10 WWE Legends Who Were Tag Team Champions With More Than One Partner

While there have been some fantastic tag teams in WWE throughout its history, it seems Vince McMahon never invests too much in them, outside of rare occasions. Instead, McMahon and WWE have always loved to put major WWE superstars into makeshift tag teams and having them run wild over the legitimate tag teams in the company.

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This means that some of the biggest legends in WWE history have not only been tag team champions, but some of them have ended up holding titles with multiple partners — usually other superstars and future legends. Here is a look at the 10 biggest legends in WWE history to hold the tag team titles with more than one partner.


Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of the biggest names in professional wrestling for several years. He was the face of WWE during the Attitude Era, which was the most successful era in professional wrestling history. During that time, Stone Cold won six world titles and was a main event star unlike any other.

However, WWE loved to create mismatched tag teams, and they did it with Steve Austin, giving him four different tag team title reigns. He won tag team titles with Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and Dude Love, all men he preferred to beat up than tag out to. He also turned heel at one point and created the Two Man Power Trip with Triple H.


Nature Boy Ric Flair is arguably the greatest world champion of all-time. He ruled the NWA in the '80s and was head-to-head with Hulk Hogan in the minds of many fans. He went to WWE and won their world title as well, proving to be the one of the best of all-time.

When Flair returned to WWE and joined Evolution, he was way past his world title prime, and WWE put him in a tag team with fellow Evolution member Batista, where the won two tag titles. Later, Rowdy Roddy Piper came back for a short time, and the two legends won the tag team titles in 2006 by beating the Spirit Squad.


When Davey Boy Smith started his WWE career, he was a legit tag team wrestler. He signed on with his long-time partner Dynamite Kid and the British Bulldogs were one of WWE's most popular tag teams. At WrestleMania 2, the Bulldogs reached the top of the mountain and won the tag team titles from The Dream Team.

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Dynamite Kid suffered career-ending injuries, and Davey Boy became known as The British Bulldog and started a successful singles career. However, when the Hart Foundation reformed as a faction, he returned to tag team wrestling and won the tag titles again with Owen Hart as his partner.


When Owen Hart debuted in WWE, the company put him in a mask and had him prove himself early on. However, when Owen got a chance to work with his brother Bret, and turned heel, betraying his family, he became a star. He soon ended up teaming with Yokozuna and won the tag team titles at WrestleMania XI and then again from Shawn Michaels and Diesel.

One year later, Owen was in the Hart Foundation, and he teamed with his brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith to win the titles for a third time, with his second partner. Owen wasn't finished. Three years later, he was teaming with Jeff Harrett and got his fourth tag team title run.


Mick Foley gets around. The former WWE world champion and hardcore legend is also an eight-time WWE tag team champion. Not only that, but Foley held the titles as Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and Mankind.

He won the tag team titles with Stone Cold Steve Austin while under the Dude Love persona, something that flabbergasted the Texas Rattlesnake. As Cactus Jack, he teamed with Terry Funk (as Chainsaw Charlie) for a title run. He held the titles twice with Kane and three times as the Rock and Sock Connection. Finally, he had a title run with Al Snow.


Undertaker is a WWE legend who has never needed a title to be a main event player. However, due to his overall success throughout the years, he has often won titles because it is obvious he deserved them. While he is a multi-time world champion, he has also ended up in tag teams as well and is a six-time tag team champion.

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His most famous tag team was with his storyline brother Kane in the Brothers of Destruction. That due won the tag team titles twice. There was also a point where WWE wanted to create a monster tag team and put Undertaker and Big Show together to win the titles twice. He also won the tag titles with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.


Edge retired as one of the best tag team wrestlers in WWE history. However, on top of his tag team titles, Edge has also been one of the most successful world champions in history with 11 world title reigns. However, before he started that run, he was winning a ton of tag team titles.

His most successful reign came with Christian, where the two men won the world tag team titles seven times. However, Edge wasn't finished. He went on to have a title run with Hulk Hogan, two runs with Chris Benoit, a title reign with Chris Jericho, and his stint in Rated R-KO with Randy Orton.


Kane came into WWE as the long-lost brother of Undertaker, wanting vengeance for the death of their parents. He went on to win three world titles on his own. However, he and Undertaker mended fences and ended up teaming as the Brothers of Destruction. Together, Kane and Undertaker win the tag titles twice.

In the Attitude Era, while Kane was still a mute with the mask on, he befriended X-Pac, and the two developed into a great team together, winning the titles twice before X-Pac turned on him. Kane also had his fun Team Hell No pairing with Daniel Bryan, which netted another title run. Add in teaming with Big Show and Mankind twice, The Hurricane, and Rob Van Dam, and Kane had 11 tag team title runs with seven different partners.


Shawn Michaels is another wrestler who made his way to WWE as a tag team specialist but found his greatest success as a singles star. Michaels teamed with Marty Jannetty as the Midnight Rockers in the AWA before coming to WWE and shortening their team name to The Rockers. They never won the tag titles, but they came close.

Michaels went on to become one of WWE's top stars, a four-time world champion. However, he did go on to win six tag team titles. He won with his buddy Diesel twice and then formed DX and won the titles twice with Triple H. As part of makeshift tag teams, Michaels also had tag title reigns with Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson came into WWE as a blue-chip athlete, a second-generation star who was an immediate title contender. After holding the Intercontinental title, he went on to win the world title 10 times over his career. While The Rock preferred to work alone, he ended up in tag teams over the years as well.

He held the tag team titles one time each with Undertaker and Chris Jericho in makeshift tag teams that put two top singles stars together to run through the tag team division. However, his most popular and successful tag team was the Rock and Sock Connection with Mick Foley, where he won three tag team titles.

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