10 WWE Legends That Have A Losing Record At SummerSlam

SummerSlam is approaching fast as the WWE has already begun gearing up for its next major pay-per-view this upcoming August. Over the years, fans have seen some historic matches and moments that rival highlights from WrestleMania. So many legends have graced the ring since 1988, although not all of them were quite as successful in their quest.

In fact, fans will be surprised to learn that some of the biggest names in WWE history have picked up more losses than victories. With today's list, we look at ten WWE legends that most fans don't realize have a losing record.

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Jeff Hardy (0-7)

Jeff Hardy made his SummerSlam debut two decades ago as a part of the Tag Team Turmoil match which he and Matt lost to The Acolytes. He would pick up a second loss the following year in a TLC match against Edge and Christian, and then a third one against RVD the next SummerSlam. Following a seven-year hiatus from the event, Hardy competed once again in 2008 where he fell short of a victory against MVP. His biggest match to date would take place the next year in the main event when he failed to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against CM Punk. Since then, he has picked up two more losses, making his overall record an astonishing 0-7.

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Chris Jericho (5-6)

Chris Jericho has made 11 appearances at SummerSlam with his first taking place in 2000 while the latest occurred in 2016. Holding a record of 5-6, Jericho picked up only one victory in his first six matches at the pay-per-view, although he would go on to win four out of the next five. Given the chance to compete at the event again, Jericho would still have an opportunity to bring his record to a winning one. With his latest involvement with AEW, that seems unlikely to take place anytime soon. He also has a losing record of 5-9 at WrestleMania, which means that Jericho hasn't always walked the walk at the biggest events of the year.

2 Andre The Giant (0-2)

By the time Vince McMahon created SummerSlam in 1988, Andre The Giant was already approaching the end of his wrestling journey as his in-ring appearances became rarer. He headlined the very first SummerSlam by teaming up with Ted DiBiase to take on Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan, who picked up the win. The following year, Andre was involved in another tag team match; partnering up with The Twin Towers as they lost against the team of Demolition and King Duggan. He would make one more appearance at the event as a manager in 1991 when he accompanied The Bushwhackers to the ring.

1 Ted DiBiase (1-4)

Ted DiBiase's name will always be in the history books as far as SummerSlam is concerned since he was apart of the first ever main event. In the pay-per-view's second edition, he picked up a win against Jimmy Snuka which would end up being his only one at the event. DiBiase lost singles matches to Razor Ramon and Virgil as well as a tag team contest versus The Legion of Doom. He did appear as a manager at many other SummerSlams with the results varying from one client to another. As one of the top legends of his time, DiBiase's 1-4 record is far from impressive.

Rey Mysterio (4-5)

With a record of 4-5, Rey Mysterio may very well turn it around this upcoming event in Toronto. He likely has a few more years left in the tank, making him one of the few names on this list with a chance to join the winning side. Mysterio's first SummerSlam appearance occurred in a losing effort against Kurt Angle in 2002, and he wouldn't pick up a victory until three years later. Since then, he has defeated Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler and the team of R-Truth, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. But as of today, Mysterio retains an overall losing record at the Pay-Per-View.

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Kevin Nash (1-2)

At SummerSlam 1993, Kevin Nash featured in the event for the first time as Shawn Michaels' bodyguard, assisting him in picking up the win against Mr. Perfect. The following year, he would make his in-ring debut with a loss to Razor Ramon. In 1995, Nash was on top of the world with his victory over Mabel to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event. He wouldn't compete again until the Elimination Chamber in 2003 in which he was the first Superstar to be eliminated. Nash would make one more memorable appearance at SummerSlam 2011 when he made a cameo to attack CM Punk.

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Goldberg (0-1)

Goldberg's first and only appearance at SummerSlam occurred in 2003 as he was among the many Superstars competing in the second ever Elimination Chamber. Despite being a finalist in the main event after eliminating Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Jericho, Goldberg was pinned by Triple H thanks to a sneaky sledgehammer shot. The loss was criticized plenty by fans and Goldberg, believing that it had significantly tarnished his momentum in the WWE. It would lead to some backstage heat between Goldberg and the company as he reportedly lost all hope in his booking with the WWE that same night.

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Eddie Guerrero (2-3)

Upon his arrival to the WWE, it didn't take Eddie Guerrero too long to become a staple in the mid-card division, forming an alliance with Chyna to defeat Trish Stratus and Val Venis at SummerSlam 2000. Two years later, he was on the receiving end of a loss against Edge in a very memorable bout that was among the highlights of the night. In 2003, he retained the WWE United States Championship in a Fatal 4-Way match, while 2004 saw him defeated by Kurt Angle in their long-awaited rematch. Guerrero's final appearance at SummerSlam happened in 2005 in an infamous Ladder contest against Rey Mysterio.

Booker T (0-5)

The five time WCW Champion has racked up five losses at the biggest party of the summer. Booker T headlined SummerSlam with his first appearance at the event, although it was in a losing effort against The Rock. The following year, The Un-Americans handed Booker T and Goldust another loss at the event. Things would only get worse for Booker T as he once again lost a championship belt in 2004 with Cena handing him yet another L. In 2006, Booker came close to picking up his first win at SummerSlam against Batista, but the latter emerged victorious at the end. His final loss and appearance would take place in 2007 against Triple H.

John Cena (5-9)

Considering John Cena's overall record as a Superstar, as well as his dominant run beginning in 2005, it is surprising that he has a losing record at SummerSlam. He made a major first impression in 2004 by defeating Booker T to claim the WWE United States Championship. A year later, he retained the WWE Championship against Chris Jericho. Since then, Cena was involved in four main events at SummerSlam, as well as multiple World Championship contests. Cena had a winning record at the event until 2011 where he began a losing streak with six consecutive losses that came to an end with his win against Baron Corbin in 2017.

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