WWE Posts 10 Hour Video Of Woken Matt Hardy Laughing [VIDEO]

WWE has continued to embrace Matt Hardy's recently rediscovered Woken Brilliance by posting a ten-hour video of the veteran's infectious laugh.

Even though it has only been two weeks since Matt Hardy began to show signs that he was making a return to his Broken state, or Woken state as it will be known in WWE, we have already been treated to a whole lot of it by WWE but mainly by Matt himself. While the back and forth promo with Bray Wyatt was great, and probably the best part of last week's Raw, Hardy does most of the work to enhance his character on Twitter.

Over the past two weeks, Hardy has reverted to the character he created in TNA and made that abundantly clear via his actions on Twitter. Not only did he begin speaking in the odd and entertaining way that is synonymous with being Broken, but he has also started reintroducing us to some of the cast that joined him in the original Broken Universe.

WWE's willingness to let Hardy do as he pleases with the persona on social media is a very good sign. Fans were understandably worried about how much Vince McMahon would embrace the peculiar and unique gimmick, but they seem to be going full throttle with it. Not only have they shown that via Hardy's freedom on Twitter and the great segment on Raw last week, but over the weekend they posted a 10-hour video of Woken Matt's hilarious laugh on a loop.


Many fans are likely still skeptical about WWE's handling of Hardy's Broken Brilliance. There was fear of the very real chance that Vince McMahon watched the Hardy-Wyatt promo last Monday night and was left baffled. If that was the case, then prepare for McMahon to put his own twist on it and probably take away everything that makes Woken Matt Hardy so great. Thankfully, it seems that McMahon is actually a big fan of the Woken gimmick. So hopefully, he stays hands off with this one.

Apparently, when The Final Deletion and other Broken Matt Hardy productions were going on in TNA one of the Superstars at WWE persuading his peers to watch it was John Cena. If that really was the case, then that bodes extremely well for Woken Matt in WWE. With someone like that as a proponent of the gimmick then it will likely continue to be given the air time that it was last week and will not be tweaked too much by Vince McMahon.


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