WWE Gives Shout-Out To Impact Wrestling’s Streaming Network After Hardy Special

WWE and Impact Wrestling have been major business rivals for nearly two decades, but Vince McMahon's promotion played nice in the company's special on Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Both had illustrious runs with with Impact Wrestling, which further cemented their careers as two of the greatest superstars in the 21st century. It was Impact that allowed Matt to run his 'Broken' gimmick, which eventually led to him becoming the beloved 'Woken' character in the WWE. And oh, Jeff's 'Brother Nero' character in Impact was arguably the finest gimmick of his Hall of Fame caliber career.

Despite Impact and WWE generally trying to avoid mentioning each other on television and all, this Hardy special was an exception. WWE mentioned Impact Wrestling and also provided a thanks to Ed Nordholm and Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

Jeff won a trio of TNA World Heavyweight Championships and a pair of World Tag Team titles with the promotions. His Brother Nero character saw immediate success, as brother Matt battled to "delete" Jeff. These two men were the faces of Impact Wrestling, up until they departed and left to rejoin the WWE in 2018.

Last time WWE referred to their rivals, Raw general manager Kurt Angle told Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens there wasn't a spot for them on the brand, but that he heard TNA (the former name for Impact Wrestling), "was hiring." Stephanie McMahon would go on to hire Owens and Zayn, of course. Impact Wrestling fired back with these hilarious tweets.

WWE has stolen away a large number of top talent from Impact Wrestling throughout the last couple of years, including the Hardys, Mike and Maria Kanellis and Bobby Lashley. But when it comes to acknowledging the rival promotions, Vince and his company will do it. Give them credit for kindly thankins TNA here.


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