10 Wrestlers Who Should Retire John Cena

As weird as it is to say, John Cena's in-ring career is winding down. Over the years, he's had fantastic matches with the biggest names in the company, and was a great ambassador for wrestling in an era where it needed a good face. While he still has many years as a "special attraction" left, there will come a time where he jumps to Hollywood full-time. With that reality setting in with fans of all ages, one has to ask the question: who will retire John Cena? We don't have an inside scoop on this one, but we have compiled a list of 10 superstars who could do the job.

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10 Randy Orton

Randy Orton is one of the big names that come to mind when thinking of Cena's biggest rivalries over the years, so it would be fitting if he does the job. Sure, at one point we got really sick of seeing those two square off, but there would be a touch of nostalgia in the air if those two went at it one last time with The Face That Runs The Place's career on the line. At the very least, we'd know they'd put on one heck of a match.

9 Kevin Owens

John Cena helped make Kevin Owens a made man in the WWE when the former NXT champion was called up to the main roster. Owens laid Cena out upon his debut and beat him in his first ever match under the company banner.

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The rest of their bouts were a little more one-sided, but we can't help but look back fondly on that fantastic debut. With that in mind, it would be poetic to see the man who Cena put on the map take him out.

8 Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman has proven he can be a creature of destruction, but retiring John Cena would put him over the top. Since his debut with the Wyatt Family, Strowman has turned heads with his strength, but he's become more than just a typical big man.

We can just imagine something akin to his rivalry with Roman Reigns where Strowman manhandled the big dog at every turn. This could be a great way for Cena to go out, but we don't think WWE would let us see a hero like him go down like that. Still, one can dream.

7 Seth Rollins

It's clear that Seth Rollins is a pillar the WWE wants to build around. With that said, it's hard for the new face to really settle into the role of the top guy unless he beats the top guy. While Brock Lesnar is certainly intimidating, John Cena has special clout in the world of wrestling, and Rollins beating him will cement the Beast Slayer in a big way. Not only that, but their match would be fantastic as Rollins' speed and agility would perfectly counter Cena's brawler, strength-based style.

6 Bray Wyatt

WWE missed the boat when they booked John Cena to beat the Wyatt Family, but there's still time to right the ship. Wyatt's promos are some of the best around, but they never really go anywhere. If he's given a focus on John Cena and actually following through on his promise, he could be something special.

With an all-new Bray Wyatt could really cement himself as the WWE's resident monster by destroying the company's Superman. This could go a long way in repairing Wyatt's character as well, making him a legitimate threat between the ropes.

5 Ricochet

Ricochet's ceiling in WWE is almost limitless. He could easily go down as one of the best high-flyers they've ever employed, but first, he needs a big-time win to get the ball rolling. That's where John Cena comes in.

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Much like his feud with Kevin Owens, John Cena could make Ricochet feel like a big deal. Seeing as it's John Cena, we can assume the two would be allowed to go all out in-ring without fear of repercussions, and when the dust settles, and Ricochet's arm is raised, WWE will have an absolute megastar on their hands.

4 Adam Cole

Few WWE Superstars exhibit the same kind of charisma as John Cena, but Adam Cole comes close. As the leader of the Undisputed Era, Cole has proven he can be a star in the WWE, and we're just waiting for him to finally get his shot on the main roster. Before his time employed by Vince McMahon, however, Cole showed he can be a top guy anywhere he goes, winning the Ring of Honor Championship and taking his spot at the leader of the "Superkliq" — a division of the Bullet Club — alongside the Young Bucks. He has the swagger, the skill, and promo ability to be a believable threat to Cena.

3 Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has it all. He's got the size, the skill, and he's not a bad promo to boot. He'd be the perfect antagonist to end Cena's career for a variety of reasons. To start, he's already proven he can be downright mean when he wants to end a legend's career. During a match with Kurt Angle on Raw before Baron Corbin finally retired the Olympian, McIntyre completely destroyed the gold medalist. In many ways, we thought this was the end for Angle, but for better or worse, he bounced back. Still, what we took away from that match was that McIntyre can be a believable legend killer, and we'd love to see him really cement that against John Cena.

2 Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman once said Brock Lesnar suplexed John Cena out of the main event, and he's not wrong. With that said, Lesnar finishing the job by actually retiring WWE's resident Superman would be fantastic. We'd hope Cena can put up a little more of a fight this time around, but if there's one superstar who we'd legitimately believe ended a man's career, it's the Beast Incarnate. Sure, he doesn't need any more accolades, but this could be a battle that fans would never forget.

1 Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the guy in the WWE, so it only makes sense for the torch to literally be passed to him. Sure, the two did have a feud just prior to Cena's move to part-time status, but since the former Doctor of Thuganomics keeps coming back, it lacks a certain finality to it. In our fantasy, Cena returns to confront Reigns, saying he wants one more match with the big dog — much like his story with The Rock. Maybe Reigns refuses, thus causing Cena to finally turn heel on his way out in an attempt to get the match he wants. Finally, a frustrated Reigns accepts but wants to up the stakes and forces Cena to put his career on the line.

It would be perfect, and a storyline that fans would be invested in. Sure, we could see the result from a mile away, but both Reigns and Cena carry themselves in such a manner that we'd be able to suspend our disbelief for just long enough to make it work.

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