WWE Gossip: 8 Recent Rumors We Hope Are True (And 7 We Hope Aren't)

Promotions like to keep things under wraps, yet there are always a handful of websites, newsletters, and podcasts that leak information!

The problem with rumors in pro-wrestling is that they often turn out not to be true. This has to do with wrestling's long and rocky relationship with lies and deception. Simply because of the nature of the business, promotions like to keep things under wraps. Yet there are always a handful of websites, newsletters, and podcasts that leak such information, usually without naming a source.

Sometimes these rumors turn out to be true, but sometimes they don't. As a result of using anonymous sources, insider websites often report things as fact when their sources are incorrect, are purposely misleading the reporter, or are being purposely being misled by someone else. A once promised CM Punk return to WWE was reported as fact once, only for it to turn out that the false information had been leaked most likely to pop a rating for the show, and possibly to reduce credibility in insider wrestling information in general. In other words, just because information has leaked, doesn't mean it's correct.

In general, wrestling rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. We might never fully know what percentage of wrestling rumors are true, which possibly adds to the mystique of pro-wrestling's weird sub-culture.

Here are 8 recent wrestling rumors we hope are true, and 7 we hope aren't:

15 We Hope Is True - Dolph Ziggler To Be Re-Packaged


It has recently been speculated that Dolph Ziggler is to be re-packaged with a new or at least updated, character. Whether this means he will have a new haircut or be dressed as a ninja is anyone's guess. Something different is coming, however, which is why he hasn't been seen on television in several weeks.

Ziggler has been saddled with some truly horrible gimmicks in the past, so it will be interesting to see what WWE comes up with for him this time around. Previously, Ziggler had portrayed Chavo Guerrero Jr's caddie during the whole "Kerwin White" fiasco. He has also been a cheerleader when he was cast as Nicky in the Spirit Squad.

14 We Hope Isn't True - Everyone Hates Enzo


Enzo can be entertaining, but evidently only for short periods of time. Corey Graves recently mentioned on "Bring it to the Table" that Enzo was thrown off a WWE bus during a recent European tour. Evidently, Enzo is a hard guy to be around for long stretches of time, and he wore out his patience with his co-workers. It is said that Roman Reigns was the one to remove Enzo from the bus.

Apparently, Enzo really is much like the guy you see on television every Monday night, running his mouth off until people have to physically stop him from doing so.

13 We Hope Is True - Paige Returning Soon


Paige recently announced on Twitter that she was having a scan done on her injured shoulder to see how close she was to returning to the ring. While she didn't state she had been cleared to return after, she simply posted a happy gif, which indicates the news went well.

There has been a lot made of Paige's stormy relationship with Alberto Del Rio (El Patron), but it appears the couple is still together. It will be interesting to see if that changes when Paige returns to WWE and Del Rio and she are apart. Paige's family has been vocal about wanting her to leave Del Rio considering all the bad press the two have gotten lately, but Paige feels this is all a misunderstanding.

12 We Hope Isn't True - Rey Mysterio To GFW


It has been rumored that talks between Rey Mysterio Jr. and WWE broke down, and we will not be seeing the popular luchador back in the world's biggest sports entertainment promotion.

Further rumors are that Mysterio will be headed to Jeff Jarrett's GFW in early 2018. Mysterio and Karen Jarrett posted a photo of themselves together recently, indicating that contract negotiations were underway.

In recent years, Rey has been wrestling in Lucha Underground. The show is currently airing their 3rd season, after which Mysterio will be eligible to debut on television for GFW once sitting out an additional 90-day no-compete clause.

11 We Hope Is True - Lucha Underground Renewed For A 4th Season


Fans who like Lucha Underground, really like Lucha Underground. The show has attracted a passionate audience, only not a very large one. The show airs on the El Rey Network, which does not have the same level of exposure of the networks other promotion's air on.

There are concerns the show is expensive to make, and multiple funding sources are required for it to continue. Lucha Underground fans were left in limbo following season 1 as to if the show would ever return, and the same thing appears to be happening during the airing of season 3. It's now been over a year since they filmed any matches.

10 We Hope Isn't True - GFW Offering Horrible Contracts


According to former GFW wrestlers, Magnus and Cody (Rhodes), GFW is offering some truly horrible contracts to their wrestlers at the moment. Some wrestlers have even said that no self-respecting wrestler would ever sign what they were offering.

It is believed that GFW contracts require the performer to pay the promotion 10% of what they make in outside bookings. So if Magnus wanted to wrestle a show for Chikara he would have to pay GFW 10% of what he was paid. They even wanted Brandi Rhodes to give them 10% of what she made for an outside project that was completely unrelated to wrestling.

9 We Hope is True - Woken to Replace Broken


It seems Matt Hardy and company have finally decided to forget about the Broken universe they left in GFW, and create a whole new Woken universe in WWE. This is the best move for everyone involved, aside from GFW of course, who gain absolutely nothing from it.

Wrestlers have been getting away with bringing old gimmicks to new promotions for ages by simply adding a little tweak to it and claiming it as different. That's all Matt Hardy has to do here, and he can avoid paying GFW anything for the intellectual property rights.

8 We Hope Isn't True - UK Division in Jeopardy? 


When Pete Dunne defeated Tyler Bate for the UK Championship at NXT Takeover: Chicago it seemed as though the title was going to have a division competing for it from then on out. As the days continue to go by without word of new UK division tapings, it is looking less and less like WWE's new UK talent will have a home on the WWE Network.

7 We Hope is True - Ring of Honor Stable In NXT


There have been rumblings as of late that a new stable could be debuting soon in NXT. Somewhat controversially, the stable may consist entirely of former members of the Ring of Honor roster.

Several former ROH talents have debuted for the brand recently, including Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly. Former 3x ROH champion, Adam Cole, is expected to debut with the brand in the not too distant future as well.

WWE doesn't seem to mind ROH's name being mentioned on their programming like they do for other promotions, but it still seems unlikely they would directly reference the company. In all likelihood, commentary will simply mention the athletes all wrestled together "on the independent scene".

6 We Hope Isn't True - Vince McMahon Furious With Shinsuke Nakamura


Recently on an episode of Smackdown, Nakamura defeated John Cena to earn a title shot against Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam. During the course of the match, Nakamura gave Cena a suplex which resulted in Cena landing directly on top of his head. There are rumors that Vince McMahon was furious at this, and blamed Nakamura.

5 We Hope Is True - 4 Horsewomen Of MMA VS 4 Horsewomen Of WWE


While we won't spoil the results of anything before it airs, there are rumors that the 4 Horsewomen of MMA, of which Ronda Rousey is a member, and the 4 Horsewomen of NXT (Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky) are going to run some angle at the finals of the Mae Young Classic in September. already showed clips of Ronda Rousey and her teammates in the Full Sail University crowd at the tournament's first set of tapings.

All 4 of NXT's horsewomen are babyfaces, so a reunion would work from a storyline perspective. Unfortunately for Bayley, a separated shoulder might keep her out of action for awhile.

4 We Hope Isn't True - Vince McMahon Hates "Bizarro World"


Vince McMahon is not happy that the live crowd in Toronto recently booed Bayley on Monday Night Raw. The rumor mill is stirring that the incident woke long dormant feelings McMahon has about the city.

Toronto and WWE have a long and complicated history. At one time Toronto was seen as where all major decisions regarding WWE match-making took place, as storyline company President, Jack Tunney, was located there. Over the years the city, much like Chicago or day after WrestleMania crowds, has cultivated a reputation of going against the grain with what WWE wants. WWE has used the term "Bizarro World" to explain the city's rather unique crowd reactions.

3 We Hope Is True - Brock Lesnar To The UFC

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor is Brock Lesnar will be re-entering USADA's drug-testing pool soon so he is eligible for a return to MMA in 2018. UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, has even called him out already.

We only hope this is true because Brock Lesnar wrestling for WWE and also fighting for UFC is something any fan of both companies wants. Lesnar is somebody that draws people to order his fights on PPV and subscribe to the Network to see him wrestle. Let's let both companies enjoy what he brings to the table!

2 We Hope Isn't True - WWE Giving Up On Indian Expansion


The rumor mill is speculating that WWE is giving up on their recent Indian expansion plans. The company had been considering a house show tour of the country but that appears not to be happening anymore. If WWE can't even run live events in the country, you have to wonder how many WWE Network subscriptions are they really going to be able to sell there?

1 We Hope Is True - Ronda Rousey Training With Brian Kendrick


According to pro-wrestling's rumor mill, Ronda Rousey is set to begin her pro-wrestling training with Brian Kendrick in California soon. Ronda is believed to have asked WWE recently for advice on where she could train near where she lives, and they recommended Kendrick.

WWE once sent Eva Marie to Kendrick for some additional training and were apparently pleased with the results. Although Eva Marie never did seem to quite "get it" in the ring.

Rousey beginning to train pro-wrestling means her WWE debut can't be too far off now. Considering the draw she is on PPV, Rousey might be exactly what WWE's women's divisions need to make them feel on-par with the men's. Rousey did exactly this for women's MMA in her very first fight in the UFC.

Rousey is a longtime, passionate WWE fan and Stephanie McMahon has told reporters they would welcome her with open arms.

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WWE Gossip: 8 Recent Rumors We Hope Are True (And 7 We Hope Aren't)