WWE Already Looking For A New Role For Paige

Paige is one of the most talented in-ring performers in WWE, and her career might be cut dramatically short, but WWE may still have a role for her.

Over the weekend, wrestling headlines have been dominated by Paige having to retire at the age of just 25, but WWE may already have another role for her.

Paige has had an extremely turbulent past 18 months or so. The two-time Divas' Champion had been off of WWE television for a number of reasons from wellness policy violations to having to undergo serious neck surgery. Then late on in 2017, she defied the odds and made a surprise comeback on Raw, leading a new faction called Absolution.

Unfortunately, the British star's run of bad luck seems to be far from over. A few weeks ago, Paige suffered an injury at a WWE live event due to a mistimed kick to the back from Sasha Banks. Although it looked nasty at first and the match was immediately called off, Paige accompanied her teammates to the ring last week on Raw so it was assumed she was already on the comeback trail.



News that has broken over the last few days, however, has suggested otherwise. Apparently, WWE will not clear Paige following this latest injury and her days competing in the ring seem to be numbered. According to Cageside Seats that may not mean the end of her WWE career altogether though and apparently Vince McMahon and co are already looking for a new role for Paige to fill.

If Paige's career is done, then it is a truly sad ending to a career that has been cut way too short. Yes, Paige started young in the business, but she is still only 25 years old. There was a lot more she could have given in the ring for WWE and when Stephanie McMahon announced that there will be a women's Royal Rumble match this year, Paige was visibly the one who was the most excited about the match.


Sadly, now it seems that competing in a Royal Rumble will always be a pipe dream for Paige. Here's hoping that the role WWE comes up with for her is a prominent one and one that keeps her on screen. Plus, in the present day, you never know what can happen. If Kurt Angle can still compete and Daniel Bryan thinks he can still make a comeback, it's unlikely that Paige will merely take this news for what it is and will not want her in-ring career to be over.

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WWE Already Looking For A New Role For Paige