Is WWE Planning To Officially Replace John Cena With Roman Reigns?

John Cena finally put his free agent status to good use, and it was for a very big and groundbreaking reason indeed.

As the first hour of Monday night's Raw came to a close, the show's General Manager Kurt Angle had an announcement in the form of a new Superstar to the red brand. As was expected it was Cena, as a sixteen time World Champion, finally started to demonstrate why exactly WWE made him a free agent. Cena revealed that Angle invited him to Raw, and he snatched at the chance for one very specific reason.

Angle left Cena in the ring with a mic and once the crowd had settled down he revealed who exactly he had come to Monday nights to see Roman Reigns. The Franchise Player didn't even have to say The Big Dog's name before his music hit, so clearly, Reigns was as eager for Cena to be on Raw as Big Match John was himself.


John Cena versus Roman Reigns may be the biggest match, on paper at least, yet to happen in WWE. Most had it penciled in for WrestleMania 34, and for Cena to officially pass the torch when WWE rolls through New Orleans next year. With his lead role in an upcoming Transformers movie, Cena's pro wrestling schedule will only be getting lighter and WWE will want him to ceremoniously hand the reigns to, well Reigns.

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Maybe we will have to wait and see after all as Reigns and Cena's milestone moment was interrupted by a couple of Superstars who think they deserve the spotlight. First up was The Miz who was absolutely irate at the two men he perceives to get chance after chance. The way the crowd reacts to Reigns and Cena made Miz almost appear as the baby face in this situation, especially considering his plight with the two of them. Samoa Joe then emerged and aligned himself with The A-Lister to restore equilibrium.

WWE and Vince McMahon have made no attempts to hide the fact that they would like Reigns to slot right into Cena's place once Cena is more or less gone for good. For that to happen though, there does need to be a passing of the torch from Cena and the arrival of Cena on Raw to confront Reigns signals the beginning of that. The match between the two may be some way off yet, but we are very much on the road towards it.

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