10 Funny Photos Of Wrestlers Before They Were Famous (And 10 After)

Considering WWE wrestlers are global Superstars, they are definitely more prone to being captured on camera during an embarrassing moment than the rest of us (especially while they're on television). One of the reasons as to why Sports Entertainment is so entertaining is because wrestling promotions take in generic performers, and repackage them with cool gimmicks and personas thus creating 'larger than life' stars. As we're sure you can imagine, some of the coolest wrestlers today once upon a time looked nothing like they do now. Quite often their pictures from before they were famous are absolutely hilarious and embarrassing to say the least.

Some of these wrestlers include John Cena, Kane, Kevin Nash, Batista, and The Rock among many others. A wrestling persona can completely change a wrestler's appearance, and let's just say that some of the wrestlers on this list looked a heck of a lot cooler with their new gimmicks. Today, we're going to be looking at 1o embarrassing photos of wrestlers before they were famous, and 10 after they achieved fame and fortune in the wrestling industry. It's clear some Superstars are more prone to being photographed during an embarrassing moment, and most of the pictures on this list are definitely photos these 10 wrestlers wouldn't want you to see. Don't believe me? Let's get right into the list then!


20 Before They Were Famous: Brock Lesnar's Wrestling Team

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If you can believe it, the young man at the top right of this embarrassing photograph is none other than 'The Beast' Brock Lesnar. Now to be completely honest with you guys, when I had originally came across this school wrestling team picture of Brock, I couldn't help but laugh as Lesnar looked absolutely hilarious. Some fans have since pointed out that Brock almost looked like a fish in this pic, and it's definitely the most embarrassing photo you can find of Lesnar before he was famous.

I doubt anyone on his wrestling team ever expected Brock to go onto become such a huge pro wrestling Superstar, as he couldn't have looked any geekier and timid. That being said, I doubt anyone at Brock Lesnar's school dared to mess with him, as he looked like he would've still destroyed them even at such a young age.

19 After: Good Old Rodeo Boy Brock Lesnar

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The fame of being a big-time WWE Superstar and former UFC Heavyweight Champion obviously hasn't went to Lesnar's head - instead, Brock sticks to his wholesome farmer upbringing. Showcased above is one of Brock's most infamous pictures after becoming a star, as he's shown at a rodeo event rocking a plain black shirt, a retro cowboy's hat, a funny facial expression and a flushed red face.

Brock Lesnar certainly didn't look like any sort of 'Beast' in this photograph, and I'm sure he even finds this pic slightly embarrassing with how much he's been mocked over it the past few years. Regardless, Brock's unfashionable choices of clothing shows that he's not very superficial, because if he wanted to, he could dress in the most expensive suits every single day with his annual salary of over 12 million dollars.


18 Before They Were Famous: Hulk Hogan's Yearbook Photo

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Yes, you have read that title correctly, the young man above would go onto become the face of Sports Entertainment for decades, 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan. This embarrassing yearbook photo showcases what Hogan used to look like, and to be frank, Hulk looks like he would have became a science instructor at the University Of Nowhere over becoming a wrestling icon.

However as we all know, looks can be deceiving, and Hulk Hogan wouldn't let his nerdy high school appearance stop him from becoming an entertainment Superstar and multi millionaire. For whatever reason, many of the big-time WWE stars never looked very 'cool' in school, as other wrestlers such as The Rock, CM Punk, The Undertaker, Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar all looked like a pack of geeks back then.

17 After: Hulk Hogan's Embarrassing Picture With Brooke

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Could you possibly find a more embarrassing picture of anybody you know than the photo above showcasing Hulk Hogan observing his daughter in the pool. What makes this picture extra embarrassing (and totally creepy) is the fact that Brooke's boyfriend is in the pool too.

This is definitely a 'Not So PG' Hogan family photo, and it's probably one of the creepiest you'll ever find of a wrestler. However, I doubt Hulk Hogan meant for it to look so weird, but it just did. As a result, it caused quite the stir online. It seems as though Hulk Hogan's a magnet to controversy, as his countless embarrassing (and controversial) pictures with his family are just the icing on the cake.


16 Before They Were Famous: Randy Had Hair

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I think embarrassing is the only word that could accurately describe this older photograph of Randy Orton before he needed hair transplants. He may not have needed help in the hair department but he definitely needed a stylist. Although the style (or lack thereof) can probably be attributed to the fact that this picture was taken so many years ago. Who doesn't have a picture with a goofy haircut that they really regret? Maybe he was actually happy he didn't have much hair to take care of after this picture came out. It is somewhat ironic though that a man with such a full head of hair needed to get hair transplants.

15 After: Randy Orton Caught Staring At This Fans 'Assets'

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Yikes! The Viper was definitely caught in the act here. This excited fan was totally focused on getting a great picture with Randy Orton, and little did she know, Randy was getting a good look at her - unfortunately for Orton, he was embarrassingly caught for the entire world to see. Perhaps Orton can claim that he was unknowingly looking down when the photo was being taken, but for us fans who know exactly the kind of guy Randy Orton is, we know damn well it was no accident.

Regardless, this picture from last year made its way into various media outlets, and Randy Orton would've definitely been embarrassed by it (not to mention the WWE and Vince McMahon). Let's just hope that Randy's wife didn't see this picture, otherwise Orton may have been the one on the receiving end of an RKO courtesy of his wife Kim Kessler.


14 Before They Were Famous: Long Hair Batista

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Can you believe that the guy featured above is none other than a young Batista? Prior to becoming famous in WWE for portraying 'The Animal', Batista used to be a bodybuilder who rocked long black hair (hilariously embarrassing when you compare his look from then to now). However embarrassing hairdo aside, Batista was absolutely shredded before becoming a WWE Superstar.

Batista probably wouldn't have become such a big wrestling star had he continued to rock the long hair and no tattoos, as he would have looked way too generic - just like Mason Ryan who looked pretty well identical to this young Batista (and he never amounted to anything in the business). Once he chopped off his locks and gained some intimidating tattoos, Batista was off to the races in Sports Entertainment and the rest is as the say, history.

13 After: Batista's 'Ripped' Jeans On Live Television

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Despite being the cool 'Animal' in WWE, that doesn't mean Batista's immune from having an embarrassing moment or two here and there. Showcased above was the aftermath of Batista spearing Randy Orton back in 2014 in skinny jeans - a ginormous tear right into the rear end of his ironically 'ripped' designer pants (shows that quality doesn't always match the high price tag - however, having a guy like Batista running full speed ahead while bending is a surefire way of destroying any brand of jeans).

This picture was definitely an embarrassing one for Batista, but he played it off well under the hilarious circumstances. Sure, we may have gotten a good look at Big Dave's tighty-whities, but he still ended up looking pretty badass considering he did annihilate Randy and proceeded to taunt the fans in attendance who were firmly against him.


12 Before They Were Famous: Dorky Dwayne Johnson

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Whenever Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's reminded of this iconic embarrassing picture of himself before he was a WWE and global Hollywood star, you'll undoubtedly get a big smile and laugh from Rocky. This hilariously embarrassing photo of The Rock showcases 'The Brahma Bull' rocking a turtle neck, a fanny pack, and a funny facial expression - all things that contribute to making this photo stand out as being the most embarrassing photograph of The Rock ever.

If you only had this picture to go by, it'd be pretty hard to believe the star Johnson would go onto become in WWE as a charismatic top draw, and the success he's had in Hollywood - he quite honestly looked rather dorky. I still can't imagine how this outfit would've been considered 'cool' even in the 90s. However, you've got to give Rocky the credit he deserves for wearing this outfit with confidence.

11 After: The Rock Starring As The Tooth Fairy

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As the old saying goes, 'you've got to start somewhere', and in The Rock's case, that was starring in the kid-friendly movie The Tooth Fairy back in 2010.Though Johnson had a couple smaller roles in a few other movies and television shows prior to Tooth Fairy, this was definitely his first big role in Hollywood - a slightly embarrassing one to say the least. Showcased above is a photograph from the movie of Dwayne portraying the Tooth Fairy.

The Rock's since become one of the biggest box office attractions in Hollywood as a blockbuster action movie star, but we will never forget that Johnson started his acting career in such an embarrassing role. Though the movie garnered a pretty awful rating, it was still a success as the movie generated over a 112 million box office with a 48 million budget.


10 Before They Were Famous: Seth Rollins Looking A Tad Nerdy

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Before becoming famous in WWE for being a former member of The Shield and The Architect, Seth Rollins was a young wrestler on the Indies trying to figure out the kind of wrestler he wanted to become. As you can see, Seth looked pretty hilarious in this photo when he was in his late teens, and he certainly didn't look like a future WWE World Champion. Instead, Seth was a rather skinny guy who looked like reading comic books was one of his favourite hobbies. That being said, as I've mentioned before, it doesn't seem like many of the WWE's biggest stars looked very cool when they were young. I'd say Seth has improved in the looks department since his teenage years.

9 After: Seth Rollins' Leaked Photos

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Though it seems like the WWE's Women's Division wrestlers have been the only ones affected by leaked photos, that wasn't actually the case as Seth had his private leaks embarrassingly released as well by his former girlfriend a couple years back. Rollins' Instagram was likely hacked, and pictures of Zahra Schreiber naked appeared on his account which obviously angered Seth's fiancee at the time, Leighla.

Leighla proceeded to post some of Seth's nudes on her Twitter in an apparent attempt of 'retaliation' which caused quite a bit of controversy. The pictures were released without Seth Rollins' consent, and they were definitely beyond embarrassing for him - especially considering this scandal could've easily affected Seth's standing in WWE. Thankfully for Rollins, the WWE looked past this scandal and his career hasn't been affected by it.


8 Before They Were Famous: When Stephanie Was Innocent

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Though it seems impossible, there was actually a time when Stephanie McMahon was nothing more than an innocent teenager as showcased above. Stephanie's embarrassing childhood photo shows McMahon rocking a plain white shirt, a hilarious facial expression and greasy hair. Stephanie's obviously very concerned over her looks and appearance, and her cosmetic surgery to enhance her 'assets' as well as being made up like a glam model for every television appearance confirms this notion.

As you can imagine, Steph would definitely find this picture of herself embarrassing, as she couldn't have looked any plainer - the polar opposite of how she looks today. I'm sure Stephanie's father Vince McMahon was one of those dads who always wanted his children to 'look the part', and this has probably caused Steph to be overly concerned about her appearance as she got older to some extent.

7 After: Stephanie McMahon's 'Accident' On Live Television

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In this particular instance, The Authority's Stephanie McMahon got her just deserts after she had attempted to put the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in an uncomfortable position by demanding he either hand over the title or his wife Brie Bella would be fired at the 2014 Extreme Rules pay-per-view. However, Brie voluntarily quit from the WWE and proceeded to give Stephanie the big slap across the face this time.

Stephanie quickly receded back after being embarrassed by Brie, but the most embarrassing moment to come out of this segment was when Steph was nearing the entrance ramp - there was a big dark spot at the back of her dress which was captured live on television. Some fans believe it was just the lining of her dress and it was all about the angle, where as others believed McMahon had actually had an accident.


6 Before They Were Famous: CM Punk's Yearbook Photo

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To be honest, if I had not known prior that this yearbook photo was 'The Best In The World' CM Punk, I would never have put two and two together as Punk's completely unrecognizable now compared to his childhood. Though many of the WWE's top Superstars looked hilariously awful in their yearbook photos, Punk definitely takes the cake as looking the worst.

CM Punk was showcased in his yearbook picture rocking long greasy black hair, some unfashionable big frame glasses, and one the creepiest facial expression I've seen in my entire life. How this young man was able to transform into becoming a charismatic wrestling star is beyond me, as Punk definitely looked very eccentric and odd to say the least. However, CM Punk's done extremely well for himself, and you've got to give him credit for getting over the hate he received when he was growing up.

5 After: CM Punk's Embarrassingly Quick Loss To Mickey Gall

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CM Punk may be one of the biggest stars in Sports Entertainment history, but like the rest of us, he's not immune to facing an embarrassing moment too. CM Punk confidently said goodbye to the WWE Universe in 2014 and he felt as though he'd find greener pastures elsewhere, in his case, the UFC. However as we've all come to realize, the UFC is probably not the best place for Punk.

Punk looked extremely arrogant during his entrance and before the fight started, but Punk's confidence would end up biting him in the butt as he was embarrassingly defeated in just 134 seconds. The battered face of CM Punk post-fight was embarrassing to say the least, and despite his attempts to look cool by stating it was only the beginning of his journey, it was an embarrassment none the less.


4 Before They Were Famous: The Master Of Pain Undertaker

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Before The Undertaker would go onto become one of the most famous and recognizable wrestling stars of all time, he was nothing more than a 6'10 guy trying to find his footing in professional wrestling. 'Taker spent years in smaller promotions performing as 'The Master Of Pain', and as you can clearly see, The Undertaker looked absolutely hilarious under this persona. This gimmick's such a sharp contrast to the ultra cool 'Deadman' persona he'd develop and take on in WWE.

Wrestling promotions have the ability to take in generic wrestlers and repackage them with gimmicks that make them larger than life Superstars which has clearly been the case for The Undertaker. Had 'Taker been introduced to the WWE Universe with 'The Master Of Pain' persona, he probably would have been nothing more than a big enhancement talent who would be completely forgotten about today.

3 After: Old Man Undertaker

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Although The Undertaker's 'Master Of Pain' photo before he was famous was about as embarrassing as you can possibly get, 'Taker's unfortunately surpassed that embarrassing picture with the recent one above. The Undertaker was showcased in this photo with a fan looking older than most of our grandfathers - 'Taker's hair was completely white, his gut was enormous, and he was holding a cane to boot.

I'm not even sure the term 'washed up' could even accurately describe just how old Undertaker looked here. This picture's from a few years ago, and 'Taker's only deteriorated since then. I truly believe the WWE has overused 'The Phenom' as he looked ready to retire over a decade ago. If we must be put through it, I only hope this year's WrestleMania event will be the last time we see 'Taker in the ring - he really should've retired after last year's farewell.


2 Before They Were Famous: Sasha Banks On The Indies

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Looking at the embarrassing photo above of Sasha Banks wrestling an Indie match a number of years back, could you possibly imagine that she'd eventually become 'The Boss' in WWE? Not only was the picture perfectly timed to capture a rather unflattering snapshot of Sasha, but the 'crowd' is enough of an embarrassment all on its own - Sasha Banks truly did start at the very bottom and worked her way up.

As we mentioned in the intro, a wrestling gimmick or persona can totally change a performers appearance, and that's certainly been the case for Banks in WWE. Prior to becoming famous in WWE as the blingy and feisty 'Boss', Sasha was nothing more than a goody good wrestler who was mainly used to put over other stars on the Indies. This definitely isn't the most embarrassing photo on this list, but we're just easing into the list slowly so stay tuned for plenty more!

1 After: Sasha Banks Portraying Pennywise The Clown

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Hey Warner Bros. Pictures, I think we've found your next actor to portray Pennywise The Clown in the next installment of the popular 'IT' series. Showcased above is about as embarrassing of a photo you'll ever find of a WWE Women's Division wrestler, and the wrestling woman just so happens to be 'The Boss' Sasha Banks. Fans have been making fun of Sasha's hairline for years now, but this unflattering picture certainly gives those complainers some credibility.

The angle makes Banks' hairline look absolutely horrendous, and with the facial expression she was making, Sasha definitely resembled Pennywise for sure. This photo was taken during Sasha's time down in NXT, and in all honesty, I'd say Banks' peak in WWE up to this point has been in NXT, as she's been booked terribly on the main roster. Regardless, this photo's certainly on Sasha Banks' list of pics she never wants fans to see.


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