I always say it’s easy to be an armchair booker for the WWE. There are so many ways one can write angles for wrestling, especially coming off of the Royal Rumble, you’d think WWE would get at least a good chunk of what they’re writing correct in the eyes of the fans. Yet, this past week in WWE was full of both the good and bad, including some obvious blunders by management.

This week we saw the WWE bring back familiar faces, some of which are staying and some of which are not. 205 Live chose a surprising new general manager and Ronda Rousey is officially part of the company.

So, with all the good that took place, how can we dare suggest the WWE screwed up? Follow along as we present the five biggest ways WWE screwed up this week.

5. Rey Mysterio Not Signed

WWE brought back Rey Mysterio in a hugely surprising twist during the Royal Rumble. It got perhaps the biggest crowd pop of the night and the Internet went crazy looking for videos in an effort to rewatch his return over and over. But, somehow, despite all this and the fact that Mysterio looked in better shape than he ever has, WWE did not sign him.

What could be a huge opportunity sits in limbo. Mysterio clearly wants to come back, the WWE fans clearly want WWE to bring him back, but WWE hasn’t made it official and right now his Rumble appearance is looking like a one-time deal.


4. Rockstar Spud Becomes Drake Maverick

Via WWE.com

We’ll make only one comment regarding the new name and suggest that it’s awful. After first hearing it, WWE clearly threw a bunch of names they thought sounded cool onto a wall and then randomly stuck two together to come up with Rockstar Spud’s new moniker. It’s a bummer, to say the least.

Outside of that, we’re mixed on the decision to make Maverick the new GM for 205 Live. There are some reasons that make WWE’s choice here understandable but we’d much have preferred to see him on NXT and working with EC3.


3. Matt Hardy’s Losing Streak

via wwe.com

“Woken” Matt Hardy is officially on a losing streak. Considering his character is still in the infancy stages of being introduced by the WWE, tell us how this makes sense? He lost a big match on Raw 25 and then lost another to Elias in a battle for a spot in the Elimination Chamber.

There used to be a time when WWE would never let new characters take losses so early in their careers. Hardy is not new, but “Woken” Matt Hardy is and fans are already under the impression he can’t win when it matters. Not a good decision by WWE.

2. The Joke That Is Dolph Ziggler

When he returned at the Royal Rumble and was given the No. 30 spot, fans were a bit excited. When he was quickly eliminated, fans were a bit confused. That he hasn’t been discussed since is baffling. It leads people to ask, “what the heck is the point?”

Why bother to run an angle with Ziggler vacating the United States Championship only to bring him back at the Rumble with little buildup, then have him prove that he still can’t hang and literally vanish from tv? Something is seriously rotten in Denmark when it comes to Ziggler and the WWE.


1. Ronda Rousey Overshadows Everyone

via wwe.com

We’re adding this to the list with one serious admission. How does one bring in Ronda Rousey and not have it overshadow almost everything else? It’s a near-impossible task and the women who are offended by her presence taking center stage over everything else need to take a bit of a chill pill.

That said, wrestlers like Sasha Banks and Nikki Bella do have a point in that WWE could have booked Rousey in a way that didn’t make everything else that happened at the Royal Rumble look meaningless. At this point, we still don’t know what the plan is for Rousey and she didn’t show up on either show this week for follow up to her pay-per-view appearance.

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