15 Male Wrestlers We Didn't Know Had Work Done

Vince McMahon always makes sure to remind everyone that WWE Superstars are not professional wrestlers, they are sports entertainers. In the entertainment business, we all know how crucial it is to have the right appearance to make it in a highly competitive industry. Similarly, WWE Superstars are expected to provide more than just good matches and promos. They have to find a suitable look to be the complete package. In some cases, it may involve shaving your hair as Stone Cold Steve Austin did in the 90s, or changing your haircut as Eddie Guerrero did during his main event push.

But it also comes down to the type of character being portrayed. Kane would never work out as a pretty boy, and there are some wrestlers who just wouldn't work with ripped muscles and six-packs. WWE also expects its top performers and the faces of the company to remain in the best shape since they are supposed to be among the best athletes in the world. While some can fulfill their wishes, they struggle in other areas such as showing their age.

That is why so many Superstars inject botox as well as opt for numerous procedures in hopes of retaining that very same look that fans know them for. It is often thought that only female wrestlers enhance their appearance, but as we will come to learn from this list; that is far from the truth. Here are 15 wrestlers you didn't know had work done.

15 The Rock

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Not only is he one of wrestling's biggest star of all time and Hollywood's highest paid actor as of the past few years, but The Rock is also a fitness icon and an inspiration to millions of people all over the world. He has used his popularity to promote his lifestyle and motivate his followers into leading a healthy life as he does. But as great as he has looks today, even The Rock needed assistance to achieve his current results.

In 2005, The Rock underwent a procedure to reduce the amount of fat in his pecs.

It's no secret as The Rock openly admitted to having done it after failing to get rid of the fat by working out. You can see a massive difference from his first run with the WWE as opposed to his more recent one, as The Rock has completely transformed his physique.

14 Randy Orton

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For several years, Randy Orton has been rocking the same buzz cut with some fans believing that it was due to baldness. While Orton didn't have it nearly as bad as some of his peers, such as John Cena or even worse Baron Corbin, he was beginning to thin out and could no longer grow out his hair as he used to in his younger days.

It's been reported that Orton underwent a hair transplant in June of last year, but of course it takes time for results to kick in.

This is why Orton has been growing his hair out recently. Some fans thought that he looked much better with his usual cut, while others loved seeing him looking like The Viper that we once knew. It seems like Orton is sticking with the hair for now, which is a good thing since his image had grown bland in recent years.

13 Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho has been praised for his longevity, managing to reinvent his character multiple times throughout his career. At 47 years old, he remains one of the most popular wrestlers in the world and has been involved in some major matches. While Jericho has certainly accomplished some incredible accolades for someone his age, it looks like he has reinvented himself in more ways than one. Jericho has always bragged about his appearance, and it did look like he was ageing very quickly at all.

But as of the past three years, he looks very youthful once again which was a surprise to most fans. He reportedly had botox injected in his face in an effort to keep the wrinkles away. It was especially clear during his appearance on Tough Enough when he looked like a completely different person than fans had come to know in recent times, and his face could barely move.

12 The Undertaker

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For the past decade, The Undertaker has had a tough job of maintaining kayfabe as much as possible due to his return at his age. But he was visibly falling apart from one year to another. Taker had some nagging injuries that affected how many appearances he could make as well as in-ring performances. As he got older, his face was naturally going to change as did his hair. In the past few years, he looks like an entirely different person from one appearance to another.

There is the obvious hair work that he gets done whenever he is scheduled to appear in the WWE, but we also cannot ignore the ridiculous botox that he has done to maintain his image. While it's great to see The Undertaker, the maintenance has gotten out of hand.

11 Ric Flair

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WCW fans may remember a time when Ric Flair allegedly suffered a heart attack in the ring on Nitro. As it turned out, he was simply poisoned in storyline but the real reason why the whole angle was written is so he could take time off. Flair didn't need a vacation or rest. He was actually going for cosmetic procedures and the recovery time required him to miss work.

A couple of botox injections later, Flair was back in the ring. He would undergo another plastic surgery just a few years later, but it was much more evident this time. Some believe that it had a negative effect on Flair as he aged more during his WWE days than he had in decades. But as great as he was in the ring, it's clear that Flair was anything but the Nature Boy.

10 Big Show

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Big Show looked different in his younger years as The Giant in WCW, as well as during his early WWE run. But it seems like he stopped caring at some point and got out of shape. He started gaining more pounds each year to the point where he slowed down and his physique was far from ideal for wrestling long matches.

With the clock ticking for his career, Big Show decided to get in the best shape of his life and started putting in the required work at the gym.

Not only does he look so much leaner now, but his pecs also look better thanks to the gynecomastia procedure that he had done. Similar to The Rock, he just couldn't shed the weight in that area regardless of his routine and diet, so he opted to do what any person with his money would have done.

9 Jerry Lawler

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Jerry Lawler seems to care plenty about his appearance as he underwent numerous cosmetic procedures over the years. In 2002, he was given some time off from the WWE while he recovered from multiple procedures to enhance his facial features and maintain a youthful look. A few years prior, he was spotted on TV wearing glasses to hide some work that had been done around his eyes.

Lawler has dabbled with botox and facelifts throughout his career, which would explain why his face looked the same for so many years before he suddenly aged 20 years from one appearance to another. Being a king, it's only normal for him to want to look his best at all times, especially since he can afford to do so. Lawler has earned plenty of money from wrestling to commentating, and his family should be set for life.

8 John Cena

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During his days as The Doctor Of Thugnomics, John Cena had a full head of hair but as the years went by, he started trimming it shorter. In recent years, it has become evident that he could no longer hide that visible bald spot in the back of his head, so Cena would get a buzz cut. But as he transitions into a Hollywood star, it was important for him to maintain his appearance, which would include the option of growing out his hair.

It seems like both Cena and Randy Orton went for a hair transplant around the same time for different reasons. The good news for Cena is that his hairline remains intact and hasn't moved back an inch, but that bald spot seems to have disappeared. Cena has started growing out his hair once again so we will see whether the transplant worked out for him.

7 Jake Roberts

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Jake Roberts was one of the WWE's top Superstars but his downfall has been well documented, as well as his personal struggles with addiction. In recent times, he has bounced back in major ways thanks to assistance from his good friend DDP, who looked out for him at a time when Roberts was in need of help. While DDP Yoga certainly helped him get back in shape, Roberts took it one step further to retrieve his youthful appearance by getting hair plugs.

As you can see, the transformation above is remarkable in many ways as he gained back a considerable amount of his hairline. For some time, Roberts was going through some truly tough times, but thankfully he cleaned up and now looks as sharp as ever with his new hair. It goes to show how important hair is to men's appearance and the difference it could make.

6 Vince McMahon

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Fans will always remember the first time Vince McMahon shocked the world when he got into a ring, and revealed a body that put most wrestlers to shame. It led to gossip that McMahon was using steroids, which is certainly possible but has never been confirmed. Since then, Vince's appearance has changed with age but not nearly as much as one would expect.

These past two years, we have seen his visible signs around his eyes where you can tell that father time had gotten to him. However, it's been reported that Vince had gotten botox numerous times in the past 15 years. It does make sense when you realize that his face basically looks waxed and has been that way for a while. That would also explain why his looks regressed quickly. It's just the way botox backfires once people get older.

5 Chavo Guerrero

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Unlike his uncle Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero wasn't blessed with hair that was anywhere near as nice. While Eddie was growing mullets and then later on dyeing his hair blonde, Chavo was struggling with baldness as his hairline quickly receded with his hair thinning out. It got to the point where Chavo began wearing a bandanna to hide the bald spots, but eventually it got so obvious he opted to have a hair transplant.

While we do see some improvement, we truly question the clinic that he visited because the results are far from great. Just compare his before and after photos to Jake Roberts' transformation. Maybe he was going for a more subtle change, but we all knew right away that he had work done. Chavo even accepted to be apart of an ad for the clinic, which is a giveaway.


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During the Invasion angle, fans were excited to see top WCW stars transition to WWE as evident by the huge pop that DDP received upon his shocking debut. But DDP would love for fans to forget what followed afterwards as he went from being a main eventer to a glorified jobber who portrayed a cringe worthy character that nobody wanted to see.

In preparation for his new positive gimmick, DDP had a face lift and work done to enhance his appearance, as well as whitened his teeth to the point fans were blinded by the sight of his pearly whites. While we definitely admire the commitment to the character, it really wasn't worth it especially for someone like DDP. Aside from his plastic surgeries, his WWE run is also remembered for stalking The Undertaker's wife Sara and getting destroyed in the ring as a result.

3 Randy Savage

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We all remember the time when Randy Savage showed up with full back hair in TNA, which became a running joke for years. It only takes a brief look at photos from the late 90s compared to the mid 2000s to realize a significant difference.

During his WCW run, Savage had a noticeable bald spot in the back of his head, somewhat similar to John Cena in recent years, but he used to grow his out in order to cover it. However, that would only work if he isn't wrestling as the spot would instantly be exposed. But when Savage returned to TNA in 2004 following years of absence from television, his bald spot had been fixed. His hair suddenly looked like The Macho Man that we all remembered before father time thinned out his hair.

2 Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes is one of the many Superstars who enhanced their teeth during the 2000s at a time when WWE relied on physical appeal. It was a major difference that practically happened overnight, and became very much a part of his character. We assume that most wrestlers get their teeth whitened - barring a few exceptions such as Snitsky - but Rhodes went the DDP route and may have overdone it.

His teeth were used to promote his newly born persona Dashing Cody Rhodes, which didn't last too long. I'm not sure if there is such a thing as having teeth that are too white, but Rhodes may have certainly reached that level - it got a bit creepy and turned into a joke instead of having fans take him seriously.

1 Batista

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When Batista returned at the 2014 Royal Rumble, he managed to turn so many heads as he did during his first WWE run but it was for all the wrong reasons. Fans were shocked to see that his appearance had significantly changed since the last time we had seen him in more ways than one. While we should certainly credit him for staying in shape to retain his muscles, it's his face that had changed.

He underwent some botox injections which have made a significant difference in his appearance since it made him look much younger. This is not exactly uncommon as we have come to learn through this list. But when he was known for his good looks in his younger days, we can't blame him for attempting to maintain that very same appearance.

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