10 WWE Hall Of Famers Who Could Feature For AEW

With AEW's Double Or Nothing earning such positive reception, things are looking up for the promotion. With a mix of talents from around the world, the company is off to a great start in their selection from independent talents, to free agents, and especially former WWE Superstars.

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With appearances by legends such as Bret Hart and Diamond Dallas Page on the pay-per-view, it would be a fair assumption that there will be many more to come. With the company hosting more events in the near future, as well as weekly television programming, there will be opportunities for familiar faces to resurface. Here are 10 Hall of Famers who could feature for AEW.

10 Ric Flair

Given that his daughter is an important member of the WWE, as well as his personal involvement with the company, many fans would find it hard to believe that Ric Flair would work with AEW. But prior to his most recent health scare, Flair was in fact scheduled to appear at Double Or Nothing to reveal the AEW World Championship.

He was replaced by Bret Hart after all, but don't count out on seeing Flair in a different capacity in the future. Now that he is 70 years old, Flair will have a role away from the squared circle if he features on AEW programming.

9 Lita

In the past three years, Lita has had a rocky relationship with the WWE. After having been let go from her role as an analyst on the panel, Lita remained away from the company for two years before her return as a participant in the Royal Rumble.

Her appearances have been very rare since then, opening up the possibility of an appearance in AEW. She held a panel during Starrcast II and spoke to a number of AEW performers. While Lita could give it a go in the ring for one more match, it is more likely that she would appear in a non-wrestling role.

8 Goldberg

Goldberg has never been one to shy away from publicizing his intentions as far as wrestling. After leaving the WWE in 2004, he engaged in negotiations with TNA at some point before they broke down. With his return to the WWE in 2016, Goldberg has resurfaced on several occasions.

But a few months ago, Goldberg was reportedly holding talks with AEW regarding a match. This may have prompted the WWE to bring him back to take on The Undertaker. When it comes to Goldberg, AEW have a chance to get him on board if the paycheque and booking are up to his demands.

7 Jerry Lawler

While he is signed to the WWE on a Legends deal, Jerry Lawler's appearances have been very few. He makes cameos during special events, as he was the voice of the WWE for so many years.

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With his contract expiring soon, and his role decreasing in the company, Lawler could be following longtime friend and collaborator Jim Ross to AEW. JR has revealed his attempt to recruit Lawler to join him in the booth once his contract allows him to switch sides. It would make sense for both sides, as Lawler would be more useful in a new challenging environment.

6 Jimmy Hart

Jimmy Hart hasn't appeared on WWE television since 2014 when he made a cameo during Hulk Hogan's birthday celebration. He is no longer involved in the wrestling industry as he once was, but that could change soon if AEW comes knocking at his door.

As one of the greatest managers and talkers in history, there is surely a role for Hart to be had, whether it's on-screen or backstage. There haven't been any rumors regarding a possible appearance, but it could be a surprise just as Bret Hart's cameo was at Double Or Nothing. Considering that he had shown willingness to work away from WWE in the past, Hart is an option to consider for the newborn promotion.

5 The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz have dominated the tag team scene in every promotion from WWE to WCW and then TNA. With AEW's emergence, that may be enough for Bubba Ray and D-Von to give it one more run.

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Both Superstars were displeased with their latest run in WWE, so it seems plausible that the team could land in AEW. It may very well be a one-night appearance, but it would be worth it if booked properly. The door would likely be open for them to be involved, as they have a good working relationship with AEW's core members.

4 Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was recently asked about the possibility of a war between WWE and AEW, but he was quick to dismiss that notion. Believing that WWE is too global to be threatened, Angle credited AEW for the movement they've created and noted that they're well on their way to be #2.

His comments don't come off as a surprise since he is currently under contract with the WWE. Seeing as how he left the company in 2006, as well as his recent frustrations with his final run, it wouldn't be surprising to see Angle work with AEW in some capacity in the future.

3 Kevin Nash

AEW has already left a strong impression on wrestling fans, but you may color Kevin Nash unimpressed. While he did give some credit to the promotion for their quick rise, Nash has major doubts about the company being around for a long time. He certainly doesn't seem to believe that AEW can compete with WWE, believing that such a task is nearly impossible.

With that being said, it's true that AEW has a long way to go and they are better off not following TNA's footsteps. Since Nash holds friendships with Chris Jericho and The Young Bucks, he may be eventually featured in a small role.

2 Ricky Steamboat

Since 2010, Ricky Steamboat has only surfaced once on WWE television when he appeared during a segment on Raw celebrating Ric Flair's birthday. Now that he is 66 years old, the company has very little use for him since he can no longer wrestle, nor can he feature in a manager role since he has never been a top promoter.

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With AEW recruiting some WWE legends to appear at their events, Steamboat could have a fitting role if he wishes to be involved. As one of the most influential Superstars from his era, it's very likely that he would be welcomed aboard.

1 Sting

It's no secret that Sting's WWE stint didn't turn out as anticipated. Instead of getting the highlight hyped match against The Undertaker, he lost his debut against Triple H and was later on forced to retire due to a neck injury. Since then, Sting has kept the door open for one last match, but the feelings aren't mutual among WWE officials.

Given the circumstances, as well as Sting's past away from the promotion, it wouldn't be surprising to see him accept an offer from AEW. He already has some established relationships with members of the management, which would only simplify his introduction into the mix.

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