WWE Live Event Breaks City Record

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are in the business of breaking records and making history, and over the weekend they did that once again.

The higher-ups at WWE love to break records and then point out when those records get broken. When The New Day surpassed the record for the longest reigning Tag Team Champions of all time, it felt like that was all the three of them would ever talk about, and anyone who doesn't know Roman Reigns holds the Royal Rumble record for most eliminations in a single match must simply not be paying attention.


As good as WWE is at flaunting impressive records, they're also equally as good at trying to hide things that they don't want us to see or know. One of the main things the company is trying to hide at the moment is some of the less favorable live attendances. Arenas can be a third empty and WWE will try their best to hide that through nimble camera work.

All of the above-combined means that when there is an attendance record to brag about, you can rest assured that someone will shout about it from the rooftops. On Saturday night, the Raw Superstars put on a live event in Baltimore and apparently it was the highest grossing non-televised event in the history of the city. Well, according to Paul Heyman it was anyway.

While Heyman was sort of congratulating WWE by tweeting this information, the tags that followed made his agenda more apparent. Since Brock Lesnar had a Universal Title defense the following night, he clearly thought he might as well appear in Baltimore too. His advocate clearly believes that the presence of his Beast on the card is what drew such a large in-house number on Saturday night.

Every now and again, WWE will remind us that anything can happen at their live events. A title change, a turn, they're few and far between, but if you pass up going to a show when WWE comes to your town,  you might miss out. If you didn't attend the show in Baltimore, you missed a rare appearance from Brock Lesnar and the chance to be in the crowd for the highest grossing non-televised event in the city's history.


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WWE Live Event Breaks City Record