WWE Hall Of Famer Sunny Posts VERY Controversial Remarks About Paris Attacks

via pwpix.net

Following the events that took place in Paris, France yesterday, social media has been filled with people from all over the world expressing their shock and outrage and sending their heartfelt thoughts to all those effected by the horrible attacks.

And then there are those using social media to make very controversial and hate-filled statements. And one such person is WWE Hall OF Famer Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch, who posted this to her Twitter account:

"What I think the world needs is another Holocaust, but this time for the islams of the world…the ones who REALLY should be extinguished. HAIL TRUMP!!"

You can imagine the backlash that this caused. Sunny then deleted the post and posted this explanation:

"If you all can’t take my posts as what they are, mostly joking, as all my posts are…Then GET OFF MY PAGE ALREADY!! For cryin’ out loud!!! Unfriend yourself and make room for people who matter!!!"

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