10 WWE Legends We Hope Come Out Of Retirement For One More Match (And 10 We Hope Are Done)

Father time has remained undefeated after all these years and there is no way around. Many have done their best to put up a good battle, but in the end, they begin showing visible signs of decline - while others continue to hold on for too long. There aren't many professional wrestlers who stick to their retirement since it is always going to be tempting to return to action, especially when there is a hefty paycheck attached to it.

With Shawn Michaels now coming out of retirement after eight years, it has led to plenty of discussions among fans whether he should do so. Many believe that he had the perfect swan song, and could end up tarnishing his legacy since he won't be as good as the HBK that we all remember. Other fans simply want to see him in action again regardless of the outcome. We saw Goldberg have a successful return to the WWE in 2016 after having been away for 12 years.

Many Superstars may be interested in following his footsteps whether it is in the form of a final run or match. But many factors decide what ends up coming to fruition, such as the age and health of the Superstars, the storyline, as well as the demand among fans. Ideally, we would love every single legend on this list to have a final match with the company, but unfortunately that is quite unrealistic. Here are 10 WWE legends we hope come out of retirement and 10 we hope are done.

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20 One More Match: Booker T

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Unlike many names on this list, Booker T has never officially retired from the ring. He has previously declared himself semi-retired, adding that he never announced an end to his career since he hasn't completely closed the door on a potential return.

Booker appears to be in good enough shape to have a decent short run, there but there has been no indication that the WWE would be interested in having him as an active Superstar. Now that he is occupied with color commentary and his wrestling school, Booker may remain away from the ring although he could likely still go.

19 Hopefully Done: Edge

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If Edge's career hadn't come to an end after being diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis, there is a strong possibility that he would still be an active Superstar today (at least on a part-time basis) since he is only 44 years old.

Unfortunately, we will never see Edge again in the ring despite constant demand from his biggest fans.

Edge has revealed that the WWE would never clear him to compete again, and it's an understandable decision with the high risks associated with the injury. His final televised match took place at WrestleMania XXVII when he defeated Alberto Del Rio, and that will remain as our last memory from Edge inside the squared circle.

18 One More Match: Christian

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On the other hand, Edge's best friend and longtime tag team partner Christian has indicated that he hasn't entirely ruled out a return, although he doesn't see it happening. And while he remains confident that he could still compete at a high level, Christian has also added that the WWE may not clear him to wrestle. But for him, it is a matter of not wanting to do it anymore rather than being unable to get in the ring. Last year, he teased a potential in-ring comeback with a tweet as fans began requesting one more match from him.

17 Hopefully Done: Mick Foley

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Mick Foley had initially retired from in-ring competition back in 2000 but he would return to face Randy Orton in 2003, as the two engaged in a feud on Raw. Since then, Foley has been apart of several matches and storylines with the latest taking place in 2012. With his in-ring career coming to an end after failing to be cleared by the WWE, Foley transitioned into a General Manager role. And while many legends have been linked with a possible return to the ring, Foley hasn't been brought up - and it is probably for the best if he remains retired.

16 One More Match: Beth Phoenix

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Beth Phoenix has been confirmed to be apart of the upcoming pay-per-view Evolution in some capacity with her role most likely being featured in a tag team match.

While she did come back for one night at the first ever women's Royal Rumble, it doesn't seem like she has an interest in returning for a run.

Considering that she hasn't been booked for a singles match, it seems like Phoenix's involvement will remain low after calling it a career a few years ago. But she is young enough to still have one more decent match in her - likely against one of the newer names on the roster.

15 Hopefully Done: Scott Hall

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After having witnessed Scott Hall reached such low points in his personal and professional life, it is great to see that he has bounced back by getting healthier. He has been able to get back on track thanks to DDP who took him under his wing, but that doesn't mean that Hall qualifies to step into a WWE ring again. He may still appear on independent shows from time to time, but Hall hasn't wrestled a match for the WWE since 2002 and it is almost guaranteed that he never will again. Since his 2014 Hall of Fame induction, he has appeared a number of times on WWE television and will likely continue to feature in that role.

14 One More Match: Rob Van Dam

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Last year, there had been rumors that RVD could no longer work in the WWE as he hadn't been medically cleared to do so. RVD denied the rumors on Twitter, adding that he chooses to work the independent circuit since it is much more suitable to his lifestyle at this point of his career. RVD's last WWE run came in 2014 and he hasn't aged much since then - as he still performs most of his signature moves on any given night. As one of the most beloved Superstars from his generation, RVD would be welcomed back by the fans for one more WWE match.

13 Hopefully Done: Ric Flair

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With WrestleMania XXIV, Ric Flair had the perfect end to a storied career after losing to Shawn Michaels in a memorable sendoff. Less than two years later, he laced up the iconic boots once again to step into a TNA ring - a run that he would admit regretting later on.

From 2012 onwards, Flair has been featured in several roles on WWE television by associating with his daughter Charlotte, and The Miz at some point.

If it was up to him, we wouldn't be surprised to have seen Flair step into a ring again - but considering his age and numerous health problems - there isn't a demand for it.

12 One More Match: Batista

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Batista hasn't shied away from voicing his interest in having one final WWE run. With the massive disappointment that came with the last time he was a full-time Superstar, Batista has been determined to have a better ending to his wrestling career. The Animal also accuses the WWE of not showing serious interest in bringing him in, although he is set to appear at the 1000th episode of SmackDown. And while it is only being advertised as a reunion for Evolution, it may very well lead to one more match for Batista, especially since he has kept the door open.

11 Hopefully Done: JBL

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You have to credit JBL for sticking to his word by returning from wrestling following his lost to Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania XXV. He left the wrestling days behind him in the most heel-ish way after announcing it to a live audience. Since then, he has been made cameo appearances to feature in WWE programming in some capacity and even worked as a commentator for several years. If legends are contacted for a return, it usually indicates that they could still be a draw in the modern day - that is unlikely for JBL who spent most of his career being a heel.

10 One More Match: Goldberg

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Prior to his Hall of Fame induction, Goldberg had the ideal sendoff from the WWE since he returned on his own terms to defeat Brock Lesnar, and later on become the WWE Universal Champion.

He was impressive during his run, showing that he was still capable of performing the very same signature moves that made him a star in the 90s.

Once it was revealed that Shawn Michaels would be coming out of retirement, Goldberg was interviewed regarding the possibility of another match with the WWE - and he added that it would have to make sense for him as far as storyline or opponent goes.

9 Hopefully Done: Jake Roberts

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You would have to go back to 1997 for Jake "The Snake" Roberts' final match with the WWE, as he was released shortly afterwards. He made a few appearances in 2005, then disappeared from the limelight for the most part until his return in 2014 for the Hall of Fame induction. By now, it is certain that Roberts won't be getting one more match with the WWE as he isn't healthy enough to even discuss the idea, nor is there a huge demand in today's market. With that being said, we wouldn't be surprised to see him make cameos in WWE every now and then.

8 One More Match: The Dudley Boyz

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The Dudley Boyz had a final run lasting from the summer of 2015 until SummerSlam 2016 when they lost to Sami Zayn and Neville. Earlier this year, they were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame - which was only further confirmation of their retirement.

D-Von had previously stated his willingness to step back into action if the WWE were to request it, but it seems like that chapter has closed.

While their last run didn't match the initial hype and expectations, it was still wonderful to see an all-time great team compete at the biggest stage of the wrestling world.

7 Hopefully Done: Bret Hart

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Prior to his 2010 return, most fans didn't expect Bret Hart to ever step foot inside a ring again. But he signed a deal with the WWE that kept him around for a year with a few sporadic appearances afterward. At the time, Hart didn't look to be fit in any condition to be wrestling as he looked like a shell of himself whenever he competed. Now that seven years have passed since his final match, it would be even worse this time around as he has had a number of health issues. Hart may be the best there ever was, but sadly, father time waits for no man.

6 One More Match: Jeff Jarrett

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A year ago, we would have completely ruled out a potential Jeff Jarrett match in the WWE based on his history with the company. But when his stunning induction into the 2018 Hall of Fame took place, it was no longer as unrealistic especially since Jarrett was open to it. There were even rumors about Jarrett becoming the SmackDown General Manager, which would have likely led to a match at some point. As of now, his final WWE match took place at No Mery in 1999 when he lost the Intercontinental Championship against Chyna - leading to his departure from the company and a long bitter rivalry.

5 Hopefully Done: Kevin Nash

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Two years ago, Kevin Nash revealed that he still has one more run in him as he has gotten healthy and would be interested in being apart of a few matches. But he hasn't stepped into a WWE ring since his last appearance at the 2014 Royal Rumble, while his last singles match took place against Triple H in 2011.

Based on his last run, it would have been for the best if Nash hadn't attempted to return since it didn't exactly go as planned.

It is highly doubtful that the WWE would be interested in bringing back Nash, and chances of another match are next to nothing.

4 One More Match: Sting

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Sting's final match took place at the 2015 Night of Champions when he came short of his task against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After sustaining a neck injury in the match, Sting didn't compete once again in the WWE despite various rumors around the web. A year later, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in which he announced his official retirement. In many interviews, Sting has entertained the idea of having a final match in the WWE by claiming that he can still wrestle if he wanted but has chosen to call it a career.

3 Hopefully Done: Steve Austin

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If it hadn't been for Stone Cold Steve Austin's neck issues, odds are that he would have continued wrestling beyond 2003. With his final match ending in a loss to The Rock at WrestleMania XIX, there has been plenty of speculation regarding a possible in-ring return. Austin has acted as General Manager and special referee from time to time and looks to be in great shape as we saw last time he appeared on Raw. Knowing the long history with his injury, as well as the high risks that come with wrestling, we will have to pass on another match involving Stone Cold.

2 One More Match: CM Punk

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Following CM Punk's exit from the WWE, fans began questioning whether he would return in the future to have another run. It is an unwritten rule in the wrestling industry that you should never say never, although nothing has happened on that front to give hope for a potential comeback.

The relationship between Punk and WWE remains as bitter as the time he left with no solution in sight.

Having stated that he is done with professional wrestling in numerous interviews, Punk may stick to his word after all - although he would be among the best candidates to come out of retirement.

1 Hopefully Done: Hulk Hogan

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There are mixed feelings regarding Hulk Hogan's return to the WWE in any capacity, although it seems like a matter of time now. But whether he will be presented with a chance for one last Hulkamania memory is an entirely different story. Not only there is controversy regarding Hogan's comeback, but fans may not want to see him get in the ring at his age - especially since it will most likely be at the expense of a younger Superstar. Given that it's almost guaranteed Hogan will be a part of WWE programming in the future, there remains the possibility of one more match.

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