Ways WWE Screwed Up This Week - Braun Becomes A Musical Act

WWE is creeping closer and closer to both the Elimination Chamber and Fastlane pay-per-views, and as WrestleMania approaches, the company is trying to get all their ducks in a row to set up a fantastic show for the fans. Hopefully they'll pull together some matches fans can't help but want to see at The Show of Shows. WWE placed an emphasis on a returning Dolph Ziggler, pushed Seth Rollins back into the singles main event scene, gave Charlotte another push towards a prime spot at WrestleMania and Braun Strowman branched out showing a side of his personality few fans had ever seen.

Some of those decisions by WWE were genius while others might not have been the best move for the company or the talent. Which fall under the category of screw-ups? Well, in many cases, those choices are obvious.

Here are five ways the WWE screwed up this week.

5. Dolph Ziggler Re-Signed Out Of Fear

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WWE should have let Dolph Ziggler walk. Clearly they don't know what to do with him on television and they've proven over the past few years they don't have any real respect for his in-ring talents. But instead of letting his contract expire and allowing him to move on to other projects (including wrestling for other promotions), they re-upped his contract giving him a lot of money to work part-time and he has riders in his contract unlike any other WWE Superstar.

It basically shows WWE doesn't care about Ziggler, they just don't want him to lace up his boots for any other wrestling company.


4. Braun Strowman Becomes Musical Act

Before you jump on us for calling this a screw-up, hear us out. We actually loved the segment where Braun showed another side of his personality but the concern is WWE's track record with things like this — it's not good.

WWE had a goldmine in Strowman's "Monster Among Men" gimmick. They hadn't given him a run with the title yet and he could have gone a lot farther with the destructor gimmick before trying comedy. Usually, when WWE thinks they've found something (like they may believe they have with the response to Braun's singing) they go all in and forget what made him a star. This could lead to WWE going full comedy and that would be a huge mistake.

3. Mark Henry Retiring With No Goodbye

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It appears The World's Strongest Man is leaving WWE and the company is saying nothing and doing nothing to let fans know he's not coming back. There are reports WWE has no plans for Mark Henry, and while he's still under contract and willing to work, WWE is choosing not to use him. Basically, they're letting his deal run out and he's walking away.

At the very least, WWE should give Henry the farewell he deserves. Either an in-ring promo, a retirement match or something to celebrate what he's brought to WWE over the past 22 years.

2. Ronda Rousey Signing Contract at Elimination Chamber

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There is a plus to having Ronda Rousey sign her WWE contract at Elimination Chamber in that it will draw viewers. However, there are a number of negatives, mainly that it takes away from the historical fact that the women will be competing in their first-ever Chamber match.

It's no fault of Rousey's but WWE already stole the spotlight from the women at the Royal Rumble when she debuted. She'll be doing it again and the women are not exactly fond of the idea. They've worked hard to get to where they are and no one is paying attention to it, only to Rousey.


1. Two Non-Top 10 Performers Are In The Main Event

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When WWE came out with their SmackDown Live Top Ten list, there was debate as to the choices made and the merits of actually having a list. WWE has already proven the list means next to nothing as they took two SmackDown Live roster talents who were not on the list and stuck them in the main event for Fastlane.

So, two guys who couldn't even make the top ten are getting a chance at the blue brand's highest prize? Yes, it's as illogical as it sounds.

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