WWE Hall Of Famer's Son Accused Of Deliberately Breaking Opponent's Hand In Match

Back in his heyday in the WWE and WCW, Scott Hall got involved in his fair share of shenanigans—he's even gotten into a few in more recent years, despite his best efforts to turn his life around. Now it would seem that the apple isn't falling very far from the tree, as reports suggest that the nWo co-founder's son, Cody Hall, took more than a few liberties with his opponent, not too much unlike the recent incident involving Mexican women's wrestling veteran Sexy Star and former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Rosemary.

According to a report from Sportskeeda, the accusations started when independent wrestler Vinnie Massaro was talking football with one of his Twitter followers, discussing the controversial tweets from Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, that allegedly cost him a spot on the Baltimore Ravens’ roster. After commenting on why the Ravens “passed on Kap,” Cody Hall replied, seemingly out of nowhere, telling Massaro that he “passed on (their) match because (he’s) a p***y.”


Minutes later, Massaro replied to Hall’s post, accusing the second-generation wrestler of shooting on him and breaking his hand during their match. He compared Hall’s actions to those of Sexy Star against Rosemary at AAA’s TripleMania XXV event last month where the Lucha Underground stand out allegedly injured the GFW women’s wrestler on purpose with a legitimate armbar. Additionally, Massaro commented that Hall should be “blackballed” by the wrestling industry, but is able to get away with his actions due to the fact that his father is a wrestling legend.

The son of WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall, Cody Hall is arguably best-known to wrestling fans as a former member of the Bullet Club during his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling. At 6'9" and 270 pounds, Cody clearly inherited his father's size, though success has been rather elusive for the young man, who left NJPW with little fanfare early this year. He's since moved onto another Japanese promotion, Pro Wrestling Noah, though he remains mired in the company's mid-card, having recently lost a match for their GHC Tag Team Championship.

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Although the Cody Hall/Vinnie Massaro incident is definitely not as high-profile as the Sexy Star/Rosemary incident, Massaro's accusations do not reflect well on Hall, who, as mentioned above, isn't anywhere close to matching his dad's accomplishments. Granted, he's only 26-years-old and has time to mature and take stock of his youthful mistakes, but in the meantime, the Massaro incident could be a red flag for promoters, especially larger North American companies like WWE and GFW that may be interested in tapping into Hall's potential as an up-and-coming big man wrestler.

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