WWE Legends That Hold Embarrassing Royal Rumble Records

The Royal Rumble is coming up, and it’s one of the most exciting events on the WWE calendar. WWE always likes to go by the numbers, so we are going to look at some records too. We couldn’t find too many bad Royal Rumble records, but somehow we brought up 5 dubious records, and which WWE legends hold them.

(Authors note: This was quite a hard list to put together, as everything outside of “shortest time in the match” really isn’t that bad, so we’ve had to put a few different ones on here just to make sure it’s a list worth reading).

Andre the Giant, Mick Foley and Randy Savage: Eliminating themselves

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In the history of the Royal Rumble, 9 competitors have eliminated themselves. We can’t think of anything more embarrassing in such a match, and that’s why we have pointed out three legends: Andre the Giant, Mick Foley and Randy Savage. These all happened in different ways, and to be completely honest, we aren’t even sure why the WWE went ahead with it (except in the Foley case, that story with Randy Orton was great), but it made the others look foolish. This isn’t going to come up on any of WWE’s Royal Rumble ‘by the numbers’ video package, and understandably so, because it’s quite embarrassing.


Santino Marella: Shortest time in the Rumble

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This is one we all know about, and despite the fact that Marella isn’t a WWE legend, he was around for quite some time. As this is the worst Royal Rumble fact out there, we needed to include it on this list. Marella was most known for his comedy during the almost 10-year career he had with WWE, but this was taking it to another level entirely. It was 2009, and he was eliminated just 1.9 seconds after entering at #28 by Kane. It’s a record unlikely to ever be beaten, keeping him in WWE’s history books forever.

Kane: Most cumulative eliminations and appearances to never win the match

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Kane is one of the most storied performers in WWE history, and his Royal Rumble performances are legendary, but with 44 total eliminations and 19 appearances, it’s quite bad that he’s never been able to win. It’s not like the WWE haven’t had him at the top either, as he’s won several World Championships, and he’s been in the main event scene quite a lot, so it makes it all the more surprising that he hasn’t won. In 2001, he definitely deserved it, and it’s nothing really to be ashamed of, because he’s been very consistent for a long time, but it just makes him look a little bad.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley: Longest time in a match without an elimination

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HHH is definitely one of the biggest stars to ever step foot in a WWE ring, and he’s been very dominant for quite some time. But wrestling under the original Hunter Hearst Helmsley moniker, he holds a dubious record. In 1996, the man who would go on to become The Game lasted 48 minutes in the match, but the record comes for not having a single elimination. Again, it’s not the worst record to hold, as a 48-minute survival in such a match is something to be proud of, but not being able to record a single elimination in such a long time is definitely a record worth noting.



Chris Jericho: Longest cumulative time in the match to never win

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Chris Jericho is fantastic, and with his recent appearances in New Japan, some fans are finally starting to agree that he may be the GOAT, but this is a record definitely worth bringing up. Over the years, Jericho has been in the Royal Rumble match for a combined 4 hours and 56 minutes, but somehow the legendary figure hasn’t come out on top once. In fact, Jericho has never lasted until the final 2 in this iconic match, and again, this just shows how important Y2J has been over the years. He definitely deserves a win, especially after 5 hours spent in the match.

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