WWE Hall of Famer Rumored To Return At Crown Jewel

It looks like a former WWE Superstar, now Hall of Fame injured legend might be ready to return to the ring and sooner than people think.

The buzz has spread that WWE Hall of Famer Edge is likely to make an in-ring return. Thought to be unable to ever return based on injuries that ended his career early, he's in the best shape he's ever been in post-WWE, he's taken a few physical bumps in recent months and he's been around the industry more and more since unexpectedly leaving in 2011.

Rumors were that Edge was in Pittsburgh on “WWE business” and a number of people took that to mean he was closer to a return to the ring after traveling to get medical clearance. WWE’s head of medical Dr. Maroon is based out of the area and reports now suggest Edge might be slotted to take the place of Seth Rollins on Team Hogan at Crown Jewel on October 31, 2019.

In a tweet translated to English, Twitter account @Ring_Rules reports that “several sources” have confirmed that Edge looks to be replacing Rollins as team captain. Results on SmackDown contradicted those reports as Roman Reigns was named team captain. And, WWE posted a social media update listing Hogan’s team in full.

But, could Edge still return?

Other websites have noted the change as well, even though WWE has not confirmed the reports and Hogan himself is still just talking on social media about needing to find a replacement.

Is Edge's Return a Good Idea?

Clearly, Edge returning would be huge news and would get fans interested in watching Crown Jewel at the end of the month. But, is this what's best for Edge who had a serious spinal injury that isn't something to be taken lightly?

The answer is, only Edge knows and if he's itching to return and has been medically cleared to return from a staff of WWE doctors who are much stricter than they've ever been in the past, he should be free to do what he wants.

And, in a match like a 10-man tag, he's best protected, not having to get in the ring that often if there are any concerns.

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