10 WWE Legends Who Also Ventured Into Music

Many wrestlers have strong desires to become crossover stars in other forms of entertainment. Acting is the most common since wrestling already requires the acting ability to perform well. However, music is another industry that has seen many relevant names trying to find success in. Wrestlers with musical talent often will want to use their celebrity to channel another passion.

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We will look at some of the legendary names in WWE to try their hand (or voice) at becoming musicians. Some would find success or even have their music play a role in their WWE character. Others would just do it on their down time or wait until leaving WWE to start the project. Find out just which of your favorite superstars have the musical bug. These are ten WWE legends that ventured into music.

10 Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho might be the standard for any WWE legend making a move into the music industry. The run of Jericho’s band Fozzy saw them perform and release albums for many years until finally finding a bigger mainstream profile.

WWE used Fozzy’s music a few times for theme songs to PPVs. Jericho would see Fozzy hit new levels of success in 2018-2019 when the song “Judas” became their breakout hit. The dreams of Jericho were to become a wrestling star and rock star to which both have become reality.

9 Mickie James

The end of Mickie James’ first run in WWE coincided with her desire to start a country music career. James had a passion for the country genre and hoped to become a music star with the release of a couple of singles and an album.

The TNA run of Mickie would see her use her own song “Hardcore Country” as she walked to the ring. James didn’t necessarily find the success she hoped to in music, but she always remained a top tier legend for women’s wrestling.

8 Terry Funk

One of the most surprising wrestlers to try his luck in the music industry was Terry Funk. Longtime wrestling fans will always remember Funk for his incredible work in multiple generations and various in-ring styles.

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Funk wanted to showcase his versatility in the musical landscape with his own album. The “Great Texan” album featured him singing his own original songs in the soft rock genre. Many wrestling fans enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure, but Funk couldn’t make a name in the music world with new listeners.

7 Maria Kanellis

WWE used to restrict their talents from having outside projects. The release of Maria Kanellis about a decade ago saw the company reportedly unhappy with her chasing her dream to make it as a singer in the music industry.

Maria released the album titled “Seven Sins” shortly after her WWE career ended. A few music videos would find success on YouTube in view counts, but Kanellis couldn’t get the momentum needed to get further in the new world. A return to wrestling would see her star power rise again in promotions outside of WWE.

6 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has been trying to make it in the music world for almost two decades now. Much like Chris Jericho, the dual dream of Hardy was to become a top wrestling star and a popular musician. Jeff will always be a wrestling icon, but the music career never followed.

TNA allowed Jeff to use a few of his songs as entrance themes and fans did enjoy it. However, none of his songs would break out on the level to build a music career. Hardy still writes music and performs as WWE stars have attended his concerts after live shows in the same area.

5 John Cena

The rapping of John Cena started off as a wrestling character due to his interest in the hip hop genre. Cena would put together freestyle rap promos before his matches that were quite entertaining. WWE decided to double down by having him release a CD.

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“You Can’t See Me” was the only album released by Cena along with his cousin and fellow rapper Trademarc. Cena’s CD didn’t find much commercial success, but it gave him a theme song that he still uses to this day. Diehard fans of Cena wouldn’t mind a follow-up album even though he seems fine with acting today.

4 Lilian Garcia

WWE fans would see Lilian Garcia singing at various shows whenever WWE wanted the national anthem performed before a show. Garcia had a talented singing voice and tried to chase the dream in addition to her role as the top WWE ring announcer.

In between her two stints, Lilian tried to move forward with her music career, but it never took off in the way many expected. The talent to sing is still there today as Garcia clearly can carry a tune. However, a new journey into podcasting has made that her new main career path.

3 Randy Savage

A strange fun fact in the life of Randy Savage was that he tried to start a rap career outside of the wrestling industry. Savage started to break away from wrestling towards the end of WCW with zero plans of WWE ever bringing him back.

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One of his outside projects came when Savage released the album titled “Be A Man.” To make matters even more bizarre, Savage had a track with the same title dissing Hulk Hogan. The music goal of Savage was to essentially deliver diss rap tracks showing how much he hated Hogan at the time.

2 Lita

The end of Lita’s WWE career saw her grow unhappy with how the company was using her with a hated heel role. Lita wanted a change to enjoy her life again and chose to retire from the ring. Another change would come when she formed her own band.

The name of The Luchagors showed a shout out to the wrestling world. Lita even painted her face during some of the band’s live shows. Wrestling fans often attended the concerts, but the overall project never caught on as most would have expected with such a popular performer.

1 The Rock

Another bizarre wrestling music collaboration featured The Rock working with successful artist Wyclef Jean to make a song together. Rock’s catch phrase “It Doesn’t Matter” was the name of the song with Jean doing most of the singing and rapping.

The phrase of “it doesn’t matter” would be recited by Rock during the chorus of the song. Rock would deliver some other lines for the comedic tune. Other instances of Rock singing would come in movies, especially for the track “You’re Welcome” in the Disney hit Moana.

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