10 WWE Heel Turns That Make No Sense

There's nothing WWE loves more than a surprising heel turn and the reactions of those in the building and all of us on the internet as well. When performed properly, a turn like that can help propel the new villain to new heights and lets the superstar showcase a new side of his or her personality that fans hadn't seen before.

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When it's not done well however, all a heel turn does is showcase how one dimensional some performers are as well as strip away the only things the fans cared about them to begin with.

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10 Trish Stratus Turns On Chris Jericho

What all started out as a silly bet between Christian and Chris Jericho turned very real as Jericho found himself actually falling for the subject of said bet, Trish Stratus.

Leading up to WrestleMania 20 Y2J continuously tried to prove to Trish that she meant more to him than just a bet and it seemed to be working going into Jericho's match against Christian. Alas, Stratus ended up turning on the kind-hearted Jericho for the chauvinistic Christian at the event for reasons only WWE knows.

9 Big Cass Ditches Enzo Amore

Once one half of the most popular tag teams in not only NXT but WWE as well, Big Cass seemed to have the world just at the end of his fingertips only to see it all slip away.

While many argued that Cass was carried to the success he had by the infinitely more charismatic Enzo Amore the duo seemed to click on every level garnering loud reaction after loud reaction as they climbed the ladder in the tag team scene. Cass proved all his doubters right after he turned on Amore, leading to nothing feuds and his release shortly after

8 CM Punk Puts The Rock To Sleep

Roughly one year before the monumental Raw 1000 episode there wasn't a hotter babyface on the planet than CM Punk. Coming off his defiance of Vince McMahon and the whole WWE machine, Punk had lost some steam by the following summer but was still in the middle of what ended up being a historic title reign and was still one of the most popular stars on the roster.

Unfortunately for Punk, however, the WWE needed to get the title on The Rock for his rematch against John Cena at WrestleMania, leading to Punk blasting Rocky with a Go To Sleep to close out Raw cementing Punks new role as Rock's whipping boy. But that didn't stop The Rock from trying to reach out to CM Punk following a Raw in 2017. What a guy.

7 Ryback Shell Shocks John Cena

Ryback is a great example of what could have been in the WWE, just as he was slowly but surely catching steam and fan support with his mauling of multiple opponents and his “Feed Me More” chant he caught a loss to Mark Henry at WrestleMania 29.

Even after that, Ryback could have rebounded with a strong feud and been poised to be one of the top babyfaces on the roster but the night after WrestleMania any momentum he had was thrown to the wind as John Cena was desperate for a heel challenger leading to Ryback attacking Cena and putting an end to any chance he had.

6 Shane McMahon Chokes Out The Miz

Ever since his incredible return in 2016, Shane McMahon has managed to garner some of the loudest reactions of anyone, promising and delivering on some of the complaints many people in the internet community have had along with his usual daredevil tactics in the ring.

Clearly, the itch for in-ring competition never left the prodigal son as he found himself in the ring more and more often before being talked into teaming with The Miz and winning the tag titles. After losing those titles to The Usos and failing to recapture them in The Miz's hometown Shane decided to throw it all away attacking his former partner in front of Mr. Miz setting up what's sure to be one of the least anticipated WrestleMania matches.

5 Dean Ambrose Assaults Seth Rollins

It was an understandably emotional night for Roman Reigns and his Shield brothers back on October 27th, 2018 as the reigning Universal Champion announced his battle with leukemia. After the surprising revelation, the last thing on anybody's minds was the thought of Dean Ambrose turning his back on Seth Rollins and leaving him laying in the middle of the ring at the end of the night.

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The turn led to nothing but inane ramblings and an annoying police siren being added to Dean's theme song before it was all dropped just months later. With the rumors of his departure still looming large, it seems this angle will be forgotten entirely.

4 Tatanka Joins Million Dollar Corporation

There have been many white meat babyfaces throughout the history of the WWE but arguably none of them were are as bland as the Native American, Tatanka. Despite this, he managed to get crowds on his side through his infectious energy and not much else.

Somehow the powers that be decided that the way to truly unlock Tatanka's potential was to turn him heel by joining Ted Dibiase. Going from a proud member of the Lumbee tribe to another money hungry superstar took away any allure Tatanka may have once had, turning him into just some guy.

3 Rikishi Does It For The Rock

After floating around the WWE for quite some time under various different personas, from a couple of versions of Fatu to The Sultan, Rikishi finally found some success after joining up with comedy tag team Too Cool. With his fun-loving energy, impressive dance moves, and fan favorite Stinkface, crowds loved to see the big man anytime he made his way towards the ring.

That is until it was revealed that after a nearly year-long investigation that it was Rikishi who ran down Stone Cold Steve Austin in the parking lot at Survivor Series in 1999. Without his dancing and easy going personality fan interest quickly faded in Rikishi, pushing him back out of what limelight he had and back into obscurity.

2 Eugene Snaps On Duggan

There are characters that never should have made it anywhere in WWE, and then there's Eugene. Eric Bischoff's kayfabe nephew was a special needs character who idolized many of the sports greatest superstars and would emulate them in the ring, seemingly tapping into their powers and pulling off some major upsets while the crowd cheered him on.

Yet somehow the decision was made to have Eugene turn on his partner, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, following an unsuccessful attempt at the Raw Tag Titles in a move that truly is the definition of "shock for shock's sake."

1 Steve Austin Shakes Hands With The Devil

Stone Cold Steve Austin may still be one of the most loved superstars in the hearts of many but his heel turn at the end of WrestleMania 17 is one of the most memorable in all of wrestling history and for all the wrong reasons.

Despite spending years feuding with Vince McMahon and winning multiple WWE Championships along the way, Austin found it necessary to side with the devil himself in order to win the championship one more time against The Rock as the classic example of WWE wanting to shock the audience just for the sake of surprising the audience.

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