WWE (Wisely) Changes Upcoming Great Balls Of Fire PPV Logo

The upcoming RAW exclusive pay-per-view Great Balls Of Fire is set to take place on July 9th at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. The show will feature the in-ring return of "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar who is set to go up against the new #1 contender for the Universal Championship, Samoa Joe. This event will mark Lesnar's first in-ring wrestling appearance since WrestleMania 33 where he defeated then Universal Champ Goldberg in the show's main event.

Now as we're sure most of you wrestling fans are well aware, the WWE has received quite a lot of flack regarding this brand new pay-per-view. Many fans believe the name of the show is hideous and resembles that of a WCW pay-per-view from the late '90s. However, considering the last RAW exclusive PPV Extreme Rules featured a "Kendo Stick On A Pole" match between Bayley and Alexa Bliss, it's pretty clear that the WWE could have done far worse.

In regards to the new PPV's logo, the WWE has changed it a total of three times so far, with the second logo change receiving a plethora of jokes regarding its design. Many WWE fans couldn't believe how obvious of a blooper the company had made in the second design.

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Pictured above was the shows' first logo design which was released to the WWE Universe via Twitter back in April. Not hideous, but definitely far from being "wow" worthy. Let's just say that this design did absolutely nothing in terms of drawing in skeptical fans to the horribly titled pay-per-view.

Now the second logo, which is pictured above, is the logo that garnered the most attention (in the form of crude jokes) from WWE fans across the globe. Quite obviously, many brought up the fact that the logo's fire surrounding the word "balls" resembled male genitalia.

However, after getting wind of all the jokes that were being made in regards to the show's logo design, the WWE quickly noticed their insanely obvious blooper, and they immediately changed its design once again just two days later (June 9th).

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The WWE has since replaced the previously flawed logo with the one pictured above, which isn't all too great, but is most definitely better than the previous two designs, and it seems as though the company is sticking with this logo for good.

With how bad of a title the WWE has chosen to name their next RAW exclusive and newest pay-per-view event, it only seems fitting that the company had to "squirm" a little so to speak in the form of fan backlash not only towards the name of the event itself, but also in regards to the hilariously bad logo designs.

Although many fans are looking forward to the dream bout pitting "The Destroyer" Samoa Joe against Brock Lesnar in what will likely go down as a "clash of the titans," the WWE has done a very poor job in making this pay-per-view seem like anything more than a filler show before the company's next big event, SummerSlam, which will air in Brooklyn, New York at the Barclays Center on August 20th.

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