WWE Makes Ric Flair Pull His 'Consent Contract' Off Twitter

No one can ever say that Ric Flair does not live up to his gimmick. In the days when wrestlers were required to "protect the business", wrestlers had to live up to their gimmicks no matter where they went. Wrestlers who were faces or heels had to keep up their face or heel persona outside of the ring. Ric Flair never broke away from his lavish gimmick which included wearing the finest clothes and having the finest of everything.

One part of Flair's gimmick that people are familiar with is Flair's penchant for beautiful women. Flair has boasted on numerous occasions about his out of the ring adventures with various women. He has referred to his bedroom activities as riding on space mountain, which would imply the obvious. Flair lives up to his gimmick so much that a Twitter posting revealed that he has an actual contract for women who wanted to engage in some lecherous activities with him properly titled "The WOOOOO Compromise."

Although this seemed like some sort of gimmick inspired stunt, the Twitter posting states that some people from the WWE caught wind of the posting that originated on Ric Flair's Twitter page. Due to the PG nature of the WWE, Ric Flair was asked to remove his WOOOO Compromise from his Twitter page, but not before wrestling fans caught a hold of his compromise.


Ric Flair was advertising this compromise and he even put a price tag of $50 for anyone who wanted the contract. He also added his signature to the contract. The contract hilariously states that both parties "agree to ride Space mountain and engage in sexual relations on this night." This contract probably would have fit into some storylines years ago when the WWE pushed the limits on its content during that time. It would have fit in right around the time when Val Venis and Al Snow were employed with the WWE.

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Ric Flair lives up to the tradition of the old school of wrestling before the time of shoot interviews and breaking the fourth wall. The compromise in itself is facetious in nature, and was obviously done to patronize the Ric Flair gimmick that so many fans are accustomed to seeing. Flair will always be the real deal when it comes to the limousine riding, jet flying son of a gun wrestler fans have grown to love.

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