WWE Inadvertently Confirms Shield Reunion BEFORE It Officially Happens

WWE may have confirmed a Shield reunion for TLC before they officially join forces. The WWE has been teasing it for weeks. First, it was Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose patching things up and setting aside their differences to become the Raw tag team champions. Not much time passed before Roman Reigns found himself on the receiving end of a beatdown at the hands of The Miztourage. When it appeared Reigns might need a helping hand, the first thing that came to people's mind was The Shield.

Would the WWE use the once dominant group as a way to grab the attention of the WWE Universe during a time that ratings were suffering and live attendance was seemingly at its lowest point? Would all three members reunite for a chance to settle the score with The Miztourage? This past Monday night, it appeared as though that was, in fact, the case in a way.

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After an Intercontinental Title match, Reigns once again suffered a beating. This time, The Miz teamed with Sheamus and Cesaro (The Bar) to take down the "Big Dog". The Miztourage was no longer the end goal, Sheamus and Cesaro were the new threat, which just so happened to be who Ambrose and Rollins were feuding with.

As Raw went off the air, Reigns was approached by Ambrose and Rollins, and while no words were spoken, the intention was clear. The Shield would be getting back together. Just to hammer home the idea, WWE released a poster for the TLC pay-per-view that all but officially confirms the storyline.

The poster does everything but say for a fact that the Shield will be taking on The Miz and The Bar. While posters in the past haven't always told the future of an event, this poster seems to be selling a reunion in the hopes it will draw fans to the show on the WWE Network.


The poster doesn't reveal if this reuniting will be a one-time thing, but what we do know is that TLC just became a pay-per-view worth watching. Even with an outcome more predictable than a win for Hulk Hogan in the 1980's, a Shield reunion has been on the top of most fans list for some time. If the poster spoils the future, fans will be getting exactly what they've been wanting.

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