WWE Has Banned The Term ‘Money In The Bank Briefcase’ From TV

WWE have reportedly added the term 'Money In The Bank briefcase' to an already long list of things that aren't allowed to be said on their TV.

WWE, or more specifically Vince McMahon, can be very picky about what exactly is said on their television shows. Fair enough, really, although some of the time it can seem a little petty, unnecessary, or even down right baffling. The latest term added to the list of things that shall not be uttered in front of a WWE camera is slightly baffling and definitely unnecessary: 'Money In The Bank briefcase.'

If you think about it, the briefcase isn't actually what the Superstars in the famed ladder matches are actually battling for. It's the contract inside that's the coveted prize. That's why Superstars and announcers have allegedly been told to refer to it as just that, the Money In The Bank contract and not briefcase. Current holders Baron Corbin and Carmella will need to train themselves to say the right thing to save themselves from a tongue lashing back stage.

Sportskeeda reported that news of the change had come via Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez. They also wrote that there has so far been no reported reason as to why the change was made, although the above explanation that the Money In The Bank is the contract itself and not the case may go some way to explaining the sudden change in terminology.

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As mentioned above this latest change joins a long list of words and terms that Vince McMahon insists on not being said during WWE programming. Some of the strictest examples include announcers not being allowed to refer to performers as wrestlers, they must be Superstars, and using any sort of pronoun is a big no-no. When an announcer says 'he' or 'she' they will apparently have Vince in their ear yelling 'WHO'S HE?!' That one sort of makes sense and announcers probably don't take long to learn, what with the threat of Mr McMahon barking at them if they slip up.


While it's Vince McMahon's show, some of the things he won't allow his employees to say border on the ridiculous. This latest addition is sort of understandable, but does it really matter how a Superstar's Money In The Bank is referred to? They are carrying around a briefcase with the phrase Money In The Bank plastered to the side of it, after all.

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