, either.

6 Scott Steiner

Big Poppa Pump may be our hookup, but we won't hear the WWE hollering anytime soon. Scott Steiner has always been outspoken, and his mouth has gotten him in some hot water in the past.

One notorious example is when he decided to harass Hulk Hogan and his wife at an airport during the WrestleMania XXX weekend - he's been banned from any WWE-related events since, video games included. It's also no secret that Triple H is far from his biggest fan after Steiner verbally berated the WWE, Stephanie McMahon and The Game himself.

5 Rhodes Brothers

We may have to put this in the "never" column;  not for good ol' Goldust, but definitely for the "Throne Breaker" Cody. Dusty's younger son was the man who put the plan in motion to create AEW. Cody banked on himself and proved to the WWE that he was being wasted as Stardust, considering he's never been as popular as he is now (or as good - he's been killing it in all aspects in AEW, on the mic and in the ring).

Fans will definitely create Cody in WWE video games and pit him against The Game in a "Sledgehammer On A Pole" match. Wait, that's not an option? It should be! As for Dustin Rhodes, we think he'll eventually end up back in WWE at some point; while we may see him in a WWE game in the future, don't expect to see it anytime soon.

4 Gail Kim

Chalk another one in the "never happening" column. Gail Kim was an extremely talented wrestler who was never properly utilized in the WWE. She was around when women wrestlers were mostly used as eye candy, and not for their wrestling skills.

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The incident that will forever ban Gail Kim from anything WWE-related occurred during a Battle Royal. Gail knew she was done with Vince, realizing the Women's Division (at the time) wouldn't be treated seriously. So what did she do? She eliminated herself from the aforementioned Battle Royal almost immediately after it started, rolling out of the bottom rope and out of WWE video games forever.

3 Buff Bagwell

Has Buff ever really been "The Stuff"? Sure, he was solid on the mic and had a decent character, but boy oh boy did his in-ring work leave a lot to be desired. Look no further than his only match in WWE against Booker T, the match that single-handedly ruined the Invasion storyline - OK, that's a stretch, but it really was that bad.

Other WCW guys have made their way to WWE video games, but we just don't see it happening with Buff Daddy - like, ever.

2 Demolition

This in unfortunate for fans of tag team wrestling. They won't be hearing "Here comes the Axe! Here comes the Smasher!" in a WWE video game.

The legendary tag team were among 50+ plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against the WWE regarding CTE injuries. Although it was dismissed, we know how petty Vince McMahon can be, so any wrestler whose name appeared in the lawsuit won't be promoted in WWE (or their video games) in any way, shape or form.

1 Chris Jericho

Hey Jericho... you know what happens when you leave WWE? You know what happens when you go against Vince McMahon's wishes, join a new promotion, and become their first (and youngest) world champion? Hmmm? Chris Jericho... you didn't make the list!

This was inevitable. As important as Le Champion is in wrestling history, he's not done making it. There won't be any Jericho content in the WWE anytime soon, so fans will have to settle for the CAW options to make their very own Y2J (bubbly sold separately).

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