WWE Drops BIG Name From Inter-Gender Tag Tournament

WWE's roster could change on a dime, leaving them to change plans at a moment's notice. That's exactly what happened for the Mixed Match Challenge.

Enzo Amore has been dropped from the Mixed Match Challenge following an absence from WWE this week caused by the flu.

The first ever Mixed Match Challenge is now less than two weeks away and this week both General Managers are supposed to begin announcing their pairings. The show will be like nothing else fans have seen from WWE for a number of reasons. The mixed tag tournament will air exclusively on Facebook Watch and feature men and women teaming up from both of WWE's main roster shows.

Episodes of MMC will last 20 minutes each and air immediately after SmackDown Live on Tuesday nights. The only thing left to reveal about the 12-week series is who will be teaming with who. Fans have been speculating as to who exactly could be paired with who for the inaugural tournament and announcements were supposed to start being made this week.


Something may have just happened to scupper those plans, however. You may have noticed that Enzo Amore was neither on Raw nor 205 Live this week. Well, apparently the Cruiserweight Champion has been struck down with the flu. Whatever Amore has is so severe that WWE has seen fit to remove him from the MMC altogether. Raw General manager Kurt Angle announced the news via Twitter on Tuesday evening and now Muscles Marina must be replaced.

Annoyingly for WWE, one of the biggest angles they were presumably setting up for a pay off during the MMC may now have to be scrapped. The romantic involvement between Amore and Nia Jax was likely going to lead to them being paired up for the tournament. That won't be happening now, although Jax did still leave Raw early in order to take the poorly Amore some soup.


Smacktalker Skywalker will not be happy that he is being replaced in the tournament. Apparently, the Cruiserweight Champ didn't even want to leave Raw on Monday night and was of the belief that he could still perform. Clearly, he was wrong, or at least his superiors believed him to be, and we may not see Amore for a number of weeks. Who will Jax be partnered with for the MMC now though? Whoever replaces Amore? Or perhaps she will form a seemingly unstoppable team alongside Braun Strowman.

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WWE Drops BIG Name From Inter-Gender Tag Tournament