WWE Legend Not Sold On Lesnar-Goldberg

WWE legend Ric Flair is no stranger to criticizing his companions. He called Mick Foley a 'glorified stuntman' and said Kevin Nash was a star in basketball but had no talent in the ring. Now, The Nature Boy is hating on the Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg match that's set to take place at Survivor Series.

According to Nick Hausman from WrestleZone, Flair talked about the match on his own show, seriously questioning Goldberg's ability to perform against Lesnar.

"When you’ve been out of the business as long as he has… here’s the same deal,

you’re wrestling Brock Lesnar. That’s not a way to start out. It just isn’t. Not that Bill’s fragile by any means...I say all the time, 'Time off is a wrestler’s worst enemy.' He has been off a long time."

There is no doubt that Goldberg has been out of wrestling for a long time, but WWE wouldn't have brought him back if he wasn't training extensively to face Lesnar. If a 6-feet-10, 50-year-old Undertaker could fight Lesnar twice within two months in 2015, we're sure a former NFL player at age 49 can do something special.

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