The 5 Greatest Love Storylines In WWE History (& The 5 Worst)

WWE recently began a brand new romance storyline featuring Rusev with his real-life wife, Lana, making her big WWE return only to make out with Bobby Lashley, planting the seeds for a new storyline involving love.

Now, WWE is no stranger to creating storylines based on romance and they quite often use real-life relationships as a launching pad. When done correctly, these storylines can be fantastic and engaging, but when done wrong, they quickly become a disaster.

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Throughout history, there have been some fantastic examples on both sides of the coin, and with WWE about to go down the rabbit hole once again, now is the perfect time to revisit the five best, and worst, romantic storylines in company history.

10 Worst: Kane/Lita

Although he is supposed to be a demonic monster, Kane showed a totally different side to his personality with this storyline (despite still being very creepy). However, this story didn't really help Kane or Lita all that much.

From kidnapping to forced pregnancy, WWE threw everything at this relationship in order to make the Big Red Monster as scary as possible, and while that did work to a degree, there are better ways WWE could have gone about things.

While the storyline with Matt Hardy wasn't bad, the situation involving Gene Snitsky causing a miscarriage by accident and then punting a baby doll into the crowd was quite frankly, horrendous.

9 Best: Daniel Bryan/AJ Lee

AJ Lee was involved in a lot of romantic storylines during her career in WWE, but the best certainly came through her relationship with Daniel Bryan, with this being one of the top storylines in WWE at the time.

Bryan constantly treated AJ poorly as he really started to develop his heel character, and of course, their relationship led to his infamous 18-second defeat against Sheamus at WrestleMania, which actually spawned the Yes Movement.

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However, it was the incredible promo and character work of both Bryan and AJ that really helped make this a success, with the pair bringing Kane and CM Punk into the story, which really developed everyone involved.

8 Worst: Mark Henry/Mae Young

You likely hoped that you wouldn't have to think about this storyline again, which ended up falling into the 'it's so bad it is sort of good' category.

Mark Henry, who was Sexual Chocolate at the time, ended up having a relationship with over 70-years-old, Mae Young, inside a hotel bed, which led to some incredibly awkward scenes.

This led to Young being pregnant as she went on to only give birth to a hand, in a storyline that pretty much sums up how ridiculous the Attitude Era could get when it wanted to.

7 Best: Edge/Vickie Guerrero

The Rated-R Superstar has been involved in several love angles throughout his WWE career, and to his credit, he is fantastic in the role as they always suited his incredible heel persona.

This storyline came at a time many would consider as Edge's peak, working as the number one heel on SmackDown. Edge entered into a relationship with Vickie Guerrero, the SmackDown General Manager.

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Vickie played a key role in helping Edge build his power. With the stable La Familia, they managed to create an incredible storyline against The Undertaker and the unraveling of Edge's cheating behavior by Triple H was the perfect way to finish things between them.

6 Worst: Becky Lynch/Seth Rollins

As soon as it was made public knowledge earlier this year that Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch were, in fact, a couple, WWE wasted absolutely no time in throwing them together into a storyline against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans.

It was almost as if WWE didn't really have any actual plans, but wanted to get the two together on screen because they were the number one babyfaces in the company, even if everything felt forced.

While they were clearly in love, nobody was interested in seeing them together as it took away from The Man's character, making her seem weaker. This decision actually hurt both careers.

5 Best: Triple H/Stephanie McMahon

Things involving romance and wrestling always tend to work out best when there is real love involved (minus the previous example), which is one of the many reasons why the initial love storyline between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon worked out so well.

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With Stephanie set to marry Test on Raw, The Game ended up intervening, drugging her and taking her through a Las Vegas drive-thru chapel to get married to her instead, despite the fact she wasn't interested.

However, she ended up falling in love with him (in the storyline and real-life), and the pair went on to dominate WWE as a top heel duo, with The Game working his way into the main event scene.

4 Worst: Lana/Rusev/Dolph Ziggler/Summer Rae

Well, Lana and Rusev might be about to start another romance angle in WWE, but they already have experience in love storylines and they will be hoping history doesn't repeat itself.

The storyline that saw Lana and Rusev splitting up and finding new partners was a complete mess from start to finish, with the acting skills of everyone involved making this look like a cheap soap opera.

Things were quickly brought to a screeching halt when Lana and Rusev got engaged in real life and decided to plaster it all over social media, totally killing the storyline before things had got going properly, making the next few months incredibly awkward for everyone involved.

3 Best: Randy Savage/Miss. Elizabeth

One of the most famous storylines in wrestling history, the romance between Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth was perfectly sold, with everyone involved giving their all to make it work.

The pair were destined to be together, yet their break up during the 'Macho King' era was something that broke the hearts of fans, who had fully connected into what they were trying to achieve as a pair.

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The addition of Hulk Hogan to the storyline only elevated things to a new level, so when Savage and Miss Elizabeth reunited at WrestleMania VII, they created one of the greatest moments in history, with their SummerSlam 1991 wedding being an incredible moment.

2 Worst: Zack Ryder/Eve Torres

How WWE managed to get things so badly wrong with Zack Ryder is quite hard to believe. At a time, he was arguably the most popular WWE Superstar in the entire company.

This is a perfect example of how damaging a love storyline can be, with Ryder doing everything he could to win over Eve Torres, to no avail. She turned down his advances, opting to try and make out with his friend, John Cena instead.

Things boiled down to WrestleMania where Eve embarrassed Ryder even further with a low blow that cost his team the match, crushing his entire push.

1 Best: Matt Hardy/Edge & Lita

Not only is this the very best romantic storyline that WWE has ever done, but a case can certainly be made for it being one of the best storylines, period.

The reason why this storyline was so good is that it was real. Lita really did cheat on Matt Hardy with one of his best friends, and his response and reactions legitimately got him fired from the company, with the fans' passion and love for Hardy being the only reason he was brought back.

Because the fans were so invested into this, with this just coming at the start of wrestling stories and rumors being on the internet, everything they did got an incredible reaction and with all three people involved at the top of their games, they managed to create magic in the ring.

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