WWE's Original 'Katie Vick' Plans Were Completely Different

The Katie Vick angle was one of the most controversial, sickening and disturbing storylines ever produced by the WWE. Nearly two decades after it unfolded, fans have a hard time putting it behind them.

For those of you who aren't aware of the angle, here's what happened: Triple H revealed that Kane's storyline girlfriend, Katie Vick, died in a car accident with The Big Red Machine at the wheel. Later on, a mannequin of "Katie Vick" was in a coffin backstage. Triple H wore Kane's mask and started to have sex with it. Nobody knows why the WWE thought it was a good idea to go through, but we know how what the original plans were.

Former WWE executive Bruce Prichard revealed on his Something To Wrestle With podcast that the original plans were to bring up Scott Vick. According to Prichard, Vick was in the WWE's developmental system, and he was going to come onto the main roster and side with either Kane or Triple H. Vince McMahon then said "What the hell are we doing?" and scrapped any involvement from Scott - wanting "more soap opera behind the characters."


Prichard then said that they decided to make Katie Vick Kane's fictional girlfriend, then decided to her die by his irresponsible drunk driving. And alas, the disturbing storyline came to life.

WWE has since stopped any mentions and references of the angle. Unfortunately, this is the internet and once it's put up, it stays there forever. So even fans who never got to see it while it was being performed have come across it.

Storylines like this are why the WWE had to transition into the PG Era during the 2010s. There is no way angles like this would fly in today's society, where television programs are trying to be very cautious of the content they put on. Unfortunately for the WWE, they made a huge mistake in not just sticking with the Scott Vick storyline.

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WWE's Original 'Katie Vick' Plans Were Completely Different