5 Massive WWE Rumors Heading Into Hell In A Cell 2017

WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 is almost here, and much like every event, a lot of rumors are surrounding the show.

As Hell in a Cell creeps closer, speculation starts to dominate the headlines. As a pay-per-view coming quickly on the heels of No Mercy, this is an event that feels somewhat rushed, but at the same time is home to a couple matches that could be considered match-of-the-year candidates if things go as expected.

Kevin Owens faces Shane McMahon in a cell, Shinsuke Nakamura tries to win the WWE Championship from Jinder Mahal, the Usos and the New Day end their feud, and Charlotte challenges for the Women's Title. With other matches also slated to take place on Sunday, what's the latest word on how things will go down?

Outside of the Hype Bros. breaking up and Breezango finally making another appearance, here are five rumors heading into Hell in a Cell that you should probably know about.

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5. Mahal Retains Title

It seems logical that Nakamura would finally get the nod here. After weeks of being personally attacked and after an unsuccessful challenge Mahal's title once, WWE risks making Nakamura look weak if they don't give him an opportunity to run with the championship.

Yet, Vegas odds-makers have Mahal as the favorite. It doesn't necessarily mean it's a lock that Mahal retains, but if the current champ is the favorite on gambling sites, there's a good chance he's being considered to continue on with the title. If Nakamura loses, it means the WWE has lost a lot of faith in his character.

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4. Shane McMahon May Not Do A Big Stunt

One of the most anticipated moments of Sunday's pay-per-view is the prospect that Shane McMahon might use the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation in the Hell in a Cell match with Owens to pull off a crazy stunt—something even bigger than jumping off the top of the cell.

That said, there are rumors that McMahon's willingness to do these types of things makes a lot of people uncomfortable— that includes both management and talent in the back who think it's unfair he gets to come in, wrestle once or twice a year, show-up everyone with a crazy moment and then take time off to heal. Whatever he does at the pay-per-view might be a shell of what fans were hoping for.


3. Carmella Cashes In


Carmella holds the Money in the Bank briefcase and there is a better-than-likely chance she uses it to try and take the SmackDown Live Women's Championship off of whoever wins the Charlotte vs. Natalya match. Expect that person to be Charlotte.

Carmella has been relatively quiet as the briefcase holder, and with her angle with James Ellsworth ongoing, the WWE might choose to focus a bit on her character and the title is a good way to do so. Her title reign likely won't last as the WWE has bigger plans for Charlotte long-term and they want to give her the strap.


2. New Day Versus Uso's Match Will End Feud

Even though the WWE Universe has believed the feud between The New Day and Uso's was over more than once, they keep fighting and the rumor is, this match at the Hell in a Cell  (inside the cell) is actually it for these two teams.

Many behind the scenes are anticipating this match above all others because they believe it has the potential to be the match of the night. Both sides have proven they are willing to do crazy stunts, and when you include the structure of the cell into the equation, there are bound to be fireworks. Both teams are equal odds of winning but expect New Day to retain.


1. Kevin Owens Might Get Some Unexpected Help

With the WWE at that time of the season where WrestleMania plans start to come together, those that are expected to highlight the show in April will become bigger parts of the picture and their potential opponents might start showing up in their stories. For Kevin Owens, he's considered one of the guys WWE wants to build a big program around.

It's possible that an angle might start to present itself. Could it be Vince McMahon turning on Shane? Could Triple H make an appearance for the first time in a long time? Might Sami Zayn somehow work himself into the equation? Rumors are that Owens might be headed back to Raw right away, so that leaves pretty much anything open as an option.


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5 Massive WWE Rumors Heading Into Hell In A Cell 2017