WWE: 10 Craziest Kane Storylines, Ranked

The career of Kane is coming to an end following a legendary run in WWE. Kane still appears occasionally for WWE, but the transition into politics has ended his time as a full-time wrestler. Knox County voted Kane as their mayor which makes him among the strangest mayors of all-time when looking at the journey of his career in WWE.

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Few wrestlers in WWE history have had as many peculiar storylines as Kane. From the backstory of his relationship to Undertaker to the need for his mask to various relationships to his split personality, Kane has endured some of the wackiest angles in wrestling history. The Big Red Monster somehow managed to make it work enough to have a legendary career at the end of it all. Find out just how many wild ideas were given to him. These are the ten craziest storylines of Kane’s career ranked.

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10 Original Undertaker backstory

The backstory of Kane came during a feud between The Undertaker and Paul Bearer in 1997. Bearer was threatening Undertaker by mentioning his brother Kane was still alive. The story of Bearer claimed that Undertaker started a fire that killed his parents and left Kane scarred.

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Undertaker’s side of the story claimed that Kane started the fire, but a heel turn in 1998 would see Undertaker reveal that Bearer was telling the truth. Regardless, Kane’s back story of being the survivor of a fire that killed his and Undertaker’s parents was among the wildest backstories in WWE history.

9 Vendetta against Chris Jericho for drinking coffee

WWE didn’t think too hard when planning a singles feud between Chris Jericho and Kane for the first time in 2000. A backstage segment featured Jericho accidentally walking into Kane and spilling his coffee as an accident. Despite Jericho’s apology, Kane attacked him to start a storyline between them.

The feud would get more personal and did find success since they were two of the most over wrestlers at the time. Jericho won a memorable Last Man Standing match over Kane by throwing a stage prop of various barrels over him. It all started with a cup of spilled coffee.

8 Split personality

The different character revamps of Kane would see him lose the mask and have different roles throughout the years. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s run as The Authority featured Corporate Kane as the Director of Operations helping run the show.

Kane, however, started to show a split personality when the demon version of his character wore the mask and wanted to take down Seth Rollins. Corporate Kane would have no idea what Demon Kane did and it led to him juggling the two acts before leaving The Authority altogether.

7 Relationship with Tori

WWE tried to make Kane a sympathetic face character in 1999 by having him enter a relationship with female wrestler Tori. The two had some good moments together meant to make Kane show his human side after the stint as a dominant monster heel.

Kane would endure heartbreak in the romance as Tori eventually turned on him to join D-Generation X and date his former tag team partner X-Pac. The entire storyline did help Kane gain more support from fans as his return on a legendary episode of Raw from injury created one of the biggest ovations in WWE history.

6 Kane vs Fake Kane

Another odd storyline looking at Kane featured a glimpse in the mirror. Kane was playing a face without the mask a few years after losing it. This led to someone wearing Kane’s old gear and mask to confront him for about a month. Current WWE star Luke Gallows was the wrestler selected for the role.

The real Kane was confused until the two finally squared off. Fake Kane was destroyed by the real one and removed from television. There was no real explanation between the story of the fake version of Kane nor what his association was to the real one.

5 Paul Bearer as his father

The relationship between Paul Bearer and Kane changed to the audience when it was revealed that Bearer was the father of Kane. Undertaker was shocked to learn Bearer and his mom had a relationship that resulted in the birth of Kane as his half-brother.

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The storyline added more personal drama to the rivalry between Kane and Undertaker, but it certainly was a lot to take in. Kane’s career featured many angles that were quite similar to those you’d see in the over the top cheesy daytime soap operas.

4 Marrying Lita

Kane’s romantic storyline with Lita featured many bizarre twists. The evil heel character started stalking Lita leading to a feud involving her boyfriend Matt Hardy. Kane earned the rights to marry Lita in a wrestling match of all things by defeating Hardy at Summerslam 2004.

Despite being married against her will, Lita eventually fell in love with Kane to turn him heel. The storyline got worse with Lita’s pregnancy ending due to an accident involving Kane’s new rival Gene Snitsky. Lita eventually turned on Kane to date Edge because the angle needed even more drama.

3 Electrocuting Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon had a few memorable feuds in the early 2000s with Kane standing at the top of the list. Kane hitting Linda McMahon with a tombstone piledriver led to Shane returning to the show to go after him. The two had a handful of dangerous matches throughout a few months.

A segment in the storyline is what most fans remember from it. Kane attempted to electrocute the nether regions of Shane with the intention of preventing him from ever having kids. Another odd segment with the two having dinner featured Kane revealing that he wanted Shane and his wife to think of him when they wanted to start a family.

2 May 19th

WWE cast Kane to have the lead role in the horror film See No Evil for their WWE Films company. It led to a storyline involving Kane hearing the date “May 19th” and leading to him being confused and upset by it. A few losses would come Kane’s way because of the distraction.

The real reason for the date was that See No Evil was premiering then, and it gave WWE a way to reference it. Kane, however, was tormented by May 19th until revealing that it was the date his family was killed in the fire. The Fake Kane debuted shortly after this to give Kane multiple wacky storylines back to back.

1 Katie Vick backstory

Triple H’s reveal of the Katie Vick backstory was the strangest storyline in Kane’s career and possibly in WWE history. During their feud over the World Championship, Triple H made it personal by bringing up the darkest and most heartbreaking backstory of Kane’s life.

Katie Vick was the teenage girlfriend of Kane killed in a car accident when Kane was driving the car. This somehow led to Triple H wearing a Kane mask and embracing a dummy in a casket to mock Kane. It was a low point in WWE history and is still referenced when people run down the company.

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