10 Surprising Wrestlers Who Goldberg Actually Became Friends With

The career of Goldberg has seen him develop a polarizing reputation in the wrestling industry. Goldberg became a phenomenon in WCW with an undefeated streak going 173 wins before a loss. Wrestlers resented Goldberg for getting such a push with minimal experience along with issues of a growing ego and reckless in-ring style leading to injuries. The WWE chapter of his career in 2003-2004 created more enemies as he couldn’t last beyond a year there.

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Goldberg has made some surprising friends throughout the years to start losing the reputation as a loner. We will look at some of the names you wouldn’t expect to have bonds with Goldberg after all this time. Some of the friendships formed outside of the ring while others gave as recently as the past few returns to WWE. The legend not only saved his WWE legacy but made some pals along the way. These are ten of the most surprising friends of Goldberg.

10 Vince McMahon

The mentality of Vince McMahon during Goldberg’s first run was that wrestlers should be able to work longer matches in the main event picture. It led to Goldberg losing his mystique and exposing his weaknesses to deliver such a disappointing run.

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The return of Goldberg in 2016 saw a change as McMahon allowed Goldberg to squash both Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens to become Universal Champion. Goldberg brought success as an attraction thus finally forming a bond with Vince. The returns in 2019 have shown how much love McMahon has for Goldberg these days.

9 Booker T

Booker T was one of the few wrestlers to actually score a pin fall victory over Goldberg in WCW. The scenario saw a face Booker pin a heel Goldberg after some interference in the WCW Championship match. Goldberg and Booker would become friends later in their lives.

The recent appearance of Goldberg on Booker’s Heated Conversations radio show featured him having a rare instance of going in-depth about wrestling in an interview. Booker and Goldberg clearly were friends listening to their dynamic cracking jokes.

8 Cain Velasquez

UFC star Cain Velasquez is trying his luck in the wrestling world after making a few AAA appearances and signing with WWE to enter a feud with Brock Lesnar. Goldberg was asked about the potential of Velasquez wrestling for WWE and potentially working him a few months ago.

The response was positive, as Goldberg stated he considers Cain a friend and would love to mix it up with him. Goldberg has a strong level of respect for MMA and would probably rather face Velasquez than the average WWE superstar looking at his track record.

7 Jim Ross

The relationship between Jim Ross and Goldberg saw them bond over shared interests of college football. Goldberg didn’t endear himself to many people in WWE during his first stint in the company, but Ross was one of the few to develop a liking for him.

The Ross Report podcast would see Goldberg appear a few times discussing wrestling, sports and passions in their everyday lives. Many fans believed Goldberg could be AEW bound with the Ross relationship as a reason why, but he clearly is happier as a WWE part-timer (at least as of this writing).

6 Scott Steiner

The Fall Brawl 2000 match between Scott Steiner and Goldberg was arguably the best match of Goldberg’s entire career. It was also among the few clean losses Goldberg endured during his entire time in WCW as a top star.

Goldberg didn’t mind putting over Steiner due to the respect they shared. Various interviews through the years have seen Goldberg praise Steiner for his intensity in the ring and the Big Poppa Pump heel character. The two developed a friendship in the WCW that allowed them to work well together.

5 Brock Lesnar

The horrible WrestleMania 20 match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg showed one of the worst all-time bouts in company history. Goldberg and Lesnar may not have entertained fans that night, but the experience made them friends who kept in touch throughout the years.

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Lesnar used his power and influence to bring Goldberg back to WWE in 2016 when fans started chanting for him. Goldberg defeating Brock within seconds at the Survivor Series event instantly made him relevant again. The two worked together in a way better WrestleMania 33 match to redeem the past failure.

4 Edge and Christian

Edge and Christian seemed like two wrestlers Goldberg would have squashed in the ring and never spoke to again in the prime of his career. They however became friends during Goldberg’s first run in WWE as two of the few names to enjoy him.

Goldberg was among the first guests on Edge and Christian’s podcast to help them score a rare get. The conversation featured Edge and Goldberg joking about which guy had the better Spear. Goldberg also thanked Christian for being one of the best bumpers to make his offense look great when they faced off.

3 Steve Austin

Wrestling fans created a rivalry between Steve Austin and Goldberg in the 90s despite both men working for different companies. Some felt Goldberg was a copy of Austin with the bald look along with the simple gear of the black trunks and boots.

The two surprised everyone when becoming friends in WWE rather than clashing. Austin was retired from the in-ring aspect and played an authority figure during Goldberg’s first run. Despite hitting him with a Stone Cold Stunner at WrestleMania 20, they became close friends and keep in contact to this day.

2 Paul Heyman

Wrestling fans were stunned when Paul Heyman was the person selected to induct Goldberg into the WWE Hall of Fame. Heyman’s influence was a huge reason for Goldberg having a better run in WWE this time around.

Reports indicate Heyman even wants Goldberg to return to WWE for the next few years in a Bruno Sammartino-role, getting short victories like his Summerslam win over Dolph Ziggler. Goldberg and Heyman have become extremely close friends as seen with the touching speech Heyman delivered to honor the legend.

1 Triple H

The biggest enemy of Goldberg during his first WWE run was Triple H. Goldberg’s booking would see his dominant mystique end with Triple H having longer matches against him, including multiple wins. The two had harsh words about the other for years until finally making peace in his return.

WWE 24 cameras showed them sharing laughs as Goldberg admitted to Triple H this return was the first time he ever had fun in wrestling. Any longtime wrestling fan to witness the issues between was stunned upon the visual of them hugging backstage. Triple H now working as an executive likely was the difference in treating Goldberg differently as opposed to his competition.

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