12 WWE Hall Of Fame Snubs And 12 Inductions That Prove The HOF Makes No Sense

It is well known that induction into the WWE Hall of Fame is based on the whim of the company’s owner, Vince McMahon, but the idea that a certain professional wrestler has had a Hall of Fame career, and another one has not, should be based on more than the whim of a single individual. There are many individuals who have not yet been inducted into the Hall who more than deserve to be seen as one of the best of the best in the wrestling industry. On the other hand, there are many individuals who have already been enshrined who, if there was a genuine vote, would never have gotten in.

The WWE Hall of Fame is seen by many as not legitimate because of the people who are in who shouldn’t be, and the people who are not in who should be. Many of the people who have been omitted have been left out because they made the mistake of crossing the boss, but Vince has seen fit to bury the hatchet with many former enemies. If Vince McMahon were to take a step back and look at the WWE Hall of Fane objectively, he would see that there are at least a dozen people who are in the Hall who should not be there, and there are at least a dozen people who are not in the Hall who were among the best of the best in the wrestling industry.

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24 Snub: Honky Tonk Man

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While The Miz battles to catch Chris Jericho with the most Intercontinental Title reigns in WWE history, the man with the longest single reign is sitting outside of the WWE Hall of Fane looking in. Only four men have held the IC title for more than one year during a single reign, and three of the four surpassed 400 days. Of the four, three (Pedro Morales, Don Muraco & Randy Savage) have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, so since The Honky Tonk Man’s reign was longer than all of theirs, he deserves enshrinement as well.

Honky began his title reign by defeating Ricky Steamboat just after Steamboat ended Randy Savage’s 414 day reign in the legendary WrestleMania III match. During his reign, Honky held off Savage, Jake Roberts, Brutus Beefcake, Ricky Steamboat and others. His wins were not always clean, but he kept the title for 454 days before losing it to The Ultimate Warrior. Based on the length of the reign, and the list of Hall of Famers that he defeated along the way, Honky should have been in the HOF long ago.

The WWE was considering an induction for him back in 2013, but Honky turned them down, as he had previous wrestling obligations to fulfill on WrestleMania weekend. But why hasn't he been given another chance?

"Obviously, when you say no that makes them very upset with you, so I don't know if that particular invitation will ever come around again. If it does; it does. If it doesn't; it doesn't. It's one of those things I have no control over." Honky said afterwards.

23 Induction: Tony Atlas

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“Mr. USA” Tony Atlas came to professional wrestling after a career as a bodybuilder. By the time he got to WWE, Atlas was just a well-built strong man who could fortify a company’s mid-card. In WWE, Atlas was teamed with Rocky Johnson, and together, the duo had a single tag title reign. Sadly, this was the only title for both men in the company.

WWE did very little with Atlas after he and Johnson lost the tag titles, and soon, he was gone from the company. Years later, Atlas was brought back as an African tribesman, by the name of Saba Simba, with the gimmick being sold under the premise that Atlas had left the WWE to rediscover his African roots. Unsurprisingly, that character failed to get over with the fans. Following that stint, Atlas never achieved much of note in wrestling altogether, so it's a little strange that WWE felt the need to induct him before many other deserving candidates.

Somehow, despite a career that could be considered mediocre when compared to nearly every other inductee, Atlas was enshrined into the WWE Hall of Fame. Atlas did not have a Hall of Fame career, and his inclusion is one of many travesties within the institution.

22 Snub: Adrian Adonis

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Roddy Piper once said that in order to have a great babyface wrestler, there needs to be a great heel for the babyface to work against. Piper was that great heel for Hulk Hogan, and for Piper during his face run, the great heel was Adrian Adonis. Piper held so much respect for Adonis that he delivered part of the eulogy at Adonis's funeral following his passing in 1988 at the age of 34. Despite his untimely passing, Adonis still had quite the successful career. After winning the AWA Tag Titles with Jesse Ventura, and then winning the WWE Tag Titles with Dick Murdoch, Adonis was the perfect foil for getting Piper over as a good guy.

A battle over talk shows led to a war between Adonis and Piper. As a result of the feud, Roddy Piper was arguably the most popular star in the company, rivaling Hulk Hogan. The feud culminated in a hair versus hair match at WrestleMania III that gave rise to Brutus Beefcake’s barber gimmick. Adonis's gimmick would also be replicated by several others i the business over the years, proving that he left an impression. If being a great character qualifies a performer for the WWE Hall of Fame, then Adrian Adonis deserves induction.

21 Induction: Hillbilly Jim

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During WWE’s cartoonish era, when many of the characters were designed to cater to the children, Hillbilly Jim was one of the standouts. With his upbeat country music entrance theme, and his post-match celebration where he would dance with kids from the audience, Hillbilly Jim was very popular among families. Unfortunately, the simply notion of being popular with children should not be enough to qualify a person for induction into a Hall of Fame of any kind.

Hillbilly Jim’s career was one where he lost as much as he won, but he took a lot of pictures with young fans. He was never a title contender, and he spent much of his time bailing Hulk Hogan out of jams.

On his own, he was just a guy whose matches filled up available television time, but they were nothing special. He certainly seems like a likeable guy, as he was very genuine in his induction speech and he truly seemed to be touched. However, spots in the Hall of Fame are meant to be based on merit and career achievements. There was nothing memorable about his career, so he doesn’t truly deserve to be immortalized in a Hall of Fame.

20 Snub: Mike Rotunda

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A lot of people reading this are probably only thinking of Rotunda's half-decent run as Irwin R. Schyster (IRS) and wondering why his career merits a Hall of Fame induction. Well, he had a career before that gimmick. How is it that a man who won 6 World Tag Titles with three different partners, who held the NWA World TV Title three times, was a part of two of the top 100 tag teams of all time, and who portrayed one of the most iconic characters in wrestling history is not in the WWE Hall of Fame? Well, ask Mike Rotunda, because this is his résumé. Somehow, despite all of his accomplishments, and the fact that he actually works for WWE as an agent, Mike “IRS” Rotunda has not had his name called for induction.

It could be said that Mike Rotunda’s career was not so memorable because he took a back seat to his tag team partners. With “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Barry Windham and Ted DiBiase as partners, that could be possible. However, being the man who portrayed, and still portrays Irwin R. Shyster, known as IRS, should, on its own, be enough to earmark Rotunda for Hall of Fame induction. After all, the fans deserve to hear the Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas (his sons) induction speech.

19 Induction: The Bushwhackers

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Prior to joining WWE, Luke and Butch, the Sheepherders, were one of the most violent and blood-thirsty tag teams in the industry. Once they arrived in WWE, they became another act that was designed to please the children during WWE’s cartoonish character era. Like Hillbilly Jim, the Bushwhackers lost as much as the won, but after victories, their post-match celebrations with the kids made the popular.

WWE used Butch and Luke mostly as comedy wrestlers, whose matches were time fillers, as The Bushwhackers were never serious contenders to the tag titles. The men’s lone claim to fame was when Luke Williams set the record for the quickest elimination during the 1991 Royal Rumble, and that mark was eventually broken anyway. That futility mark should not be enough for enshrinement into a wrestling Hall of Fame, but sadly, Vince and company felt differently. There are many great tag teams that achieved a ton of success outside the WWE that still haven't gotten the invite. Heck, there are several former WWE tag teams that accomplished a lot more in the company that have yet to get the honor. It was definitely one of the more head scratching induction choices in recent memory.

18 Snub: Lex Luger

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Many fans will never forgive “The Total Package” Lex Luger because they blame him for the drug problems that plagued Miss Elizabeth and led to her death. Also, some fans see Luger’s poor health and make him the poster child for PED abuse, even though many professional wrestlers were juicing over the years. Despite his faults, Lex Luger had a career deserving of induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Lex Luger is a 2-time former WCW World Champion, and a 3-tine former US Champion. He holds the record for the longest single reign, and the most total days with the United States Title under the WCW banner.

By contrast, Dean Ambrose holds the record for the longest reign with the WWE US Title at 351 days, but Luger’s longest reign is nearly 200 days longer than Dean’s. On top of that, Luger participated in two of the greatest baby face moments in recent memory. He body slammed Yokozuna on the deck of the USS Intrepid on the 4th of July when Yokozuna was an unstoppable Anti-American heel; and he won the WCW World Title from NWO Hulk Hogan. However, Luger is still not in the WWE Hall of Fame.

17 Induction: Sunny

Sunny was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame before Lita, Alundra Blayze, Jacqueline and Ivory. Sunny is listed as “WWE’s first Diva”, but there are no other accomplishment listed on her WWE bio. It is true that she was the manager of the Godwinns and the Smoking Gunns when they were tag champions, but her storyline was written such that she would turn on one team, and give the belts to the next, meaning that she had very little actually to do with their success.

Sunny was eye candy, plain and simple. She was the woman who was the most willing to parade around in little-to-no clothing, even before the Attitude Era really got going, and that was what Vince wanted. He saw ECW as half-naked women and violent matches, and since ECW was very popular with adult men, Vince wanted to replicate that in WWE, and Sunny was front and center. Beyond that though, she never accomplished anything of note where someone could say that she had a Hall of Fame career in professional wrestling.

Her behavior outside of wrestling is a whole other story, and while her career choices didn't cause WWE to revoke her induction, there's a more deserving female of that era that finds herself blackballed.

16 Snub: Chyna

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Chyna's accomplishments should speak for themselves, as she was a pioneer in the wrestling business. She was just as popular as a lot of the male stars of the Attitude Era, she was the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble, the first to compete in the King of the Ring tournament, and is the only woman to ever hold the Intercontinental Championship. She also was one of the most recognizable stars of her time. She should've been one of the first women inducted into the Hall of Fame, but sadly it seems her past relationship with Triple H is what kept her out of the Hall of Fame.

Chyna made the plea for years to be inducted before her passing in 2016, and now we'll never get to see Chyna in what would've surely been a heartfelt speech.

When asked on the Stone Cold Podcast about an induction for Chyna, Triple H pointed to her career choices following WWE as a reason for her being kept out. His tune changed a little later on when asked about that question:

“I think it’s been brought up. But there’s a lot of people in a long line that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame that will be in the Hall of Fame over time. That’s a conversation that will happen. We’ll see where it goes. But there are a lot of people and you can only put so many people in per year.”

Considering some names that have gone in, Chyna's name should've come up a lot sooner.

15 Induction: Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Look we get it. The WWE loves having celebrity involvement and to a certain extent, it makes sense to have a celebrity wing included in their Hall of Fame, as celebrities played a big role in the company becoming mainstream in the golden generation, and again later on in the Attitude Era. However, even from a celebrity standpoint, there are still names that deserve a Hall of Fame induction before someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was really only remembered for one appearance on SmackDown where he knocked Triple H down.

When you look at some celebrity inductees like say, Pete Rose or Mike Tyson, they actually had a notable impact on the product. Rose made appearances at three straight WrestleManias and dared to do something that not many celebrities would do; play a heel. As for Mike Tyson, well his involvement in the Hall of Fame makes sense as he was a key cog in WWE turning the Monday Night War around against WCW. Tyson was signed on for WrestleMania in early 1998 and his involvement drew way more eyes to the WWE product, allowing them to discover how hot a star Stone Cold was and it shifted the tide in WWE's favor.

What did Arnold really do to help WWE in the mainstream?

14 Snub: Vader

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It remains baffling as to why Vader has not been offered a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, despite being one of the greatest monster heels of all time, and arguably the best heel outside of WWE in his prime.

Yes, Vader's eventual signing and subsequent run in WWE didn't quite work out, but even taking his accomplishments outside WWE would prove that Vader is more than worthy of an induction.

To top it all off, Vader's health has been a sensitive subject in recent years, as he'd previously been diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart condition. Inducting Vader while he's still with us would be a the ultimate honor, but for some reason, he keeps getting passed over.

Following Vader's grim diagnosis a couple of years ago, his friend and old on-screen rival Mick Foley lobbied hard for a HOF induction:

"His legacy is so important to him, and he has told me that being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame would mean so much on both a personal and professional level."

Two years have passed since the diagnosis, and Vader doesn't seem to be any closer to an induction. While Vader's health has shown signs of improvement, we sure hope he's inducted before it's too late.

13 Induction: Kid Rock

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We already mentioned how some celebrity inductees make no sense, considering how little they actually brought to the table in WWE and this year's induction of Kid Rock was another baffling decision. Kid Rock has performed live for the WWE on a few occasions, but he's never been a part of any meaningful angle and how big were his performances really? One of them was when he performed right before the Divas Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV and that's universally slammed as one of the worst portions of a WrestleMania. The crowd didn't seem interested at all in Kid Rock's performance that year and it didn't really bring any new eyes to the product.

Kid Rock also once performed theme songs for The Undertaker and Stacy Keibler, but did either truly leave a lasting impression?

If you want to talk about musicians who actually had a strong footprint on the WWE, what about Cyndi Lauper? She was heavily involved in the WWE's cross promotion with MTV in the 80s and actively engaged with wrestlers. She was instrumental in the build to the first WrestleMania. If one musician had to go in, Lauper should've gotten the first call a long time ago.

12 Snub: The Rougeaus

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The Rougeau Brothers were never Tag Team Champions as a team during their time in WWE. However, other acts have gotten into the Hall of Fame with similar or lessor credentials. It was also a time in WWE where it was a lot harder to hold gold, as titles rarely changed hands. The Rougeaus were one of the top teams in WWE during their time in the company, but they were unfortunate to have fallen victim to a numbers game. The brothers took part in the first Survivor Series PPV, and were part of an elimination match that featured 10 tag teams, all of which could be considered top contenders to the tag titles. The Rougeaus were good, but so were all of the other teams.

Separately, Jacques captured the tag titles three times, and had one reign as the Intercontinental Champion. Raymond left the ring and became the one of the French announcers on PPV broadcasts.

By himself, Jacques deserves to be in, but if James Dudley can get in as Vince’s driver, and Sunny can get in because she had a great bikini body, then the Rougeaus should be in because they were at least as good as the Bushwhackers.

11 Induction: Johnny Rodz

Many of the top professional wrestlers who came out of the New York area were trained, at some level, by Johnny Rodz. Men like Tommy Dreamer, Taz, Prince Nana, The Dudley Boys and Big Cass all spent some time learning from Rodz. If he were judged on this alone, he might have a case for induction into a Hall of Fame as a contributor (there are other non-wrestlers in the hall of fame), but as a wrestler, Johnny Rodz has no real right being in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Rodz was an enhancement talent, just like Steve Lombardi and Barry Horowitz. Rodz’ job was to make other wrestlers look better, and as a result, he lost much more than he won. If his Hall of Fame candidacy was based on his in-ring career, he probably wouldn’t even be allowed in the building, if there was one. But Rodz is in, and this is a big head-scratcher for wrestling fans. Since when does longevity alone warrant an induction? It'd be the equivalent of an average kicker who somehow lasted 20 years in the NFL also getting an induction into Canton. Any Hall of Fame is supposed to be about excellence.

10 Snub: Rick Martel

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Rick Martel is a three-time former WWE Tag Team Champion with partners Tony Garea and Tito Santana, who are both in the WWE Hall of Fame. Rick Martel is also a former WCW World Television Champion, having defeated Booker T, who is also in the Hall of Fame, for the title. Martel also portrayed “The Model”, which is a character that many older wrestling fans remember, and who many current commentators make reference to from time to time. Considering just these accomplishments, Martel deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

If this were all that Martel had accomplished, it would be enough, but Rick Martel is a former AWA World Heavyweight Champion. He held the title for 595 days, which is the third-longest reign in the title’s history. The only men who held the title longer were Verne Gagne, the company’s owner and booker, and Nick Bockwinkel, the man who held the title more times than anyone other than Verne. Bockwinkel and Verne are also both in the Hall of Fame, but Martel, despite all of his accomplishments, is not. It's a little bizarre that he's been passed over this long, as he's never really burned any bridges, so hopefully it's only a matter of time before he gets the call.

9 Induction: The Godfather

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Charles Wright, the man who portrayed The Godfather, had a career that could be considered Hall of Fame worthy, and if he were inducted as Charles Wright, his enshrinement might actually seem justified. The mistake that WWE makes, however, is that WWE and Vince McMahon likes to induct characters instead of the men behind the characters, and in doing that, certain wrestlers’ careers are diminished. For example, look at Scott Hall simply being inducted as Razor Ramon, even though he also had a notable WCW career. In fairness, at least the Razor Ramon character actually accomplished quite a bit.

Charles Wright accomplished a lot, but The Godfather did very little.

Wright’s work with the Nation of Domination, Right to Censor, and his Papa Shango run against The Undertaker was stellar, but on its own, his time as The Godfather was similar to Sunny’s job in WWE. Getting as many scantily clad women on the screen was a priority at the time, and The Godfather’s “ladies” were the easiest way to provide that. Jerry Lawler could scream “puppies”, and male fans were delighted. This doesn’t justify enshrinement into a Hall of Fame, and The Godfather did not do anything else that helped his cause.

8 Snub: The British Bulldogs

During the early days of WrestleMania, the British Bulldogs were arguably the best tag team in the world. The fearless and athletic Dynamite Kid teamed with the agile but powerful Davey Boy Smith to form a team that was must-see during the 1980’s. The team captured the WWE Tag Titles, but moreover, they captured the hearts and imaginations of wrestling fans. What they didn’t capture, however, is an invitation into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Induction into the Hall of Fame is based solely on the whim of Vince McMahon, and the Bulldogs committed the cardinal sin; they crossed the boss. Dynamite cites the WWE schedule, and the pressure to hold a spot on the roster, as the cause of his health problems. Davey created controversy that would be difficult for the company to explain away or bury. As such, this once great tag team seemingly has no chance of being inducted into the Hall. There's really no reason from WWE's perspective to keep Davey Boy Smith out, but Dynamite's criticism of the company, as well as some questionable behavior in his personal life, has likely cost this tag team an induction. It's really a shame, as the team really was one of the greats of their time.

7 Induction: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan was a solid hand for WWE. He could be thrown into the ring against any and every heel in the company, and he would win some and lose some. With his 2x4 in hand, he would run to the aid of anyone who was in trouble and facing insurmountable odds. His love of country was so strong that he helped Sgt. Slaughter to see the light after the Sarge denounced America and became an Iraqi sympathizer. Sadly, this is just not enough to justify induction into the Hall of Fame.

Duggan was an average wrestler, and was average on the microphone, but he was perfect for WWE at the time.

He did the babyface recovery in the ring as good as Hogan, and when he gave his “thumbs up” the crowd, especially the kids, would go bananas. Duggan was a crowd-pleaser, but there was nothing special about him. He wasn’t among the best of the best, and that is what a Hall of Fame s supposed to be about. Somehow, Duggan has managed to make this gimmick work for him all these years later, as he still makes the occasional wrestling appearance on the independent circuit, doing much of the same schtick he did in his prime.

6 Snub: Barry Windham

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Two of Mike Rotunda’s five WWE Tag Championships were won with his Brother-in-Law Barry Windham as his partner. A couple of Tag Title reigns are, on their own, not enough to view a career as Hall of Fame-worthy, but that is just the tip of the iceberg that is Barry Windham’s career. Barry was one of the best ever, and his induction is long overdue.

In the NWA, through Jim Crockett Promotions, Windham earned the Television Title, the World Tag Titles, the United States Title, the US Tag Titles, the Western States Heritage Title and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. This means that Barry Windham captured every belt for which he was eligible, because he was too big to be a Light Heavyweight, and the Hardcore Title didn’t exist during his run. In addition, Ric Flair lists Windham as one of his two or three most favorite opponents. Though Windham has been inducted as a member of the Four Horsemen, he deserves to receive the honor on his own. Many students of the game in wrestling cite Windham as a strong influence on them, and Windham just seems to be lost in the shuffle in the Hall of Fame by only being in there by way of his association with the Horsemen.

5 Induction: The Big Boss Man

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Ray Traylor, as Big Bubba Rogers, was the first man to defeat a champion to win the Universal Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship. As the Big Bossman, he defeated Mick Foley in a match to become the first man win the WWF Hardcore Championship inside of the ring. He won the title four times before the 24/7 rule was instituted, and he holds the record for the longest reign with the title. However, since this was all that he accomplished in professional wrestling, Boss Man is simply not a Hall of Famer. He was just sort of there during one of the company's most successful periods.

Boss Man was never a top heel, and was never a top babyface either. He was always in the middle of the pack. He was a talented in-ring performer, but he never captivated the crowd or found his way up the card. The Boss Man was just another character in a company full of characters. He was nothing special as a professional wrestler, and as stated, if the Hall of Fame is supposed to be about the best of the best in the sport or in the company, Boss Man just is not a part of that group.

4 Snub: Demolition

Demolition was seen as a cheap knockoff of the Road Warriors that seemed to indicate that Vince McMahon wasn’t initially able to strike a deal with the real team. After all, Bill Eadie wrestled as one of the Mongols and as one of the Machines in WWE before becoming Ax, and Barry Darsow was Krusher Kruschev in Jim Crockett Promotions before becoming Smash. In contrast, the Road Warriors had always been the Road Warriors. However, once Demolition found their footing, they became one of the top tag teams in WWE history. And in many ways, they were superior to The Road Warriors, as their in-ring work was of much higher quality, even if their gimmick was largely seen as a copy.

Demolition’s first reign as WWE Tag Team Champions lasted 478 days, which was the longest tag title reign in the company’s history.

The New Day bested Ax and Smash by five days, but the New Day did so under a brand split, so they weren’t facing the entire tag team division as Demolition had to. The WWE also reportedly did it as a way of snubbing the duo for being part of a class action lawsuit against them. This team stands as one of the best the company has ever produced, and they deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

3 Induction: Rocky Johnson

Like Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson has a single tag title on his WWE resume, as they were partners for a short run. Their biggest accomplishment was being the first African-American tag team champions in history. Unlike Atlas, Johnson was a top contender to Don Muraco’s Intercontinental Title, but Johnson was never able to defeat Muraco and claim the gold. Rocky was a decent mid-card attraction whose athletic style was a crowd-pleaser, even though he was never able to garner a championship.

Rocky Johnson is in the Hall of Fame as a favor to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Since Vince has not seen fit to induct Dwayne into the Hall just yet, Vince inducted The Rock’s dad and grandfather instead. It was also a great way for The Rock to return in front of a WWE audience, as The Rock inducted both men back in 2008, in the midst of his seven year hiatus for Hollywood.

If not for the success of Dwayne Johnson, Rocky would not be in the Hall, and as such, he does not deserve his spot. Being a crowd-pleasing mid-carder should not be the minimum standard for induction, because there are crowd-pleasing main event talents who have been overlooked.

2 Snub: Raven

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Raven ranks among the best promo men in the business. Raven is also a 2-time former ECW World Champion. Raven holds the record for the most reigns with a championship in WWE, with his 27 Hardcore title reigns. In total, when combining his championships from WWE, ECW, and WCW, Raven is the most decorated wrestler under the WWE umbrella. Raven is also a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, but that came during his time in TNA.

Raven has seemingly done more than enough to merit Hall of Fame consideration. Unfortunately, what is being held against him is a lawsuit filed by Raven and a couple of other wrestlers in which they challenged their independent contractor status.

This lawsuit placed Raven in Vince’s doghouse, and as a result, Raven has not been considered for the Hall of Fame. Based solely on his career achievements, Raven should be a no-brainer for induction. Unfortunately, due to the many convoluted reasons that Vince has for keeping some people out, Raven has little chance of getting in, but stranger things have happened. We suppose you can never say never, as Raven may be considered down the line if the lawsuit is settled, but clearly Raven has restitution on his mind before a Hall of Fame spot.

1 Induction: Koko B. Ware

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When compared to Bossman, Godfather, Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas, Koko pales because these other men won at least one championship in WWE. Even Jim Duggan took the King’s Crown from Harley Race, but Koko, like the Bushwackers, have nothing to claim as career accomplishments inside of WWE. Koko wasn’t even placed in a mish-mash tag team and given a run with the tag titles like many other wrestlers were. In WWE, it could be said that Koko lost more than he won, and his only true claim to fame was singing his own entrance music, but Junkyard Dog and Hillbilly Jim did that before Koko.

Koko was an athletic performer, but he was small during the Hulk Hogan era. He was never going to be seriously considered for a singles title, because he could never be seen as credible with men like Hogan, Andre the Giant and King Kong Bundy on the roster. Koko was a character, and his pet bird Frankie was popular with the kids, but that was all that Koko was. Somehow though, Koko is in the Hall of Fame, and this is as confusing as any other induction that WWE has made to date.

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