WWE'S 5 Most Iconic Real Life On Air Couples (& 5 That We Couldn't Wait To Go Solo)

Wrestling is one of the most dramatic things you can find on TV, and WWE loves to play into that soap-opera niche. Fans love a good storyline, and there's a lot to choose from every Monday and Tuesday night. There are tales of loss, redemption, and most of all love. We want to focus on the latter today because WWE's history books are chalked full of couples. Some real, some fake.

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Yet, the real ones are really interesting as a good couple can be really fun to watch on-screen. Not all of them are winners, however. So, we will look at the good and the bad. Here are WWE'S 5 Most Iconic Real Life On Air Couples (& 5 That We Couldn't Wait To Go Solo).

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10 Iconic: The Miz and Maryse

The Hollywood A-Lister and his wife are perfect, but somehow, The Miz and Maryse are an underrated couple. Their relationship is only shown on TV every now and then, yet every time they're together, it's magic.

In truth, Maryse completes The Miz as a bad guy as she gets involved in matches, or is pulled in front of a charging superstar to protect the A-Lister. These days, the two are seen on their hit show, Miz and Mrs, but when they're on Raw or SmackDown Live, we get excited.

9 Fly Solo: Mike and Maria Kanellis

Mike and Maria Kanellis were a big signing coming to WWE from Impact Wrestling. Mike was a big deal, challenging for top championships in the company, while Maria was a former WWE star who had memorable stops in Ring of Honor and Impact as well. Unfortunately, upon their debut, the two were an over-the-top lovey-dovey couple who believed in the "power of love", and when that fell flat, they disappeared.  Now, it seems like Maria has a little bit of an edge to her as she recently told Mike she should be impregnated by Becky Lynch after the Raw Women's Champion made him tap out in the middle of the ring.

8 Iconic: John Cena and Niki Bella

John Cena and Niki Bella were the two biggest names in their divisions, but they both experienced some backlash from fans. Sure, by the time the two became official, Cena was wearing out his role as the top face in WWE and Bella, unfortunately, was the face of the Diva's Division. Then, something changed.

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Cena won the United States Championship and defended it on a weekly basis while Bella became a centerpiece of a changing division that was focusing on great wrestling, and less on look. The couple were the center of the show Total Divas, but their relationship wasn't really brought up on Raw or SmackDown until they faced off against The Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania when Cena finally proposed to his long-time girlfriend.

7 Fly Solo: Test and Stacy Keibler

Test is better known for his on-screen relationship with Stephanie McMahon than his actual relationship with Stacy Keibler, and that's pretty strange. Sure, McMahon is a bigger star in wrestling than Keibler, but you'd think that a real-life relationship would garner more attention. Anyway, it didn't really work out between the two on-screen and we learned they were both better off away from each other.

6 Iconic: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

The authority may have been played out near the end of their time on Raw, but Triple H and Stephanie were really great together. Whether it was as babyfaces fighting off a deranged Randy Orton, or as dastardly heels trying to keep Daniel Bryan away from the main event of WrestleMania, the two always felt special whenever they were on TV.

Their real-life roles as WWE executives really made their run as a heel couple feel legitimate, and often-times, it felt like the two mimicked what fans thought WWE really believed about some of our favorite superstars as they held them down from breaking through to the top. For that, they can be nothing short of iconic.

5 Fly Solo: Undertaker And Sara

The Undertaker is normally a solo guy. Sure, he's had an iconic manager, but the Deadman has proven he's perfectly fine, if not better, on his own. Once he dropped his undead gimmick and became a biker, he was even more exciting, but things got strange when his real-life wife started making appearances when Diamond Dallas Page started stalking her. It was a weird way to introduce the significant other of a wrestler who's never had a love interest and considering she rarely appeared when Undertaker's issues with Page were cleared up, it proves it was a strange move.

4 Iconic: Edge and Lita

Edge and Lita may have come onto our screens because of controversy, but when they were together, they may have been one of the most impactful couples on WWE TV. The two terrorized Raw for years as Edge captured Money in the Bank briefcases and WWE Championships while Lita captured Women's titles. What made them so great is that both were arguably some of the best wrestlers the company had at the time, and whether they were together or apart, they could put on classic matches in their sleep. Its probably why both superstars were considered the focal points of their respective divisions.

3 Fly Solo: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

We here at TheSportster love Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, and we're happy for them as a couple, but when it comes to seeing them on TV, they've been a little too frequent. We get it, the two are the biggest names in their division, but as fighting champions, they are probably more entertaining away from each other than together. We know WWE loves their real-life couples on TV, but we think they're just too good apart.

2 Iconic: Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth

Macho Man Randy Savage was an iconic WWE Superstar — one that probably didn't need a manager. Yet, there was something about Elizabeth's calm, quiet demeanor that complimented Savage's loud character. On top of that, she never really got involved in his matches. Sure, she was a textbook damsel in distress at some times, but it can be forgiven when looking back at the times. The two worked well together and their status as a real-life couple, really made their on-screen relationship feel natural.

1 Fly Solo: Mr. McMahon And Linda McMahon

Vince McMahon was the biggest bad guy the WWE ever saw. His antics against Stone Cold Steve Austin were legendary, and he made Monday Nights fun. But once he started bringing Linda, his real-life wife on-screen in 1999, things got strange. She just didn't have the same charisma her husband did, and oftentimes, she came off as boring. Sure, she counteracted Vince and his over-the-top mannerisms, but there was always something awkward about the two when the cameras were rolling.

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