10 Worst Things John Cena Has Done In Wrestling

John Cena has developed a memorable reputation in wrestling as one of the most polarizing characters in WWE history. Fans loved Cena in the early years with his freestyle rapping gimmick creating entertainment each week. The transition into a traditional face would put Cena at the top of the company, but his fan base started to split. Younger fans loved Cena’s role while some of the diehard base turned on him.

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Cena gave fans enough reasons to second guess him with some of his actions on the screen. We will look at some of the dastardly things done by Cena in his career. Even though he portrayed a white meat babyface, Cena managed to deliver regretful actions. Find out just how far he went to cross the line. These are the top ten worst things ever done by John Cena in the WWE.

10 Attacking JBL after he quits the "I Quit" Match

The start of John Cena’s first WWE Championship reign got off to a bad start thanks to an underwhelming WrestleMania 21 match defeating JBL for the title. Cena and JBL received another chance to have a significantly better “I Quit” match at Judgment Day 2005.

The match featured both men bleeding buckets in the violent encounter. JBL cowardly quit when Cena grabbed a giant steel pipe. Instead of enjoying his victory, Cena hit JBL with the weapon following the win and sent him through a glass panel in ruthless fashion.

9 The WrestleMania 27 main event

The WrestleMania 27 main event between John Cena and The Miz remains one of the worst in WrestleMania history. One major problem with the match was that more fans cared about The Rock returning to WWE and having issues with Cena.

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No one had strong interest in a Cena/Miz singles match main eventing the biggest show of the year. The resulting match was even worse, with Miz and Cena delivering a stinker in front of a silent crowd. The Rock interfering was the only moment that received any positive attention in this all-time worst Wrestlemania match.

8 Siding with Vince McMahon against CM Punk

John Cena tried to play it down the middle during his iconic feud against CM Punk in the summer of 2011. Punk and Cena were scheduled to face off in the main event of Money in the Bank with the story of Punk’s contract expiring as he wanted to take the title elsewhere.

Vince McMahon attempted to fire Punk and end the match before it happened. To his credit, Cena refused this, but he still sided with the corporate pro-WWE speeches from McMahon to oppose Punk. Given how Punk became the top face weeks later, Cena denying his claims came off poorly looking back today.

7 Bullying Rusev into giving him match

The WrestleMania 31 match between John Cena and Rusev featured the United States Championship featured at a higher level as Cena attempted to stay away from the world title picture. Rusev did not want to face Cena in storyline after defeating him on the prior PPV.

Cena attacked Rusev on Raw and put him in the STFU submission until Lana agreed to Cena’s demands of a WrestleMania match between them. The way Cena went above getting the match was out of character and essentially portrayed him as a jerk.

6 Joking about Vickie Guerrero

Vickie Guerrero became one of the top heels for WWE during John Cena’s time as the face of the company. It only made sense that the two would oppose each other on a few occasions. The most memorable time came when Cena challenged Vickie’s love interests Edge and Big Show in 2009.

Cena and Jerry Lawler had a segment going back and forth making fun of Guerrero’s appearance. The jokes about her looks and weight would not fly in WWE today, but Cena got away with saying them during his time as the top superstar.

5 Calling out The Rock's promo lines

John Cena made things extremely personal with The Rock on the road to their WrestleMania 28 main event. Rock took many shots at Cena in the weeks leading up to the show with his promos often crossing the line of the PG-rating.

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Cena decided to go far as well when he called out The Rock for writing his promo lines on his wrists. The comment from Cena exposed The Rock, who did not appear happy at all about this. The Rock was reportedly livid that Cena broke character to call out such an inside thing that caused some legitimate tension ahead of their match.

4 Humiliating Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee

The feud between Dolph Ziggler and John Cena in late 2012 gave Ziggler his best chance at breaking into the main event scene. AJ Lee turned on Cena to unite with Ziggler in the main event of the TLC 2012 PPV to progress their storyline.

Cena went too far with one of his pranks, as he dumped a large amount of poop in the ring, destroying a party for Ziggler and Lee. Both wrestlers were covered in literal crap, as Cena laughed from the stage. Ziggler came out of the feud looking worse in more ways than one.

3 The PPV Main Event With Johnny Ace

The main event of Over the Limit 2012 remains one of the worst PPV main events in WWE history. John Cena faced off against authority figure John Laurinaitis aka Johnny Ace in the show’s final match. The classic bout between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship had to play second fiddle to this joke of a match.

Cena destroyed Laurinaitis for most of the match, coming from all over the ringside area with continuous attacks. Big Show made a surprise appearance, knocking out Cena and letting Johnny Ace steal the victory. Cena likely knew it was a bad call having this main event a show with a tremendous title match on the card.

2 Causing Batista to quit

Batista and John Cena had an intense feud in 2010 over the WWE Championship. Cena defeating Batista at WrestleMania 26 and the angle continued for a few more months. The most memorable match came when Cena threatening to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Batista from on top of a car onto the stage area.

We should mention that the stipulation was an “I Quit” match and Batista quit before Cena hit the move. Much like the JBL scenario, Cena didn’t care about just winning the match, as he still hit the dangerous Attitude Adjustment. Batista quit WWE the following night on Raw due to disrespect from the fans and Cena.

1 Be Part Of A Love Triangle With Zack Ryder And Eve Torres

The love triangle between John Cena, Zack Ryder and Eve Torres is still the worst thing to have happened in John Cena’s career. Ryder and Cena developed a friendship, with Cena seemingly trying to help the underdog get more television time as he was breaking out.

Kane continued attacking Ryder during a storyline with Cena to make it more personal. This culminated with Ryder catching Cena kissing his girlfriend Eve behind his back. Cena made it clear that Eve kissed him and he regretted it, but this still made him look like a huge jerk.

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