It was a case of the mumps and some other viral illnesses that dramatically changed the course of the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view in 2017— and now it looks like a flu bug is making its rounds through the locker room.

Roman Reigns was out and Kurt Angle took his place. It was just another example of how the Sheild reunion has never quite played out the way WWE was hoping it would. So too, Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, and others had to stay away due to illness and AJ Styles and Finn Balor squared off in a dream match of sorts.

Those competitors are back in action, but it appears as though another wave of illnesses might be making its way through the WWE locker room. The only reported case of someone needing to see a doctor and take a trip to the hospital was Enzo Amore, but is reporting it was more than just Amore suffering.

The site reported, “Although Enzo Amore was the only wrestler sent to the hospital at RAW this past Monday night, Wrestling Inc. has learned that there were many other wrestlers that were sick backstage and several were given an IV. It wasn’t confirmed if they had the flu or some other illness, but many wrestlers also skipped going out on New Year’s Eve the night before because they were sick.”

What would it mean if more wrestlers wound up missing significant time heading into this year’s Royal Rumble? The Rumble is an event that requires as many WWE talents be on hand as possible. In the case this year, at least 65 talents will need to be available.

WWE was able to cover on the short-term when Reigns and Wyatt went down, but the effects of their absence are still being felt in the WWE storylines today. If the Royal Rumble is greatly affected by any sort of plague hitting the roster, it could change the plans heading into WrestleMania.


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