10 Wrestling Children Who Look Like Their Dads (And 10 Who Don't)

It's not uncommon for a generational talent to enter the wrestling business and walk in the footsteps of their fathers. This holds true in any field. However, in pro wrestling, it tends to happen more often than not. Just because a person has wrestling in their bloodline really doesn’t guarantee anything. In fact, more times than not the road tends to be harder because of that connection. The aspiring wrestler has that much more to prove, never mind escaping the shadow of their famous father. Some thrive in that position. Randy Orton is an easy example. Charlotte Flair also managed to escape her dad’s excellence, in large part thanks to her tremendous athleticism. However, it doesn’t always work out that way, and some of those that we feature in this article are harsh examples that coming from a wrestling background is no guarantee.

Success and failure isn’t the point of this article, though. The purpose is to have some fun while looking at duos that look eerily similar while also featuring those that look like polar opposites. We will feature extreme examples such as Mick Foley and his daughter, Noelle. We will also feature blatant similarities like the late Brian Pillman and his son Brian Pillman Jr.. The resemblance between these two is quite chilling.

Enjoy the article folks, and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 wrestling children who look like their dads and 10 that don’t. Let’s get started!

20 Look-alike: Bronson Rechsteiner – Rick Steiner

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Not only does Bronson Rechsteiner look similar to his dad Rick but he also eerily resembles his uncle Scott as well (he's wearing the nWo t-shirt). Like his dad and uncle, Bronson has already taken to the ring, but nothing permanent just yet. He looks more than capable of holding his own, though,  especially physically.

These days, he is spending most of his time as a member of the Kennesaw State football team. Once his football days come to an end, a pro wrestling career might be on the horizon, permanently. Via his Instagram account, he already teased a future WWE Tag Title run!

19 Doesn’t: Jake Carter – Vader

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Sadly, we lost a true great back in the summer of 2018. Vader was one of the first larger wrestlers that had great agility in the squared circle. Heck, back in his day he could have even hit a moonsault!

His son Jake Carter won’t be carrying the family legacy in the wrestler business. He gave it a go a couple of years back and unfortunately, his attempt to flourish with WWE fell short. Had he made it, very few would have realized that he’s Vader’s son. The two look nothing alike with Carter rocking the pretty boy look while Vader was quite the opposite.

18 Look-alike: Brian Pillman Jr. - Brian Pillman

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One of the most underrated wrestlers of all-time, Brian Pillman, was lost far too early. His promos were so advanced and he is a great role-model for younger wrestlers. Especially in terms of his mic skills. He was so good at telling stories even without speaking.

He impacted someone that mattered most, his son Brian Pillman Jr.. These days, he’s honoring his father by competing in the ring. He’s currently earning his stripes with MLW as a member of the New Era Hart Foundation. Here’s to hoping we see him in a WWE ring one day. For '90s fans, it will be quite the visual given how closely he resembles his late father.

17 Doesn’t: Dominic Gutierrez – Rey Mysterio

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“He’s incredible because he’s not like your typical wrestler or son’s wrestler. He didn’t grow up wanting to be a wrestler. He was very disinterested and all of a sudden he told his dad, ‘I think I want to try this.'” (Source 411 Mania)

Those were Konnan’s words recently discussing Dominic Gutierrez, Rey Mysterio's son. He’s currently undergoing training with the likes of Konnan along with Booker T. Clearly, he’s in good hands.

The crazy part is that Dominic already towers over his father. Some might expect Dominic to be small in stature like his father but that isn’t the case. Still so young, he will grow even larger in the upcoming years.

16 Look-alike: Steve Borden Jr. – Sting

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Taking a look at Sting’s son, Steven Borden Jr., it is rather baffling how much he resembles his father both in terms of his face and physique. Borden Jr. took to football thriving with Kentucky. He even tried for the Chiefs back in the 2015.

Most fans likely hope Borden Jr. rethinks career paths and gives wrestling a shot. He already has the physique locked down, it would only be matter of learning the ropes. He has a greater mentor in his father to get started.

15 Doesn’t: Brittany Page – DDP

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It might be hard to believe but Diamond Dallas Page has a daughter in her 30s. Brittany Page hasn’t given wrestling a try just yet, though she admits she’s intrigued, hinting at stepping inside the squared circle during multiple interviews.

Brittany has been following in DDP's  footsteps and keeping up an active and healthy lifestyle. Maybe some day soon we will see her enter the ring. After all, DDP only started competing at the age of 35.

14 Look-alike: David Benoit - Chris Benoit

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Most recently, Chris Jericho took to Instagram and Twitter thanking the late Chris Benoit’s son for attending his concert in Edmonton, Alberta. It is truly surreal seeing how much David resembles his late father.

Judging by his Twitter account, David loves the business and he especially loves everything that his father was able to accomplish during his time with us. It is unknown as to whether or not he will enter the wrestling business as a talent but we know he isn’t short on passion for the industry.

13 Doesn’t: Xia Brookside – Robbie Brookside

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Robbie Brookside became a more prominent name once his career came to an end. He joined the Performance Center and he is now one of the more recognizable trainers. He has a serious demeanor at all times, that unlike his daughter Xia, who’s constantly smiling. For that reason, some have a hard time associating the two.

It's surreal that Xia is already under a WWE deal as only recently did she end her teens turning 20 in mid-October. She will have the proper guidance from trainers at the PC, like her father, and with still so much time, she has the potential to turn into something special.

12 Look-alike: Terrell and Terrence Hughes – D-Von Dudley

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We might see a second generation of The Dudley Boyz at some point. Instead of D-Von, either of Terrell or Terrence might be getting the tables! The two are actively working on the indie scene and according to 411 Mania, both recently had a tryout. Although they didn’t make the cut, the two discussed having learned a heck of a lot from the experience;

“It went phenomenal. I think it went great. We got a lot of feedback from all the trainers, and yeah, it went great. The feedback was they think we’ll do very well in a future position. They would just like us to have a fanbase first. So they’re suggesting maybe starting out with Japan, the UK, stuff like that before we start out in NXT.”(Source 411 Mania)

11 Doesn’t: Rachael Ellering – Paul Ellering

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Surprisingly, during the Mae Young Classic, Rachael Ellering went by the name of Rachael Evers. We say surprisingly because her father Paul Ellering is a well known manager with NXT; or at least he was during his time with the Authors of Pain. WWE usually capitalizes on these situations but not this time, wanting to create a separate identity for the newly-named Evers.

Visually, the two don’t look much alike either and with her new name, most fans might hardly notice that Paul is in fact her father.

10 Look-alike: Shaul Guerrero – Eddie Guerrero

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Shaul Guerrero looks like both her parents, Eddie and Vickie. Walking in her father's footsteps, Shaul got a developmental deal with FCW back in 2010. However, due to personal reasons, she walked away from the opportunity and the wrestling business altogether.

She recently returned to independent scene working as a ring announcer. Who knows, maybe she will join the WWE at some point and team up with current spouse, SmackDown Live star Aiden English. Since disbanding from Rusev and Lana a couple of months ago, English can use the extra boost.

9 Doesn’t: Tessa Blanchard - Tully Blanchard

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At age 23, Tessa Blanchard is what these Millennial wrestlers are all about. Not only does she have an insane work ethic between the ropes but she’s just as fierce outside of the ring. Don’t believe us? Take a look at her Instagram account.

What’s truly surreal is Blanchard’s age. She’s still in the early portion of her 20s at 23. Given her current work with Impact Wrestling, she already has the skills of a seasoned veteran. Once she signs with WWE, she will make the NXT Women’s Championship picture rather quickly. Without a doubt, Tully is a proud dad.

8 Look-alike: Brooke Hogan – Hulk Hogan

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Perhaps instead of pursuing music, Brooke Hogan should have taken wrestling a little more seriously. Given her genetics, she had the look to thrive in the industry. With some proper training, she could have made it big. Instead, she was rushed onto the scene with Impact Wrestling back in the TNA days. Man, was her involvement ever bad. Unfortunately, she never recovered from that failed stint.

She hasn’t completely closed the door on wrestling. She recently admitted that she has interest in starting a female only wrestling promotion. If there was ever a time to capitalize on the women’s wrestling boom, it is now.

7 Doesn’t: Garett Bischoff – Eric Bischoff

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If Garett Bischoff was old enough at the time, then who knows, maybe his dad would have given him a championship run with WCW? Thankfully, he was only an early teen during WCW’s boom. He would join the wrestling business in 2010 with his most notable stint coming with the Aces & Eights faction. Unfortunately, Bischoff wasn’t a notable part of the stable and a guy fans tend to forget. In fact, if not for his last name, fans wouldn’t believe he’s related to Easy E at all.

To his credit, Garett isn’t a quitter. He continues to earn his stripes as a tag wrestler on the indie scene these days.

6 Look-alike: Gunner Calaway – The Undertaker

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Outside of the ring, The Undertaker is the father to four different children from different marriages. One of his most notable children is Gunner Calaway. Especially given the similarities between the two.

However, aside from resembling one other in terms of facial features, they really don’t share much in common, at lease based on what we see. Gunner doesn’t pump iron nor does he care for anything pro wrestling related. Instead, he’s a self-proclaimed gamer and streamer. He is also a 3D artist according to his Instagram account. That said, given his interests, a wrestling career seems highly unlikely.

5 Doesn’t: Cody Hall – Scott Hall

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It's hard to believe that Scott Hall has a son who is almost in his 30s. They are built similarly in stature, however, some might not associate Cody with Scott simply because he doesn’t have his dad’s long curly hair.

It is very possible that we see Cody in a WWE ring one day. For the time being, though, he continues to earn his stripes out on the indie scene with the likes of Pro Wrestling Noah and other independent promotions. If he keeps going in this direction, he will be WWE bound.

4 Look-alike: Oje Edward Hart - Owen Hart

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This resemblance can send chills down your spine. Oje Hart looks eerily similar to his late father, the legend Owen Hart. Mark Henry made mention of Oje during his Hall of Fame speech. He also campaigned for Owen trying to get him in the Hall of Fame. However, that still seems like a long shot given the broken relationship between WWE and Martha Hart, Owen’s widow.

Nonetheless, it would be great to see this relationship restored, not only for Oje but for the fans to finally properly pay homage to Owen’s brilliant career. Time heals all wounds and we hope that’s true for this relationship.

3 Doesn’t: David Finlay - Fit Finlay

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Like his father Fit Finlay, David is all about delivering that stiff uppercut. However, putting his similar ring style aside, very few would know that these two are related, excluding the same name, of course. Visually, David doesn’t look like his dad at all, rocking a long head of hair.

These days, he’s perfecting his craft over in New Japan alongside former NXT partner Juice Robinson aka CJ Parker. Despite the family connection, David is blazing his own path, graduating from the Young Lion Dojo in 2016 - an admirable approach to say the least.

2 Look-alike: Mya Lesnar – Brock Lesnar

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We end the lookalike portion of the article with Brock Lesnar and his daughter Mya. The resemblance between these two is kind of scary. Even those that didn’t know Lesnar had a daughter would associate these two.

Like her dad, Mya is a fine athlete, taking part in various track and field sports. Genetic superiority seems to run in the Lesnar bloodline. Brock has another son Luke, from a prior relationship. Alongside Sable, Lesnar has two boys, Turk and Duke. We might be speculating, but that might make one heck of a tag team one day.

1 Doesn’t: Noelle Foley – Mick Foley

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This is the most blatant example of a father and daughter duo looking nothing alike. Fans couldn’t believe how different Noelle Foley looked compared to her dad, Mick when she first started to trend as a social media presence. These days, the association between the two is still just as baffling. How did Mick’s DNA create such a gem?

She gave wrestling a try earlier in the year but it wasn’t meant to be. Noelle failed her WWE tryout, but given her inexperience and young age, it was expected. Let’s hope she doesn’t give up and keeps the dream alive.

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