10 WWE Moments You Didn't Realize Were Unscripted

The scripted nature of wrestling makes it more fun when fans get lost in the moment of a great event. WWE specifically has set the stage for iconic moments that give the illusion that anything can happen. This unpredictable aspect of wrestling adds to the fun. Even the shocking moments are usually scripted, but that’s not always the case.

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There have been quite a few memorable instances of wild moments on WWE television not following the script. Wrestlers taking things into their own hands or having to deal with variables that could not be predicted. We will look at some of the biggest occasions of unscripted moments that fans likely didn’t realize at the time. Find out just what went into something unplanned going down on live television. These are ten wild WWE moments you didn’t realize were unscripted.

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10 John Cena calling out The Rock for writing lines on his hand

The promo battles between John Cena and The Rock heading into their WrestleMania 28 showdown featured some personal insults towards each other. Rock often went outside of the PG boundaries, throwing some vulgar insults at Cena.

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Cena finally would strike back with a vicious shot, although he had to break the script. Cena called out The Rock for having his promo lines written on his arm. The fans reacted loudly as Rock looked visibly upset before Cena walked away with a smirk on his face.

9 Kevin Owens beating AJ Styles for The United States Championship

Kevin Owens and AJ Styles had a long feud over the United States Championship during the spring and summer of 2017. Both wrestlers have reputations for being among the best workers in the world, but they did not have strong chemistry.

This was shown in a more shocking fashion when there was a miscommunication between Styles, Owens, and the referee. The original plan was for Styles to retain, but the three-count was made during an Owens pinfall, giving him the win and title. WWE would have Styles reclaim the title a few days later.

8 Dusty Rhodes telling off Stephanie McMahon

The legendary Dusty Rhodes had a reputation for being one of the greatest talkers in wrestling history. Countless wrestlers would learn from Dusty throughout the years. However, the current system set in WWE would have hurt many legends if they had to perform under these conditions.

Rhodes learned this the hard way when he broke the script during a promo battle with Stephanie McMahon. The feud between the Rhodes family and the Authority would see Dusty interrupt Stephanie, which was not part of the plan. It led to Dusty receiving heat backstage for breaking WWE’s rules.

7 Shawn Michaels' selling for Hulk Hogan

SummerSlam (2005) concluded with the dream match between Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels. The older Hogan returned to the company for a huge feud against Michaels, the first in their respective iconic careers.

Reports indicated that Hogan refused to lose a rematch the following month as WWE planned. Michaels was angry and reacted by breaking the script by overselling. Every time Hogan delivered an offensive move, Michaels would react with an overdramatic selling of the pain from it in comical fashion.

6 Steve Austin bleeding at WM 13

WWE had a strict rule against bleeding in 1997 due to the desire to clean up the product. Bret Hart and Steve Austin had other plans heading into their highly anticipated match at WrestleMania 13. Both men strongly wanted to create a legacy match and succeeded.

Austin and Hart appeared on the Edge and Christian's podcast and went into detail about the historic match. They agreed to break WWE’s rule and the script by having Austin bleed towards the end of the bout. It worked to perfection as the visual of a bloody Austin passing out in the sharpshooter made him a star.

5 Shane McMahon & Kurt Angle's vicious moves

The incredible hardcore match between Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle at the 2001's King of the Ring stands out as a top match for both men. Their incredible bout featured some of the most violent moments in WWE history.

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Most fans reference Angle throwing Shane through a glass panel after multiple attempts. It was not planned to take that many attempts to break the glass, but Kurt apparently aimed towards the wrong spot. Shane endured the pain until Angle finally hit the mark to break the glass as fans reacted in awe.

4 Jake Roberts' snake biting Randy Savage

Jake Roberts having a snake in the ring led to a few unpredictable moments throughout his career in WWE. The incredible heel would gain a lot of hate from the fans during his feud with Randy Savage. Roberts harassed Savage and Miss Elizabeth on a few occasions, but one moment stands out.

Savage was expected to receive a bite from Roberts’ snake. However, the shocking unscripted moment would see the snake bite Savage much harder than originally planned, drawing a lot of blood in the process.

3 Brock Lesnar & Braun Strowman getting physical

Braun Strowman lost quite a bit of momentum from his matches with Brock Lesnar. Instead of looking like a star with Lesnar, Strowman came off as a secondary performer who lost all their matches. Things would get worse for Braun during a triple threat match with Brock and Kane.

A visibly shocking moment would see Lesnar unwind some brutal blows to Strowman that looked nothing like the usual action in a WWE ring. Lesnar took exception to a vicious knee from Strowman and reacted with some of the hardest shots ever thrown in wrestling.

2 Undertaker slamming Mankind through the cell

The Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Mankind provided some of the most infamous moments in WWE history. Fans instantly think of Undertaker throwing Mankind off the cell through the commentary table, which was indeed part of the plan.

A second wild moment featured Undertaker slamming Mankind through the cell into the ring. That was not part of the script as WWE did not expect the cage to give away. Mick Foley suffered a great deal of pain on that night, but the match made him a star for the rest of his career.

1 Shawn Michaels' Anger at John Cena at WM 23

WrestleMania 23's ending caused a lot of confusion. John Cena defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Championship in a great main event, but the more memorable moment came in the aftermath when Michaels stormed out of the ring visibly upset.

Cena appeared confused when Michaels showcased his anger before leaving the ring to end the show. The reports indicated that Michaels was upset that Cena did not sell a piledriver onto the steel stairs. It led to the legend breaking the script as his frustration was too strong to hold back.

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