WWE Could Be Releasing Numerous Superstars Soon

Every now and then, WWE will go through a phase where they release numerous superstars, and it sounds like another series of cuts could be on the horizon.

According to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live (h/t Paul Davis of Wrestling News), backstage "morale has not been good for a long time." Alvarez also heard that "there may be more" releases.

Alvarez was also able to explain some of the backstage issues, such as the entire draft debacle, the major decline in SmackDown Live ratings since its Fox premiere plus the ugly Hell in a Cell ending two weeks ago that's still being heavily discussed.

Things are extremely tense in the WWE right now. Eric Bischoff was fired as the Executive Director of SmackDown Live after less than four months on the job, and Bruce Prichard stepped in as his replacement.

And aside from WWE's concerns about their ratings problems on SmackDown, the rival AEW promotion is seeing plenty of success in the early going. Disgruntled WWE fans have the option to follow AEW instead, which obviously doesn't bode well for Vince McMahon and company.

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Last week, Mike Kanellis took to Twitter and revealed that he requested to be released from the company - hoping for a chance to compete elsewhere. Kanellis made it clear that he wasn't happy with his place in WWE, so the company would be wise to cut him loose and give him a fresh start.

Something Has To Change In WWE

WWE has disgruntled superstars, declining ratings, a serious competitive rival and frustrated and impatient fans. Something in the company really has to change here, and it sounds like Vince and WWE officials are going to start by letting go of numerous superstars. Harper and Kanellis just might get their wishes, but it's anybody's guess how many superstars (and which ones) could be on the way out.

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