Could The WWE Be Replacing Neville With A Top Indie Name Already?

After Neville walked out on WWE, fans have wondered who can replace him. Now, a report just surfaced that WWE is looking to sign a name that fits!

One of the independent circuit's top stars may very well be on the verge of signing for WWE according to various reports, and it comes at a very convenient time.

Ever since NXT really started to gain some momentum a few years ago, Triple H and the rest of the clout at Full Sail University have very much been in the business of signing some of the world's best wrestlers. There are not many occasions that The Game doesn't eventually get his man, or woman, and has managed to bring in Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn, just to name a few.

Well, now it looks like they are on the cusp of signing another huge indy star, Ricochet. Ricochet, also known as Prince Puma when performing for Lucha Underground, is an incredibly talented and athletic Superstar that any fans who know of him will be dying to see in WWE. Ricochet has put on some incredible performances in recent years, most notably his match with British star Will Ospreay which quickly went viral.


Well, now Wrestling News World are reporting that Ricochet may be about to bring his unique talents to WWE. The 29-year-old pro wrestler recently lost his IWGP Tag Team Championship which has only fueled rumors that he could be on his way to WWE. Ricochet is currently on television as Prince Puma on the latest season of Lucha Underground, so it's highly likely that he won't be able to appear on WWE television for 90 days following its climax. That would mean even if he does sign we wouldn't see him until some time in January at the very least.

While it is mostly fun speculation that the WWE is outwardly replacing Neville with Ricochet, it does come at an interesting time. Neville walked out of the company just before Raw this week leaving a massive hole in the 205 Live division. While WWE could simply elevate some of their internal talents to Neville's level, they wouldn't carry the same clout as someone like Ricochet.  He's one of the best high flyers in the world, so it would be really easy to sign him and slot him in where Neville once was.


With that being said, if WWE does, in fact, sign Ricochet the next question will be what does WWE do with him. The most likely scenario is he starts the WWE leg of his career in NXT. Despite being a recognizable name in some circles, he doesn't quite have the name value of someone like AJ Styles so is unlikely to go straight to the main roster. With WWE's continued attempts to increase the popularity of 205 Live there's every chance that Ricochet could find himself there, and they'll need all the star power they can get there after Neville allegedly walked out of the company this week.

Although 205 Live would be a worst case scenario in the eyes of most fans, the mere fact that Ricochet could be on his way to WWE is very exciting regardless of where he might land. It's an exciting time to be a wrestling fan with some of the best wrestlers on the planet being signed by WWE, and they may just be about to recruit another.


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Could The WWE Be Replacing Neville With A Top Indie Name Already?