WWE Has Four Superstars In Mind To Team With Ronda Rousey

With former UFC star Ronda Rousey now in the mix as a WWE wrestler, it will be interesting to see how Vince McMahon and his company plan on using her going forward.

With WrestleMania 34 right around the corner, everyone is wondering what WWE's plan is for Rousey when it comes to the company's biggest event of the year.

Justin Barrrasso of SI.com is reporting that WWE's plan for Rousey is to have her face off against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a mixed tag match.

With Rousey set to face off against McMahon and her husband Triple H, WWE will have to give her a big-time star as a partner and it sounds like that is exactly what their plan is.

Photo from Bleacher Report

Barrasso also reported that WWE is thinking about having Rousey team up with The Rock, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon or Seth Rollins.

When looking at the names that Barrasso listed above, the one wrestler that I don't believe would be a good choice is Shane McMahon. While he's a star, a guy like Kurt Angle or The Rock would be a better fit with Rousey. Plus, McMahon is already involved in a storyline along with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

When it comes to The Rock, Barrasso says that the language in his acting contract could be a problem. The last thing they want is for him to be in a position to suffer a serious injury. So right now, he's likely a dark horse when it comes to partnering with Rousey.


When it comes to Rollins, he doesn't have an opponent for WrestleMania, so WWE could decide to have him team up with Rousey. In my opinion, Angle would be the best partner for Rousey because the match would feature two greats in him and Triple H.

One thing is for sure, we all look forward to watching Rousey at WrestleMania.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on WWE's plans for Rousey at this year's WrestleMania. Who do you think she should team up with? Also do you believe Rousey will end up having a successful wrestling career?

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